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Lalola TV series
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“Lalola” (Argentina)
From: guest (Scipio) , 171 months, post #21
Regarding the speed of Lola's change from masculine to feminine, I agree that that common mistake in sex-change works is done in Lalola. But look how many writers of Internet tg fiction make the same mistake. They can't wait to have their hero act girly. The best stories are the one that have a long process of personality evolution. It beats me why so many professionals and so many amateurs who want to write a story about a guy who changes into a girl really are writing just about a girl, except for a mostly irrelevant starting point.

But regarding Lalola, a lot of it depends on which version you are talking about. YouTube has mostly the Argentinean and Philippine Lalola, with a decent number the Spanish. They change fast. But if you look up "El Ă© Ela" (the Brazilian) you also get a fair number of finds. In it, the early Lola is brash and physical, and does not appear in dresses. She watches girls hungrily. To watch a girl like that be progressively feminized would be fun. But I have not had time to check out mid- and later episodes; I've been concentrating on the Spanish Lola lately. She isn't as pretty as most of her sisters, but she's not ugly and she's a talented comedienne who can also play a tender and passionate scene. She really comes off as an anguishing woman in love in the last shows. I think she gets the choice to be a man or stay a woman. The decision is hard for her, because she's in love.

There is so physically much Lalola that it makes one's head spin. Who could ever expect that so many nations would put out this story almost at the same time? It's a phenomenon that is never talked about. I actually never heard of it until this fall. This is one of the rare situations for someone looking for interesting TG, to discover that there is not too little, but too much. Why are people talking so much about a D-rated movie, IDENTITY THEFT, which has a poor ending I hear, when there is too much of this high-quality Lalola material to assimilate? I hope these foreign nations come out with DVDs. If they do, they will want the Anglo market and will at least have subtitles. Why shouldn't they? They need to make money, and they don't seem to be embarrassed by the work, like American studios seem to be embarrassed about, say, TURNABOUT back in the 70's. It was never revived for DVD's. (Okay, it was a rotten handling of the material, but that's not the point). THE LAST PRECINCT was a good comedy that featured a beautiful transgendered cop. The audience shunned it and the production company has never put it out in DVD (about 10 episodes, I think).

So far, the Philippine version of Lalola has the best ending I've so far found. She is also a charming young actress. The worst cinematography, to judge from the quality of the scant material on the net, is in the Indonesian Lalola. Next worse in that way is the Chilean Lalola, which is called "Lola." If that really was a clip from the final chapter I saw, it appears that the ending would disappoint most people. I won't say more to be a spoiler. After seeing that much, I'll leave the Chile story for last, if ever. After seeing the Philippine ending, tho, I want to see the whole series, anticipating where it's going.

From: Eric , 171 months, post #22
Dear Scipio, Thanks for the info on the Lalo's around the world. My personal favorite so far has been the original one from Argentina, good production values and for me the best actress/comedian.

But why the slam against IDENTITY THEFT? Especially since you admit you've never seen it? Strange to rate something you've never seen. I for one think it has terrific endings - for me there is more than one.

There is no reason why we can't like both. You seem to think not to love Lalo best is a somehow a crime. I'd love to have say the one from Argentina available on DVD with subtitles & I would buy it. Just as I have bought Se Eu Fosse VocĂȘ a body swap comedy from Brazil. Which incidently doesn't have much comment here.

From: guest , 171 months, post #23
Lola would have been better if the Lola would have worn more skirts and dresses. I did like it that the guy fought the transformation and did not fall for men or sleep with them but he almost always wore pant suits. The Lalola in Argentina was good but the character got too caught into the transformation and eventually acted like he was always a woman.

From: guest (Scipio) , 171 months, post #24
Hi, Eric.

My apologies for denigrating IDENTITY THEFT. True, I haven't seen the movie for myself. I wasn't really reviewing it, I was speaking in hyperbole, keying off an unfriendly review that I read somewhere. The reviewer didn't want to spoil things, and so didn't say what was wrong with the ending. What he didn't like, someone else, even me, might like.

