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This entry marked for deletion - the information is incorrect, there is no transformation - 2007aug06 cj served Apollo as a girl.
From: Ponjos , 206 months, post #1
There is an entry in the gender section which states that Adonis served Apollo as a female. However, I can't find any proof for this anywhere in ancient mythology. Can anyone either prove or disprove this?

From: Lady Sekhmet , 206 months, post #2
I suspect you're thinking of the tale of Heracles (aka Hercules) and Omphale (the Queen of Lydia).

The story goes something like this:
Driven mad by Hera, Heracles murders his best friend Iphitus. His punishment is to become a slave to Queen Omphale who, for reasons never quite explained, decides that he will serve her has a woman. Heracles is forced to wear womens clothing and perform womens chores alongside the queens other hand maidens until he is finally released from slavery. In the end, he marries the queen who goes on to bear him a son.

I dont recall having ever seen a reference to Adonis ever serving Apollo in this manner, but I can't rule it out either. Those ancient greeks did a lot of funny things like that :)

From: Miss Pinky , 206 months, post #3
There was also the story of Achilles pretending to be a maiden at his mother's request so he wouldn't go off to war.

From: guest (Heretic) , 206 months, post #4
Dyonisos was raised as a girl, until his foster parents were slain. Later he lived as part of a group of female ... priests/shamans whatever, the later mainads.

From: Sola , 206 months, post #5
When the Greeks said that a man served another as a woman, it meant an homosexual relationship, not a transformation

From: Lady Sekhmet , 206 months, post #6
Although in the case of Heracles and Omphale I dont really think you can call it a homosexual relationship, but I tend to agree with you Sola that the ancient greeks didn't seem to have much difficulty with homosexual behavior or even bestiality.

Indeed, there is one tale of of Pasiphae and the Bull. Pasiphae, who was the the Queen of Minos, was cursed by the god Poseidon (they do a lot of cursing don't they) to fall in love with a sacred white bull. To satisfy her love she had Daedalus construct a life-like cow that Pasiphae could get into so she could woo (or is it moo?) the bull into a coupling.

And what do you get from such a romantic encounter? You get the famed Minotaur of Minos of course!

Who says studying ancient civilizations isn't fun? :)

From: Ponjos , 206 months, post #7
Indeed, studying mythology is fun.
However, should we keep this entry in this database?

Sola said "When the Greeks said that a man served another as a woman, it meant an homosexual relationship, not a transformation".

If that's what this entry meant, is it valid as a transformation?
Can anyone find proof of a transformation?

I'm thinking this entry should be marked for deletion.
Either way, talking about ancient civilizations is quite fun.

From: Lady Sekhmet , 206 months, post #8
No, there are no transformations here, I think we can call this one dead.

Though it's worth noting that Pasiphae is sister to Circe who is well known for her skills in metamorphosis, illusion and dark necromancy - most famously in turning Odysseus's men into swine. So in a round about way this sorta kinda has something to do with transformations...

Perhaps if we just rename this thread to "Vague Greek Mythological References" it can stay :)

From: Ponjos , 205 months, post #9
Is there an actual way to rename threads in the message board or would that be an administrator thing?

From: JayGee , 205 months, post #10
I don't think that bestiality was really practiced in ancient Greece. While Greek mythology had a lot of references, it seems that this is only in fiction. I suspect that a lot of this has to do with different religious traditions being combined in a somewhat haphazard fashion causing myths from diverse cultures to be combined.

From: cj , 205 months, post #11
>>> "s there an actual way to rename threads in the message board or would that be an administrator thing?"

Yes. Why?

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