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Lalola TV series
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“Lalola” (Argentina)
From: guest (TheSaint) , 164 months, post #41
The Lalola that had the most gradual adaptation was the Belgium one. Everything you described was surprisingly detailed in terms of Lalos evolution to Lola. In reality, a person wouldn't adapt. They'd be transgendered and they'd reject their physical identity. But since it's magic it's anyones guess.

From: guest , 164 months, post #42
I thought the Filipino Lalola had the fastest adaptation because Lalo basically immmediately started to like men. What would be a realistic timeframe for a man that was put in a woman's body to adapt? Would he suddenly start wearing heels, skirts, and dresses? Would he cross his legs when he sits?

From: guest (Huesped) , 110 months, post #43
This series is really interesting as it hits on so many of the finer points a subject may encounter in losing one's gender identity and gaining a new one. Lola Padilla struggles with all the obvious details of a transition forced on her, but she also struggles with the subtleties of her transition to her new identity. The fact that the show has so many characters develop through the series lends it more credibility. Life will continue without us when we are gone. The people who were part of Lalo's life continue to change and grow in Lola's life. This show is the best portrayal I have experienced on this topic. I have seen the show in the dialects from Argentina and Spain. I prefer the acting and tone of the Argentine version.

From: guest (Heri) , 110 months, post #44

From: cj , 110 months, post #45
Dialect = a particular form of a language that is peculiar to a specific region or social group.

Although people from both Argentina and Spain speak Spanish, the two nations are geographically separated. Therefore there may be differences in the way that the common language is used -- Subtle alternate meanings of words, accents, slang, phrasing... perhaps even common structuring of dialog in normal, casual conversation.

In Huesped's case, it seems that the statement being made was that Huesped had viewed both the Argentine and Spanish (as in "from Spain") versions of the show.

From: guest (Robbie) , 110 months, post #46
A large portion of the people in Argentina are of Italian background which has a big influence on how Spanish is spoken there.

From: guest (Kino) , 110 months, post #47
So English would be a dialect too, Right?

From: cj , 110 months, post #48
"So English would be a dialect too, Right?"

"English" by itself would mostly either describe a person, or group of people from England, or the language of English. "American" would describe a dialect of English. Around my area, English (as spoken in the UK) is noted as "Queen's English" or "English English"... when differentiation is needed.

On second thought - you could be correct... I could only assume that in the UK, they just consider it "English" unless it comes from America.

From: guest (franklin) , 110 months, post #49
Where does it cease being a different dialect and start being a different language? It can be wishy-washy but generally it's when speakers are unable to mutually understand each other. A Spanish speaker from Spain could likely understand an Argentinian speaking their brand of Spanish, but would not be able to understand an English speaker. So, English is a separate language while Argentinian Spanish and Spain Spanish (which can be broken up even further into Castilian, Andalusian, Valencian, etc...) are dialects.

From: guest , 109 months, post #50
American English and Brittish English may be 'the same language' but if you were to get a southerner with a drawl talking to someone with Cockney british accent, and they probably won't understand eachother.

It reaches a new language when the rules of the language become distinct and not just 'slang'. Think of Latin slowly morphing into the other romance language (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese). The rules of use changed.

From: guest (RSY) , 106 months, post #51
To Guest #40,

It's not that illogical that Lalo adapt quickly. I believe that if it happen to any of us, provided that we do not commit suicide after the initial shock and desperation, then majority of us would react by:

1. Find a way to get back our body
2. By the meantime, find a job to support ourselves.
3. Make sure that our old life doesn't get ruined by the absence of our original body

In the series, Lola did all three, and she did the latter two by trying to get the same job that Lalo held , to make sure that when the time arrived that she get back her old body, she can return to the same job because she (as Lola) will disappear and that will make Lalo's return to the job smoother.

If she never wore heels, skirts or dresses at all, that would look too unconventional for the working environment she was in, and it would do no good to the new identity she created.

If some guys in reality got magically transformed into girl, I think clothes will be the least of the worries. To adapt to the clothes is a relatively easy thing compared to the change of behaviour. As can be seen in the different version of Lalola, though most of Lolas adapt quickly in term of clothing, the behaviourial change were more tricky. Argentinian Lola never get used to crossing legs, while Margosha always forgot her pursue when in rush.

