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Comment: Spider-man, "Marvel Knights issue #2"
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #2
One of the villians goes to a club to get lap dances from strippers. One of the striipers a a fat women who can shape shift. She morphs into Sue Storm, the Scarlett Witch, and Namor's ex-bride. Last only 3 panals but still very interesting.
From: Andrew Wong* , 198 months, post #1
Yup!I heard it before but I have a 70% guess that the villian would turn out to be The Chameleon.A one good shapeshifter who has a blue bald face

From: edg* , 198 months, post #2

No this one is some mutant from Russia that the villain (Electro) has apparently messed around with before. She is in her true form very obese but can change into anyone.

From: annonymous* , 198 months, post #3
oh god this sucks, there is NO SUCH THING as shapeshifting or superheroes or supervillians

whoever makes this spiderman crap should get a REAL job

and to everyone who reads this garbage, try reading a REAL book where only REAL things happen, like Seduction of the Innocent

From: anonymous* , 198 months, post #4
Before you go attacking Spiderman, you should look at the large amount of books there are about him, the 2 very successful Live Action movies... Oh wait, you just want to attack something that you do not understand...

From: some guy* , 198 months, post #5
I feel very sorry for you. If I had the complete lack of imagination that you have, I would probably throw myself in front of a bus. Not to mention that the guy who writes that Spiderman crap is making more money than you ever will.

From: annonymous* , 198 months, post #6
"Before you go attacking Spiderman, you should look at the large amount of books there are about him, the 2 very successful Live Action movies..."

whi cares about that, the point is HE IS NOT REAL!!!

"feel very sorry for you. If I had the complete lack of imagination that you have, I would probably throw myself in front of a bus."

and if I had your stupid "imagination" I would thow myself in front of a bus too, what good is imaginary stuff, it is not REAL, it doesnt pay your mortage or your electric bill

" Not to mention that the guy who writes that Spiderman crap is making more money than you ever will."

which just shows how stupid people who don't live in the real world will buy anything,

From: Summer* , 198 months, post #7
You know what else isnt real? People switching bodies. Yet you find yourself on a homepage dedicated to bizzarre transformations. Kind of ironic.

From: FS* , 198 months, post #8
I really enjoy people who are so miserable and mean that they need to destroy anything and everything that makes people happy. If you don't like the kind of stuff that we watch, THEN JUST SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET THE F@#k OFF THIS WEB PAGE! I personlly, don't give a crap what you think.
You must live a very boring life if you can't enoying something that happens in the 'real world.' And I'd like to point out to you that a REAL book is non-fiction, if you're ready fiction, too bad, IT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THE REAL WORLD!
I see that you've been adding your delightful two cents in this message board, so I have a message for everyone else, just ignore him or her, and pretty soon she or he will go away.

From: anonymous* , 198 months, post #9

From: JoeEngland* , 198 months, post #10
Spider-Man isn't real?? Oh my God! This is blowing my mind!
Seriously, are you being honest here Anonymous, or is this some kind of gag? I find it hard to believe that you're dismissing the entire fantasy genre simply because it's not another genre. And referencing the Wertham book... yeah, this is a joke, isn't it?
But on the off chance that you're really speaking your mind, I'd like to point out that hostility is especially pointless in writing. All you've done, if anything, is provide the community here with an ugly face to give to its detractors. If you had presented your opinion calmly and respectfully, you would have had a far better chance of being taken seriously.
In the future, please bear in mind that we're all intelligent people. Yes, we can tell the difference between fantasy and reality. The former's an indulgence that many, many people enjoy. If you really find that distasteful, you're in quite a minority. But hey, if that's your thing, we won't complain.

From: Frederic Wertham* , 198 months, post #11
so, what do you intelligent people all do when you aren't jumping on flame-bait from an obvious troll?

From: JoeEngland* , 198 months, post #12
Darnit, what's with that double post glitch? That's like the third time that's happened.

From: anonymous* , 198 months, post #13
Maybe annonymous should get a REAL LIFE instead of pester these forums.

From: Greg* , 198 months, post #14
I think Mr annonymous is having a hard time grasping the concept of 'fiction'

If he wants real, maybe he should try reading an encyclopedia.

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