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Review: Stewart Farrar book Forcible Entry
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Stewart Farrar book Forcible Entry
A dying man takes over the body of a young woman, pretends amnesia, but is discovered and attacked psychically by her boyfriend and Jesuit priest. Set entirely in modern-day Dublin.
From: The Gambler , 210 months, post #1
After searching for the book since 1995, I finally got my hands on it. A quick read shows it's more than a simple body take over. The dying man and the young woman was part of a telepathic research group, which later reveal it was working for an underground group intend to use the telepathic power for spying or blackmail. The priest was killed by the group's hitman with hit and run auto accident.

The young woman's boyfriend is really CIA, sent to look into the group's activities and intend to use of the research.


The dying man that took over the young woman's body was forced out of her body near the end of the book, during an intense intercourse(??!!) with "her" boyfriend/CIA officer. The "dying man" later managed to took over another woman, whom had help the boyfriend to "speak" with the body less young woman exist only in the astrospace.

The dying man just won't died.....

From: guest (Marjy) , 160 months, post #2
I've looked long and hard for this book. If it were available in ebook format, I would have already downloaded it. Anyone know where I could get it?

From: The Gambler , 160 months, post #3
I got it via a bookstore in UK, via Let just say it took 3 years for that bookstore to get a copy. And before that, it took another 7 years of search on Internet and UK bookstores, and came up nothing.....

From: guest (book fan) , 147 months, post #4
Hi Gambler...Was it good?

Could you give some more of the juicy spoilers?

I would love to get a copy. maybe torrent

From: The Gambler , 147 months, post #5
Yes, it's good.
And, no, not on torrent.

From: guest (Guest) , 147 months, post #6
There used to be an excerpt of the book downloadable with bits from other tg books on mirc.

Does anyone still have a copy?

From: The Gambler , 147 months, post #7
That excerpt/chapter of the book was the reason I tried and continue to try finding the book. The book shown up on a list back in 1993/1994, that's why I started to try to find the book, even went as far as planning to travel all the way to UK and Ireland to xerox the book from 3 libraries that were known to have the book in their collection......

From: guest (book fan) , 147 months, post #8
I wonder how long it might take and how difficult would be to scan and OCR 224 pages.... hmmm....

From: guest (guest) , 147 months, post #9
The clip that I used to have (until one of my hard drives crashed) was extremely titillating (no pun intended). If anyone has that clip or knows where to get the whole book, please let us know!


From: guest (Guest) , 131 months, post #10
I'm still looking for the book excerpt that showed up online many years ago. Anyone have any idea where I might find a copy?

From: guest (me2) , 131 months, post #11
Message deleted by The Gambler. No posting of copyrights stuff here. Please follow the rules
From: guest (ryan) , 131 months, post #12
I really like it

someone should scan it, if thats possible..probably would take a long time

From: guest (me2) , 131 months, post #13
the rules
"Do not post direct links to complete copyrighted works"

it says COMPLETE works. 1 sample chapter out of more than 10 is not even close to being complete.

I posted the requested one chapter (10) of an out of print work of a deceased author that can not be found or bought anywhere in the world.

If you mean what you say, gambler, take down every picture on this site taken from movies and tv since at least the fifties. 99% are copyrighted.

I was going to ask if it was ok at first but since it was only a single chapter and not COMPLETE I posted the requested sample. I'll do so again if I see gambler say it's ok.

From: guest (me2) , 131 months, post #14
oh, and I trust you have sent the estate of the author money for having read that sample chapter such a long time ago. Or for the used copy you scored. The estate doesn't get money from used sales of the book. It is by your own words copyrighted and you were violating the very rule you applied here. I have read the authors website and they want the book to be republished, but haven't found a publisher for his fiction. A sample chapter or a torrent could create enough interest to get all his fiction works republished, or at least encourage it. It got you to seek out that lone copy, after all.

From: paul , 131 months, post #15
If you want to keep with in fair use by United States standards. I believe its 10% or 1000 words, whichever is less. Other restrictions may apply. Thats the simple version.

From: guest (guest) , 131 months, post #16

Thanks for trying to post the link. Since I didn't see it in time would you mind posting it maybe on the fictionmania forum here:

Thanks for your consideration.

From: guest (me2) , 131 months, post #17
ok then Paul. Thanks for the info. 1000 words total...

