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H-E-R-O #12
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Hero #12-#14
Tough guy Joe Hamill thought it would be great to use the H-E-R-O device...but he got more than he bargained for! Now he's been transformed into Electro Lass, and, having lost the mystical dial, he has no way to transform back into his manly self. What's a, do? His wife Amy ...more
From: Justin* , 219 months, post #1
Just noticed that DC's website has added a few pags of art (not colorized though) of issue 12 on the link already provided. It shows the transformation and initial reaction. Gotta admit, Electro Lass looks pretty hot. And if you check out february, there's another cover with our transformed hero/ine. Notice the difference in appearance from what's inside vs. the covers.

From: Not Quite Anonymous* , 219 months, post #2
Here's the link .

From: Corwin* , 219 months, post #3
Grrrr... Looks like this one's off to a less than auspicious start from the get go.
The few panels we see in the preview introduce "Joe" as... get this... a lunkhead, catcalling, hardhat neanderthal whistling at passing chicks. Ha ha, just wait till he sees what's in store for him.

GEEE!!! NOBODY has EVER tried THAT kind of story line before!!!

How tired of a plot can you get?
This comic's supposed to come out in January of 2004, but when was it written? 1975????
Look out Joe! It's women's lib! Gotta go save President Ford!

Maybe it'll be totally different once the whole thing is published. Maybe we'll find out "Joe" is really an actor and what we've seen so far was him rehearsing a scene. Maybe those panels were really just a red herring and they don't appear in the comic at all.
But right now, it looks like this promising story will really turn out to be a dumb caricature. Too bad.

From: corwin sucks* , 219 months, post #4
whats your problem man you got to what you get and there isnt much of any tg out there so keep you dumb opinions to yourself
P.S. i think it looks interesting ~bastard

From: Robbie* , 219 months, post #5
Corwin, I think you made some good points. It is a secondary topic in many TG items in the media. Cleo/Leo, Dating the Enemy, Goodbye Charlie etc. The man is always the one that needs to be taught a lesson. Now I am not saying in those situations that it was not necessary, but the writers can be a little more original in their thinking with new TG releases.

From: anon cj* , 219 months, post #6
hey they do it to girls too!
in theHot Chick flick, Jessica a selfish cheerleader is stuck in a 30ish male bod and has to grow up a l;ittle before getting back her body.
Not that that wasn't a poorly written film about a stereotype as well, but they don't just pick on men as jerks!
Just more often ;)

From: Ron* , 219 months, post #7
The "learning a lesson" device is a perfectly legit one and a good rationale for a change-of-life story. But if that's to be the approach, why oh why is it so often done so very badly? It's as if the only character that writers can dream up is a knuckle-walking moron who needs a 2x4 upside the head! (or a self absorbed princess who's... what else? ...a cheerleader!)
Yes, yes it's just a comic book, but how about a real person instead?
It can work. Fantasy Island's "Estrogen" episode centered around a guy who was NOT an asshole and found out he didn't have to be. Andre in "Season of the Witch" had the bleak cynical worldview of a gigolo and learned to be a human being capable of love.
Instead it's as if someone's thinking "The bad guy gets killed in scene 5. Let's have him uh... kick the dog in scene 2 and uh... go to a Klan meeting in scene 4! Yeah that's the ticket!"
...So Joe harrasses the blonde in the fourth frame. Oh, an' y' gotta be luvin' all de apostrophes to show dese guys got blue colla' accents.
Great. Now we hate this guy. Who cares what happens to him next? It wouldn't take much thought, or any more ink, to create someone a teensy bit less cardboard. Too bad no one tried this time.

From: Andrew* , 219 months, post #8
You missed one. He's a hard hat construction worker too! Looks like just lazy unimaginative writing to me. A couple of cheap easy stock cues to set up for the big switcharoo. The artwork looks pretty good though. It'll be nice to see it in color.

From: Not Quite Anonymous* , 218 months, post #9
Come on, wait a second guys. At least wait until it comes out before you start bashing it. I just picked up the "H-E-R-O: Powers and Abilities" collection (issues #1-6) and it was really good. The writer does a good job of turning the genre cliches on their heads, as well creating believeable characters and good plotting. So wait until issues #12-15 come out, and then flip through them in the store before buying them. You might be suprised how much you like it. :)

From: Not Quite Anonymous* , 218 months, post #10
Joe Hamill is stuck as the gorgeous super-heroine, Electro Lass, after losing the H-E-R-O device. The stress builds after a "disturbing encounter" with his male friend, and he turns to his ex-girlfriend for help. (Published February 2004)

From: Not Quite Anonymous* , 218 months, post #11
Oops, sorry, that last comment was supposed to be a blurb for issue #13.

From: Not Quite Anonymous* , 218 months, post #12
H-E-R-O, issue #14
"Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes", part 3 of 3
Joe's search concludes for the device that trapped him as a beautiful superheroine. (Published March 2004)

From: thesaint* , 218 months, post #13
I can't get the preview to work. Is the link working? Is there some other place I can view the artwork?

From: Jenny North* , 218 months, post #14
It looks like the link has been removed from the site, but the file it points to is still there. You can get to it at:

Enjoy! ;-)

From: No One Special* , 218 months, post #15
Jenny, not to be a bother but... when's the next TGFA update?

From: neverhappy* , 218 months, post #16
yeah jenny when are you going to update tgfa it been forever.

From: TG Scientist* , 216 months, post #17
The next part of Joe's transformation into electrolass is up! I took down #13 to make room for this one.

From: Shaftway Danger* , 216 months, post #18
Don't know if you realize it, but pictures 15 and 16 are the same. Did you miss one?

From: Shaftway Danger* , 216 months, post #19
PS, thanks for the scans, they're great!

From: TG Scientist* , 216 months, post #20
Thanks! I didn't miss any, just got my numbers goofed up! #4 isn't there either for the same reason, but all the pages are there, just misnumbered! I was dead tired when I scanned it and made the page, but I was determined to get it out!

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