But Lalola is my topic again. It's such a rich topic for a fan who has been starved for so long. I was reading another tg website message board and I read a fan's notice that he'd come upon a place where the Ukrainian Lalola (Margosha) can be streamed and viewed. (Imagine that!) I checked the link out and was very impressed. If I am sizing things up right, this is the place to go to get the best Lolala bang for the buck. And from all appearances, it looks very handsomely done and is well performed. It's found at a place called Memocast:

Click (This is not a link to a copyrighted work; it is a link to a merchant dealing in the distribution of the work).

Memocast is foreign, but it uses English language. It plainly wants to attract the English speaking world. (Hey, guys, then put out the series in dubbed DVD;s) The rest of what's written is in what I assume is Ukrainian (maybe it's Russian, but I think its Ukrainian, a much nicer country). What the site seems to be is an internet distribution system for streaming video featuring East European movies and television, whether it is private or state-owned. They have lots of stuff, but, get this, they also have 60 EPISODES OF MARGOSHA to view!

I don't know if Margosha ended at 60 episodes, or if it is still going on. We certainly hope it will run as long as the Argentenian show. There is a click-choice to make from a listing of all 60 shows. Then it plays as a stream in their view-window. It plays for 5 minutes and then a nag window comes up, stopping the show and asking for a membership. I won't give the amount exactly (because that may sound like spamming. But, hey, I'm just a fan who's found a place to get good stuff and I'd like to share it.) If you can afford to buy a used trade paperback such as kids use in a college class, there is no obstacle to getting a "unlimited" use membership. Its hard to believe that the Lalola that formerly seemed one of the most far away and unattainable is actually one of the most accessible.

NOTE: There is a translation button and there is ALSO a DOWNLOAD button. It really looks like they invite members to take a copy to save to on their own hard-drives, and they supply the software process to do it! They don't have a HELP button to explain how to use the site in detail, but everything I did was simple. So far this seems like an easy site to love. (No sign that they have any other of the Lalola series, tho).

I got 5 minutes of Margosha #1 by streaming video. Then I saw the drop-down list that offers DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. I hit the translation button and played Margosha #2 for five minutes. Well, alas, they still spoke foreign, and there was not even a subtitle that appeared. Maybe not all the video material on the site has dubs or titles. Maybe it was just that the language feature is not allowed to work except for members. Or maybe "Margosha" is a product that just wasn't provided with English voices or titles. I can't say. But if they do so much to welcome English-speakers, why didn't they give us a translation of this major product? If anyone finds out that they do, post the good news here.

But even if it turns out that Margosha has no English, it only puts her on par with all the other Lolas. I hope this chance lasts long enough for everyone who'd like to see Margosha to take advantage of it. I've tried to find other viewing links for the other shows, but failed so far. Better still, every episode I checked out seem to have a plot summary. It's in Slavic, but it is translatable. I use the Bing translation link in my cheapie computer. If there really is no subtitles or dubbing, these notes will be helpful.

The heroine seems to be called Margot (Margose?). Wow! If you only get to see one Lola, this is a good one. The look of the Spanish Lalola was a disappointment, but this Ukrainian actress is a man's man's dream. She's brunnette and dark complexioned; she wouldn't be out of place cast as a sultry Russian spy gal, and a formidable one at that. I've seen later clips of her, when she gets strongly heterosexual and displays a passionate temperament. When the lovely Carla Peterson gets physical, she's huggably soft and as sweet as candy. But Margot comes off as being Slavic passion incarnate. She's not candy, that girl, but the main course.

I have seen the first couple episodes of 3 Latin Lalolas, and the action is very much alike, obviously shot from the same script that is supplied by the franchiser granter. But as each series goes on, the details, and later ever the adventures, become more and more distinctive, so I don't think repetitiveness is a big problem in the long run. I watched the last episodes of the Argentinean, Philippines and Spanish Lalolas, and the events surrounding the endings were different.Click to show spoiler
V cvpxrq bhg n qvfgvapgvir qrgnvy, V guvax. Qba'g dhbgr zr, fvapr zl Fcnavfu vf onq, ohg vg frrzf yvxr va gur Fcnavfu fubj, gur ybire, Fretvb, svaqf bhg fbzrubj gung Ybyn hfrq gb or Ynyb. Ur pna'g jenc uvf zvaq nebhaq gung vqrn naq jnagf gb fgbc gurve zneevntr. Ohg Ybyn jba'g unir vg, naq fur tbrf nsgre uvz, punezf naq pbmraf uvz, hagvy ur nterrf gung fur'f gur fnzr crefba gung ur sryy va ybir jvgu nsgre nyy.

