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Comment: Brain Transplant Business
Brain Transplant Business
A brain transplant website! It sets itself up as a serious business with examples and prices. Very well done
From: ivan* , 212 months, post #1
It sounds very very you think this is real? I'm not sure, but maybe some researchers really had found a way to transfer brains into other bodies. Can you imagine it? I would like to live at least a life as a woman when I was an old man.

From: anonymous* , 212 months, post #2
calm down dont get to excited!

From: It looks real...........* , 212 months, post #3
but it's obviously fake

From: anonymous* , 212 months, post #4
Yeah, don't you think if this technology really existed, we'd be hearing a lot more abut it on the news?

From: Cobe* , 212 months, post #5
Even assuming for the sake of argument this was real, consider that the quoted price is $499,000... and the site states, "Prices subject to change without notice."

Anyone in this forum win the lottery recently?

(To be quite honest, if this were real, then THIS line would bother me:

"Because of the ethical aspects we do not discuss how and were we getting new human bodies for brain transplantation."

Oh, ethical aspects, huh?)

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 212 months, post #6
Actually, brain transplants have been successfully done on animals in the past. There's a rather famous series of experiments done in russia with dogs and monkeys. In one experiment a dogs severed head was kept alive for several days - it was awake and alert the whole time. Another was done transplanting a monkeys head onto another monkeys body (they shared the body). It too stayed alive for I believe 18 days.

Its pretty well accepted that brain transplants can be done - the downside is that there's no way to reconnect the spinal chord. So you end up in a new body that you can't control or feel. Not such a great thing.

Now, if they could figure out how to transplant only the temporal and frontal lobes we'd be good as gold. You get to stay "you" but you get all the motor and sensory control from the "donor". Sign me up! :)

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 212 months, post #7
>>"Because of the ethical aspects we do not discuss how and were we getting new human bodies for brain transplantation."

That's not a big problem since we're talking science fantasy here. Technically, by three years of age a human childs skull has reached its full size. So all you need to do is create a clone of yourself that has been altered to not grow a neocortex (and any other minor genetic changes you might also like - change of sex, blue eyes, tall, etc). Keep it (and I say "it" because its just a husk - no higher brain function) alive for three years and then transplant your brain into it. Since its a clone there is no problem with tissue rejection. Piece of cake.

From: cj* , 212 months, post #8
Three years?!?! I'm all for getting the chance to grow up as a girl, but I'm not so keen as to have to deal with some of the aspects of being a child again. Having everybody treat you like a child; parents telling you what to do, what you can do, what you can't do; not being old enough (or big enough) to drive; not being able to make the decisions that you can, as an adult, make; etc., etc., etc. I might be willing to go for as young as 5 or 6... Oh well, it'd only be for 15 years at 3 years old - sign me up!

From: JayGee* , 212 months, post #9
Think about this: You'd do really great in school the second time arround. You may even be Harvard material for sure.

From: cj* , 212 months, post #10
Hmmm... true. I'd be a prodigy, a child genius... but I think I'd much rather blend in. Of course, having easy homework (or none at all) would be a great benefit.

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 212 months, post #11
On the other hand, you might be getting senile by the time you get out of college...

From: des* , 212 months, post #12
if you keep your brain active then you can starve off being senile
however you will be an old grumpy cynical ass at a young age and that leads to one thing....... PROZAC

From: guest , 174 months, post #13
The link is dead. The site may no longer exist or has been moved.

From: guest , 108 months, post #14
available to browse on the internet archive

From: Alias , 108 months, post #15
You dug up a five-year-old dead thread for.. what?

From: guest (Jayzie) , 108 months, post #16
Omg this is definitely a joke. Look at the website

From: Alias , 108 months, post #17
No, it's not a joke. They're hoping to find that one person in the world wealthy, gullible and desperate enough to buy into their scam. Hoping their awful web design, terrible grammar and ridiculous premise is overlooked by one person, the most gullible idiot in the world.

"I don't always drink beer, but when I do, it's Billy Beer. Stay gullible my friends."

From: guest (Jayzie) , 108 months, post #18
Alias, you made me LOL today!

"If you say the word 'gullible' out loud very slowly, it sounds like 'orange"

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