Of course it also depends on individual. The pre-transform Lalo was a confident, sophisticated and witty guy, so it made sense he react the way he did. If it happened to Facundo, perhaps he will be dumbfolded for a longer time. If it happened to Gaston, since he was an overconfident and ambitious prick, he might be overdone his (her) feminity and look like a complete weirdo. For example, he might oversway his hips while walking in heels, or he might also overestimated his attractiveness and try to seduce the guys to advance in the company ladder.

From: guest , 106 months, post #52
So if you were Lalo and transformed into Lola in Argentina, you would play the part of a cocky independent woman? You would adapt to short skirts that were tight on your butt and wear tops that were tight on your breasts and high heels?
You would date men and possibly sleep with them?

What about the most important question of all: would you go back to being Lalo or stay in Daniela's body forever and continue to be Lola?

From: guest , 106 months, post #53
Quite possibly the most "realistic" was the Portuguese version (Ele � Ela). No magic involved, just science. Admittedly, crazy impossible science but still science.

Also, the main character all but does none of the things the equivalent character in all the other series does in clothes or behaviour (with very few exceptions, mostly due to necessity), if anything they do fight it all the way to the end practically.

From: guest (Huesped) , 102 months, post #54
I did not realize that my commit about Lalola would start a discussion regarding linguistics. A professor I had defined a language as a dialect with guns and money. Spanish as most native English speakers know it has two names. They are castellano and espa�ol. .

From: guest , 102 months, post #55
Here's the thing, you can never know for sure where an internet discussion ends up from its starting point about a Fox TV show about privately owned police ending up how Roman politician Marcus Licinius Crassus set up his own private fire department and you had to pay him or they'd let your house burn down.

From: guest , 102 months, post #56
Catalan will be in the news a lot if they get independence, that isn't even a dialect of Spanish but it's own language (much like Welsh, Scottish and English), I wonder if Lalola will be translated into Catalan in the future if it hasn't been already.

From: guest , 102 months, post #57
I'm going to guess probably not as a) It's a few years old now, if they haven't done it already, I doubt they will now given the expense vs return b) Most Catalan speakers also speak Spanish c) this is incidental but unlike Welsh/Scottish/Irish to English, there's a much higher degree of mutual intelligibility between Catalan and Spanish.

From: guest , 102 months, post #58
Am I the only one that would love another Lalola series?

From: guest , 102 months, post #59
I wouldn't mind one in English. Considering that there's been 13 and the closest outside the Fox pilot locked up in a vault somewhere is the Indian "English word of the day" segment of a show otherwise mostly in Hindi, that's really surprising when you think about it.

From: guest (Scipio) , 102 months, post #60
By now means are you the only one, Guest #58. I think it is a crying shame that no English country every shot the LLL series. Maybe it's because the English West has so much sexual insecurity that the audience can't take any story that probes gender experiences as deeply and insightfully as Lalola did. I saw the abortive Fox TV Eve Adams pilot script and agree with others who thought it was junk, totally different from the style of engaging comedy that the foreign versions mostly had. (American humor has left the Beverly Hillbillies long behind and everything comes out coarsely, like Two and a Half Men). To shoot the Fox abomination would have wrecked the franchise forever for English speakers.

A similar story could be offered on TV as an original, without specific Lalola rights. Very little of what was important to the theme requires any close copy of Lola's environment (which was rather like the SWITCH environment, by the way). It was basically a romantic comedy with the girl lead experiencing it from a male POV, until she gradually becomes a real life romantic heroine. Within this parameter a lot of details and settings could be different. Instead of starting in a top job, like most of the Lolas did, I sort of liked the way that the Philippines Lola started at the bottom (as a mini-skirted receptionist) and worked her way to the top on sheer ability.) BTW, no other Lola wore a miniskirt as well as Rhian Ramos did.

If even one of these dozen national versions came out with English dubbing or even well-composed subtitles I'd buy it, even now, straight out. The best situation I've seen is the Spanish and Peruvian versions on net sites with Spanish subtitles, a language I know somewhat. But speed reading for comprehension in Spanish is still very hard for me. To have English would be so much better.

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