BTW, the Spanish show started strong in the ratings, but ended weak. The network actually did not broadcast the last 28 shows, but did a new edit to end it in just 6, bringing it to 138 shows. But I read somewhere that the shows were actually in the can, and the network showed them later on. Maybe they put them on in non-prime time or something. It's sad, but the series was never as popular in Spain as elsewhere (50% of prime audience vs 33% at tops). And they didn't help themselves by not choosing at the outset one of the more beautiful Spanish actresses that they must have had at their disposal. I think that hurt the fantasy that was a driving force behind the success of some of the other series.

NOTE: I address this item to "Guest, Day 1." Thanks for the additional info on the Chilean Lola. Were you in a place where it was broadcast, or is there a good place to find out more about her? One doesn't need all these series to be exactly alike, but I regret that this Lola is so out of step with the Lolas I know of. I actually would like to see a Lola fight her fate for about half the series, but if we really like her, we want her to chill out and see the good things in her situation. Otherwise she can't be happy. By the end of the series, I like to see a Lola open to new possibilities and enjoying life. The unhappy Lola you describe doesn't not seem to be a romantic comedy character. The whole tone is different, and the series must be more seriously dramatic. In that context, the ending she seems to have is almost inevitable. (That's what happens when writers restrict their options needlessly.) Again, I'll say no more that will spoil things for others.

I did a search to find out the song writer/singer of the English language song in LALOLA: The Story. It is Brandi Carlile and the song is called "The Story." Does anyone know for sure if it was written for the Lalola Argentina series, or was it a song that was adapted, like "Both Sides Now" was adapted by Blake Edwards for "Switch." (Lalola is pretty much a serialization of Switch, but they do it soooo much better.)

Edwards seemed to think that to let Amanda behave as the Lolas usually behave would get him lynched. Anyway, it appears clear that the Lola idea puts off the Anglo Saxon on some strange temperamental grounds. (Though American, my own bloodline comes from two countries where Lola is a big success. : ) Anything goes in Canada, but will they give us an English series? Oh, no they won't. I can just hear them say, "Oh, (blush), oh, golly. We can't put something so, so offensive, as that on the air." Maybe they're right. If Eve Adams ever got put on, odds are, the couch potato audience would kill it in 6 episodes.

I have a question. I went to what seems to be the official (Dutch Lola) "Louislouise," and the translated blurp there says that the end of the series is coming and Louise becomes a man again -- maybe. Does another know how that turned out yet (maybe the series finale is still upcoming)? Changing back at the end just too American sit-comish. It's a deal breaker. By the success of the other Lolas and now they left the air with the audiences cheering, they ought to know better. It might make a difference in my willingness to buy the Dutch DVD in preference to so many other countries. The endings of the 3 most accessible Lolas are more my cup of tea.

By the way, I read that Lalola is being rerun in Argentina, either now or soon. Can anyone find if they download it on the net while it is running, like FANCAST downloads many shows currently on that I like, such as SMALLVILLE?

To sign off, I'd like to hear back if anyone finds himself or herself as impressed with Margot of "Margosha" as I was.

From: guest (Scipio) , 171 months, post #25
I must have written a very tedious letter if everyone has abandoned this thread. I've gone over to annoy the people at the "Lalola: How many are there?" discussion threads. But if any Lalola fans still drop in here, please check out my letter on the other discussion group. I've found what looks like the offical Russian television network page and their Marosha (Russian Lola) page. It's chocked full of plot synapses and what seem to be full episode downloads. But without knowinig Russian, it will take some work to understand how to get at the downloads. The URL is given at the other place.

I sent the site a fan letter. I used my computer to translate my simple English message into Russian. I said that Margosha and the Lola series has many fans over here, but no one is showing them. If Russia would send DVD's our way, they could get a good business from us. Other fans could also tell the Russian television network that they have a market they are overlooking in the U.S.

