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Comment: Ghost Busters
Mythical, Gender
In the movie Dana Barrett (beautiful musicial) and Louis Tully (the nerdy accountant) are possessed by Zuul (the Gate Keeper who has a male's voice) and Vinz Clortho (the Key Master) respectively, later turn into the Terror Dogs that possessed them (mythical demon looking dogs). At the end of th ...more
From: Corwin* , 270 months, post #1
Ummmm.... no.
All the demons in Ghostbusters are apparently asexual. In fact when the big'un, Gozer, makes its first appearance (right before it becomes the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man), it appears as a shapely girl with a punk haircut. One of the Ghostbusters says "It's a girl. I thought Gozer was a man." and the answer is "IT's whatever IT wants to be."
These critters are never male or female, so when one posesses Louis Tully, a man, and another posesses Dana Barret, a woman, there's no change involved for any of them. Nope.

From: movie buff* , 243 months, post #2
think the last reviewer went wrong here. I distinctly remember there was a referenec that Gozer was male. The quote must have been "He is whatever he wants to be."

From: guest (GhostbusterFan) , 226 months, post #3
First, Louis (the accountant) was posessed by Vinz Clortho (the Keymaster of Gozer), Daina was posessed by the demi-god Zuul. Second, the quote was "IT is whatever IT wants to be." And third, with a name like Vinz I'm assuming Louis' posessee was a man when he lived.

From: guest , 226 months, post #4
I heard a rumor that Gozer was originally supposed to be Tiamat, a real Sumerian God, and also the mother of all the gods.

From: guest (vectra09) , 181 months, post #5
sigourney weaver hot sexy and possessed in that red dress bom chicka wah wah
and she shows of her sexy leggs too that makes any men go humble and weak
at the knees and have boyish fantasies of having that dress on them and acting
wildly sexy except from the levitations of four feet of the ground but sigourney weaver should have won the sexiest actress award for ghostbusters and i have
the minimate version of her more the merrier possessed dana rules.

frankie smales

(sexy demoness dana fan)

From: guest , 181 months, post #6


From: guest (Swiftner) , 181 months, post #7
For anyone who wants to check it out it's on

PS the site is similar to and hosts the videos legally with comercial advertising. Just an fyi for the mods. They also have the bewitched series and a few other movies and tv shows from the catalog.

From: guest (kris r) , 31 months, post #8
Gozer, Vinz Clortho, and Zuul return for Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Vinz Clortho possesses Paul Rudd's character, Gary Gooberson (a teacher at Phoebe's school) and her mother was possessed by Zuul. Zuul and Vinz are needed by Gozer to unlock the portal at Shandor Mining Company site to allow Gozer to walk on Earth again. Zuul later claims the body briefly of the police chief's daughter.

From: guest (kltpxyzm) , 31 months, post #9
Louis Tully/Vinz Clortho: "He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms."
According to Vinz Clortho Gozer is male.
On another planet visited/destroyed by Gozer someone thought choosing a girl's form would be a good idea.

From: guest , 31 months, post #10
Any clips?

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