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Boy into Buster Bunny for Tiny Toon Game Ad
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Boy into Buster Bunny for Tiny Toon Game Ad
For an ad for a Tiny Toon Adventures game, most likely Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts loose, a boy has various parts of his body change into animated parts of Buster Bunny. Each transformation is reverted after scenes from the game. Transformations include: Growing ears like Buster Bunny, ...more
From: KitsuneKit , 153 months, post #1
Sounds like a really cool commercial... Do you have any proof?

(Please tell me you do! Perferably in video format.)

From: guest , 153 months, post #2
is this a commercial on tv now or an old commercial?

From: guest (Ovid) , 153 months, post #3
Yes, I'm hoping to see this as well, preferably download as well.

From: Sara , 153 months, post #4
This would be of an older game as Tiny Toons is no longer a marketed item. I do not see anything of this on You Tube at this time. Anyone else have any recollection of it?

From: SoreThumb , 153 months, post #5
Hey, KitsuneKit :)

Anyways, I'm the one who remembered it-- I've talked with another fur, and he recalled this commercial too (he's the one who remembered the mouth TF and the hand/glove TF-- I definitely remember the former and are fuzzy on teh latter.)

Since me and somebody else remember this commercial, I have proof it exists-- I hvae no proof it was for the SNES Buster Busts Loose besides confidence.

I'd hope to see it as well (as well as other commercials on here, EG Fruit Rollups, more gushers, etc)..

Old commercial, probably about 1993.

From: guest (SoreThumb) , 136 months, post #6
Hey, here we are months later-- I got a question:

I'm willing to buy this ad if about 40 people are willing to donate $10 each.

If you're interested, I'll get a list of people-- you can find my e-mail by:
Taking the 'nickname' / FROM title of this post, and adding to it. :)

Contact me and let me know--the more people I get, the faster this'll go.

From: KitsuneKit , 136 months, post #7
Uh dude... I understand wanting a commerical... but 400 bucks is a bit much. Don't worry about it. It will turn up eventually.

From: KitsuneKit , 136 months, post #8
Well, if it means anything I did locate an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures Episode: "The Acme Acres Zone" cartoon "A Walk on the Flipside"
Where in, Montana Max after tormenting the Buster and Babs again, has a nightmare and wakes up to find that he has been transformed into a rabbit and discovers how hard it is to be a rabbit.

From: guest (SoreThumb) , 133 months, post #9
I've been trying to get the ad myself, but no luck so far. Even some ad sites don't have this ad... or many of the ads I'm looking for. Quite disheartening... (I mean the big $$ pay for site.)

From: KitsuneKit , 130 months, post #10
I tried contacting the people at the source, I wrote to Konami and asked them where I can find the commercial... the wrote back saying "We don't have this commercial, we don't know where you can get this commercial, we don't know who would have this commercial."

They seemed quite definite with not having it in their archive anymore... I dunno where to turn to next.

From: guest , 130 months, post #11
I tried to look Kitsune... found a couple of TT game ads on youtube, but not the one you were looking for. One thing I did discover though... Buster and Babs were REEEEEEAAAALLLY popular in Japan.

From: KitsuneKit , 130 months, post #12
I dunno, I contacted many different companies an none of them has any record of this commercial. I'm starting to doubt it exists.

From: guest (SoreThumb) , 129 months, post #13
I'm not crazy. I already know another fur who's seen this same commercial and is half-heartedly scanning VHSes for it.
I"m going to ask an ad-site to see if they can find it, but it will probably cost $300 with shitty quality, so I'm not about to.

From: KitsuneKit , 129 months, post #14
I actually already asked that was offering to sell commercials for a hefty price tag. Unfortunately they e-mail me back saying that they do not have that commercial in their archive.

I'm sure it will turn up somewhere though. Hopefully your friend has it on a VHS tape.

From: guest (SoreThumb) , 128 months, post #15
Yeah, I asked them. can't believe that they didn't have it. really doesn't have ANY interesting ad I wanted. 8|

I may have to ask another ad site. Ack.

From: KitsuneKit , 128 months, post #16
I REALLY REALLY want to see this commercial.

From: guest (SoreThumb) , 124 months, post #17
That makes 29834732 of us.
The only other place I can think of would sell a TEENSY-sized resolution, which would be shitty-sized.. . for the smae price. :/

From: guest (drake) , 114 months, post #18
this commercial does exist. forget the doubters. one of my passions in life is finding old material like this, and it will only be a matter of time (it's already been years since ST and I had been poring over various tapes)... to doubt that this exists is to slap me directly in the face :)
also, Konami would not be the company to ask about getting a copy. the better bet would be to find out who the advertising agency was handling the Konami account in the USA at the time was, and perhaps ask them, or attempt to get a 'retro' reel from them. having come from the advertising world (work), I know full well that advertising agencies keep everything they've ever done. whether or not you would be able to shake them down for a copy of it or not would be up to the individual agencies, and who you contact there...
the search will continue. I will continue to 'half-heartedly' (thanks, ST :P) scan tapes as I acquire them. the information that will assist in the search would be:
- when the game was released (month, year)
- if it was, indeed, for BUSTER BUSTS LOOSE
- ad agency that produced it
- IF contact can be made at agency level, find out what networks were purchased for airing

just trying to stir up a little more info about this again. been on a mad quest lately for some '90s material for another blog I write for.

From: guest (SoreThumb) , 111 months, post #19
I said half-hearted because it's nobody's job to pore through tons of VHSes.
Also, I never mentioned you by name-- thanks for pointing the finger at yourself. B)

I've been debating asking that ad-site for a copy, but I've been seeing more people with better copies of ads lately-- I"d hate to get a copy and then have everybody who'd find a high-quality original give up because I found a crummy one. :/

From: guest (Nathan F) , 111 months, post #20
I found a Tiny Toons fansite with info about the game and a couple of bits about the commercial, you could download it from there but it appears it's not there anymore.

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