From: guest (Heather) , 171 months, post #26
I'm a real "Margosha" fan. And as I live in Eastern Europe and understand Russian very well, I can assure you that that this TV serial is gripping the Russian-speaking-nations. I'm even sorry that you guys can't understand this language because I have no doubt that the Russian (yes, Russian, not Ukrainian) version is the best there is so far.

Latin Americans always make their series too pathetic and trivial. There is too much "sugar" and soppy sentences in the love scenes, too much yelling, slapping and stereotypical manners in other scenes. They normally nave a pair of supergood, saintlike characters, a pair of pure evil ones, and others just make the background. I can't wach that kind of stuff. But "Margosha" is excellent. OK, lets start from the very beginng.

The story takes place in Moscow, Russia. Just like other methamorphose serials, "Margosha" starts with Igor (a typical Russian name for man) climbing out of woman's bed after a one-night-stand (at least in his opinion). He ignores her calls during the following day, and when he finally answers he lies and loughs about her, and that woman (Karina) gets really mad and wants a real revenge. She goes to an old Gypsy woman and pays her to get Gosha (the same Igor, Russians have special and common "pet names" for each official name) turned into a woman, so he could experience all the problems and feelings women have to cope with from day to day. So, Gosha wakes up the next morning as Margosha (full name is Margarita, "pet names" - Margosha, Margo) and scares his best friend Anja ("pet name" for Anna) who will be extremely helpful and suportive in his further - woman's - life. He has to go to work (men's journal, of course) as Margosha now and somehow explain where did Igor go. Of course, further plot includes wanting and trying to get his body back, being terryfied by slowly falling in love with colleague Andrey (nick name Kaluga), coping with common female everyday life and problems, trying to get the authority in the journal etc. But what makes this serial shine far above others, is the fantastic sense of humour most of the heroes (and Margosha at first place) possess, the realistic characters (no Latin American kind of overdoing, somehow the characters seem very realistic and I can understand every single one of them) and the soundtrack. I must admit Margo definately has a strong personality. She is a femme fatale. Turning into a woman hasn't made her a sweetheart at once, personality of Igor Rebrov softens a little bit by the time, as well as his speech, but he never loses the witticism, firmness of his principles, acuteness and honour. Yes, she gains some new qualities and abilities as a woman, the most important of all is ability to love sincerely because previously Igor just jumped from one bed to another with not even the slightest sense of guilt. This metamorphose was really a blessing for him as a personality.

Anyway I strongly recommend everyone to watch "Margosha" instead of Lalola versions. There are 138 series so far (2 seasons for sure), and I haave watched 51 by now. But I have no idea if there are any dubbed or subtitled in English. So, start learning Russian! ;)

P.S. Here, have fun listening to some of "Margosha" songs.

From: guest (Scipio) , 171 months, post #27
Thank you Heather for all the information about Margosha. I somehow got the impression, even watching the performances in Russian (one fan in aother place insisted it was Ukraininan, but I found out at the Memocast site that it was Russian for sure), that the teh story seemed more realistic, more thoughtful, than the other Lolas. This could be the very best Lalola series of all. What a shame if Russian television doesn't make an effort to get it to the English speaking world. It could fill in for the Lalola that will never be done in English. I don't know the reason, but the Anglo-Saxon tradition is made very uneasy by this sort of thing, even when it is only a harmless and very upbeat fantasy. There never was any plan to make a many-episode serial out of the Fox version, just a weekly show at best. And our comedies here are always so bad (coarse, dim-witted) that I dread what they would do to the refined, witty concepts that were developed so well in the non-Anglo world.

You say that there is no word that any English version exists. But does that site offer the net downloads that I last cited to Britain and Ireland? I had hoped they would at least have subtitled versions at least for those customers. The market of Russian language shows to non-Russians must be limited. Argentina did dubbed versions for selling abroad to foreign TV. I saw a clip from an Indonesian one. The networks here would never touch a Lalola product, that's not the Anglo big business way, but some cable stations, like the Comedy Channel maybe, might.

This morning I am putting another post at the other Lalola discussion thread, with some very important information about Margosha. I don't want to be seen repeating myself all over the message board, so I'll just put it in the one place. HINT: I'm learned that there is another Margosha site that fans of it and the other Lalola characters should check out. It is free and very easy to use. It looks like it has all of season 1 already.

I have explored the Margosha stuff at YouTube. The music videos are very good.

From: guest (Rober911) , 171 months, post #28
All this interesting talk about Lolala has made me interested, and so I've been frequently on YouTube. But I also found an old Spanish language entertainment-world report that had a good sized article on the Argentinean show. The translation said that at first (in the romance between Facundo and Lola) the conflict was inside of Lola. That's understandable. But it said that later the greater conflict was inside Facundo, because he found out Lola and Lalo were the same person. Up to now I didn't think that he ever found out. In what show did it happen, or if no one can name a program, about what part of the sereies did it happen. Does anyone know the circumstances that led him to discover Lola's secret? Really, I'm very curious, because this adds an element to the plot I didn't suspect existed. And it suggests an even better plot than I anticipated.

From: guest (BobW) , 171 months, post #29
I was trading emails about the different Lolas with a net pal and he liked a him a theory that I told him. It wasn't wholly mine, but I'd worked out things I'd heard int order. It has to do with why every great nation in the world, except China and Japan (I believe), seems open to the idea of broadcasting a show like Lalola, but all the English speakers, even Ireland, refuse to. The idea is that those cultures that are rather macho, such as Spain, like it, because it allows struggling women to see a man enduring, in life and work, the difficulties that they endure. And macho men aren't threatened by it; they may actually be amused by speculatinging how their life would change if they were women. This comes from haveing a sexually confident attitude. But very effeminate nations and fanatically macho nations, don't accept Lalola. The Arab world is an example of the latter. The men reject all that is feminine, and the women are too beaten down even to have a fantasy life. The best example of the effeminate culture is, alas, the English world. They worked so hard and for so long on to make the sexes not only equal, but the same. Their sexual identities have been reduced to a shambles. The women don't feel oppressed, so they don't care about Lola's struggle to be accepted. The men are afraid, afraid that they are just women with a differenty body shape, and so a show about a man going all the way into femininity gives them deep anxiety. If the gossip is true, Fox couldn't write a tg story in the serious, sympathic way that most nations do. Its writers had to protect themselves by reducing what is a story of love and character-regeneration to a safe (and tasteless) joke. The sponsors, sad types held prisoner by their own anxieties, couldn't even face the fantasy even in so diluted a form, so headed for the hills. Well, I hope this Psych 101 talk doesn't sound too ridiculous.

From: guest (TheSaint) , 171 months, post #30
I think you're on to something, Bob.

By the way, Kevin Falls, creator of Journeyman, who wrote the U.S. script for Eva Adams has apparently moved on. Recent reports show he's adapting the popular comic Powers. In a world where Super heros are common, Powers follows two homicide detectives as they try to solve murders the old fashion way. The first arch involved the murder of a super hero who is indestructible.

I guess we can official close the book on Eva Adams.

From: guest (Captain Gallant) , 171 months, post #31
Kevin Falls gone? Good riddence. It would have broken my heart if he'd kept his ham hands on the project. If there is any genre he's actually good at writing, let him write it, elsewhere. If he'd been smart, he have just put a light polish on the Carla Peterson script and let it sell, like it has sold easily all over the world. It isn't a writer of a bad script that is essential to the survival of Lalola in America, it's Sony. Sony has a good record in promoting Lalola abroad. Lalola is international, and so are the heads of Sony.

I see we have three hopes for Lalola (in an understandable form.) For all we know, Fox's option is dead. Should we miss it? Sony may takes the rights to somebody more intelligent (preferably a cable network; the people BobW talks about seem especially thick in major network TV). Secondly, we pray at least one network abroad puts out their Lola in dubbed DVD. I love so many of the Lolas, but I'd be estatic if we got the chance to buy the Argentinian, the Greek, or the Russian. I would have loved the Spaniard, too, except I didn't care for her looks. Third, some US cable channel could syndicate a foreign dubbed series, like most nations got their shows (all or mostly the Argentinean, I bet). Of the channels I know of, the better bets are Lifetime, WE TV, SoapNet, or the gay channel Logos. If Logos were smart, it would leap at the chance to get a crossover audience among middle class women. Then there are the American hispanic stations. I wrote to Univision (which shows in my area) asking them to send a subtitled version to the outlet in my state. Yet, I'll believe in good news when I see it. This process of getting a super-successful TV show into the US never should have been this hard and this slow.

From: guest (Robert911) , 171 months, post #32
A couple weeks ago, I searched for something like "Lalola episode summaries" and found a terse one in Spanish. I did an on-screen translation, then screen- captured shots so I could put it through Textbridge to turn it into text. It is for the Spanish Lalola series (the length, the names). There are 138 entries, so it iwould be rude to post it all here (I'd need permission of the webmaster to do so). Unfortunately, I must have forgotten to bookmark it so I don't know where I found it. I am pasting the first 20 (of 138) titltes/plot summaries below. If there is really much interest in this list, say so and I can post again with an email address. I don't know much Spanish, but I tried to make some sense of the odd translated lines, with the aid of a dictionary. Suggested meanings are in brackets. Some are quite beyond my understanding.

Some old business. I've done some searching and it seems that all or most of the shows have Lola's love interest finding out about her past identity. It's a stunner for them, but they think things out and are able to cope. So, the Lolas make a positive choice to be women and wives, instead of going back to their old lives, and their suitors realize that this miracle doesn't change the way they feel. The marriages are put on a foundation of acceptance and truth.

The summary Spanish Lola, 1-20

1 Lalo introduced
2 Director general
3 Lola suffers the harassment by the men by the Agency
4 Lola and Paula are still trying to find Romina
5 Lola and Paula find the witch that cast the spell
6 Gustavo Sergio and face [Gustavo and Sergio face off?
7 The success of the spot. Lola returns to the Agency
8 Gustavo begins to suspect Lola
9 Lola is dressed as Lalo
10 Natalia believes that Elisa is the girlfriend of Sergio
11 Lola and Sergio are about to kiss
12 Lola, every day, gets closer to Sergio
13 Sergio is determined to declare to Lola
14 Natalia continues with her plan for revenge
15 Paula Martin forces [Lola? to organize a dinner
16 Gustavo [is sent to trace the call [to Lola
17 Sam and Lola are going to dinner
18 Natalia confronts Lola
19 Paula Gustavo [is discovered trying to enter [her home
20 Martin asks Paul to marry him

From: guest (ItSucks2Kw) , 163 months, post #33
I've read some rumors about the show and i want know if lola marries facundo!
mail me cz i might not remmber the check that post again anyone plz and if u know any details send me the plot of the last episode.

From: guest (lola) , 162 months, post #34
hi ^^ evry one
am lola from u.s.a and
i need a Translation of series LaLola
Argentina in English Language please if any one can help me
just send a Message
With a link of translation
thank's really

From: guest (Robert911) , 162 months, post #35

There is an amateur site that has about 20 of the first LALOLA (Arg) episodes with English subtitles (they are the kind that can only be read in streaming download). This is a great thing, though when people have to work without pay, these projects are never carried out to completion, especially considering that there are 148 shows in the LALOLA series. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get more.

But we should be grateful for what some good people have seen fit to give us. The address is

It is one of the wonders of the century that not only has LALOLA of Argentina not provided professional DVDs with English for the fans, but not one other of the countries have so far produced any for their shows. Yet the Dori Media news says that they did a set of English dubbed LALOLA shows for the English market back in 2008. Apparently though, they were looking at getting a broadcast in England, not at revving up for DVD sales. Alas, England thinks that 6 episode of anything is a television season, so trying to sell them 148 shows is like trying to fix a watch wearing boxing gloves.

By the way, Azteca TV (Mexico) did an abridged telecast of LALOLA once upon a time. I've found no way to stream or download things from Azteca, but they do have plot summaries for the 90 abridged Lalola shows that they aired before. They are in Spanish, but are translateable at net translation sites. The address is:

Even iF you can't understand Spanish, these summaries will help a lot understanding what is going on.

From: guest (Avido737) , 162 months, post #36
Thanks for the tips, Robert. This is great stuff!

What I wanted to say was I was looking at the Vikii Gender Bender Fun page, checking out what you said, and I saw a link to an Asian show called RUK TAE KAE DAI. It looked good, an Asian tg story with grownups, not that silly Japanese high school kid stuff. I saw that YouTube has many more episodes (more than one poster; one posting is called Ruk Tae Gae Dai; between the two, they make up for bad or missing chapters). The show reminds me of the Philippine version of Lalola. This _has_ to be the Malaysian version of LALOLA. Anyone know for sure? How long did the series run?

From: guest (marc202) , 162 months, post #37
hi watched this show great get the jist of it reminds me of a japanese show acouple of years ago where a boy cheating on his girlfreind gets changed inyo a stunning girl and has to deal with bras boobs and boys in the end he gest stuck and stays at the girls school falling in love with an older boy

From: guest , 162 months, post #38
What Japanese show marc202? Link?

From: guest (lola) , 162 months, post #39
thank you for u'r generosity

Really, unfortunately, that there is no copy of the serial LaLola translated to English
^^ but okay a'm happy
becaose " that there are good people like you"
Thank you
This is nice of you
and ^^ have a good day " lola "

From: guest , 162 months, post #40
This is probably a trivial question but why did Lalo adapt so quickly to his female body in the Argentinian version? He rarely wore pants and was usually in skirts, dress shirts, and heels. I know that he hardly ever crossed his legs like a lady but he adjusted quickly to the body. Seriously, how many guys would adjust that quickly to the body and clothes? I would think that most guys would be scared and/or embarassed to wear skirts and dresses even if they were in a female body and heels too. And why did he try to cover his crotch when he sat down in a skirt or dress, that body wasn't his so why should he care?

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  • Do not plagiarize. Credit your sources.


  • For posts and material that are not safe for viewing in a workplace or with younger eyes, please mark the thread or post as either, "MATURE CONTENT", "ADULT CONTENT", or "NSFW".
  • Please post clear SPOILER warnings if you intend to give away details that would spoil the story for those who have not yet seen the material, preferably by using the spoiler tags (don't forget to close the spoiler text with the end tag), like so: <spoiler>Text to be "hidden" </spoiler> -- For additional help, please see: HOW TO: Use Spoiler tags message thread.
  • When starting a New Message Thread, please include details about your topic of discussion or request in the Subject field to help draw in readers who are interested and avoid wasting the time of those who are not. Also helpful in searching for the topic/thread later.
  • If you post a link, please provide some detail as to what it is. Identify the material if possible.
  • Please post in English, or include an English translation, when possible.
  • If seeking material / information, include the results of your own efforts so that others can offer better help (and avoid wasting time and effort on redundant searches).
  • When starting a new thread to request material or information, please begin the subject with "REQ:" or "REQUEST".


  • Do not post messages in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Do not attack a user for improper spelling and/or grammar. Not all of our community uses English as their native language.
  • Please do not stray (far) from the topic of the original post.
  • If a poster provides their contact information for any reason, do NOT clutter the Message Board by asking them to contact you. They gave out their contact information for a reason.
  • No begging. Ask nicely.
  • Do not feed the trolls and spammers. Please ignore them.
  • Do not keep asking for clips after others have already posted information on where to obtain the material.
  • Please have some patience. Not everyone visits the board daily. Your post may not be seen (by someone with the correct information or idea) for several days or weeks.
  • No bumping. Bumping will be treated as intentional spamming.


  • Do not post advertisements.
  • One exception is for products or services that relate to entries on this site. And even then, only post an announcement once. You should add links or content to the appropriate database entries. Do not repeat this information to the message board. Doing so will be considered spamming.


  • This list is neither all-inclusive or all-exclusive in nature, and is meant to guide everyone on appropriate content for and conduct on this Message Board.
  • The purpose of this Message Board is to share information about transformation-related content, news, ideas, etc. Also acceptable, are conversations that are of interest to the transformation community.
  • Moderation of posts for reasons not listed above are at the discretion of the Trusted Users who moderate this website, for the purpose of keeping things within the "spirit" of the owner's wishes and the website's purpose.
  • If you disagree with a moderation decision, please make an argument as to why it should be reinstated. Use the posting guidelines to justify your point. Do not attack the moderator.

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