"I think he's gone, doctor."
No, I haven't, damn you... Back to Sheila, quick... His vision was blank. But he was in Sheila's body. He was limp in John Truell's armchair, arms in lap, heavy-breasted, with those alien female loins - and painless, alive with motionless vigour. So she had projected already.
I did it! I'm alive and young!
For a moment he exulted, unthinking. Then he pulled his mind back to what had to be done, He lay very still in his new, young, female body, alert for Sheila's attempt to reoccupy it. The die was cast; his life depended on the next few minutes, on his ability to repel her, and that ability was an untried thing. When he had occupied her body before, she had remained unaware of it, because he had withdrawn before she returned to it. This time, she would try to return as usual _ and would find the way barred.
How psychically powerful would her panic be, once she realised what had happened? Powerful enough to evict him, to drive him back into his own body, dying or perhaps already dead in the Mater Hospital? Or would his life-and-death determination - itself near enough to panic - suffice to repel her?
He began, carefully and with concentrated willpower, to set up the psychic defence he had been studying. He visualised water and salt, mentally consecrated it, and visualised himself applying the mixture to the thirteen body openings: eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, nipples, navel, urethra, vagina, and anus - silencing with an effort a sudden return of his original reaction to the absence of the male genitals he had carried all his life. He visualised the ten etheric chakras and mentally sealed them against invasion. He visualised a cocoon of violet light completely surrounding the body, and willed it to be impenetrable. He prepared for the next step, which was his own idea - to seal off the silver cord connecting Sheila's physical and astral bodies - and then realised, suddenly, that without projecting himself he would not be able to see the cord. And no way was he going to project again, ever. It would give Sheila just the chance she needed.
Right, then. I'll have to imagine the cord. Form a clear mental picture of it, and work on that.
He concentrated again, and was surprised at how clearly he could visualise the silver cord, leading away to his right and downwards; Sheila must have projected out into the street. It's so unmistakable - am I picking it up clairvoyantly? He did not pause to wonder further, but then visualised a metal clamp, the original of which he had at home and had studied in detail until he had a precise image of it in his mind. He applied the clamp mentally to the silver cord a couple of feet from the body, and with a determined effort of visualisation, he screwed it tight.
It worked, all too well. In that instant, he was aware of Sheila's astral body reacting with alarm, and trying with all the immediacy of instinct to return to her physical body. His defences stopped her.
For a while their surroundings vanished, and Matthew knew nothing but direct confrontation. It was as though he and Sheila floated in a multicoloured limbo, raging at each other; he grimly defending his stolen base, she struggling frantically to dislodge him. He would never have believed that a bodiless conflict could be so ferocious, so demanding of every ounce of his stamina. He could not have put into words how he was fighting - he only knew that he was, with the total viciousness of a cornered rat.
And he won.
There was a moment when he could feel Sheila weakening, and then beginning to withdraw. Then, suddenly, she was gone, like a leaf blown away by the wind. She would be back, of course, circling around her stolen body as a permanent threat to him, as soon as she had licked her wounds and regained her strength. But never again, he knew, would that strength have the intensity ofher first panic.
Confident that he was secure for the time being, he directed his thoughts to his new body, deliberately reaching out for that unfamiliar somatic awareness with which, from now on - which could mean another sixty or seventy years - he would have to live.
It was different now. The other times, he had been visiting, experimenting. Now he was here to stay. He must know this body as his own, because now it was his own. He must be prepared for the differences when he tried to move, so that nothing took him too obviously by surprise. It would have its own muscular memories, and he would have to learn from them as fast as he could.
He knew it was time for the next crucial step. He flexed his muscles, opened his eyes, and sat up. The body obeyed him reasonably well; if Truell noticed any clumsiness, he would put it down to stiffness after lying still. (Yes, breasts do pull downwards when I'm upright.)
"Okay?" John asked.
"Yes, okay." He had wondered how the voice would come out, but the vocal cords were Sheila's, and the voice sounded to him like Sheila's. To Truell, too, apparently.

Matthew stood up while Truell's back was turned, and stumbled slightly. He'd been prepared for Sheila's high heels, and had stood up on tiptoe - and here, too, the body's muscular memory had helped. But what disoriented him for a moment was that the familiar room seemed much larger, as did everything in it, including Truell who looked about six foot six.
Of course, he told himself, almost laughing. I'm eight or nine inches shorter than I was. But my mind's the same, my visual memory's the same - so from now on the world's about thirteen or fourteen percent bigger. I must get used to walking among giants.

From: guest , 131 months, post #18
me2 -- Thanks. I can now confidently give this one a miss, and feel no regret that it is out of print: "etheric chakras" and mentally consecrated imaginary water and salt, indeed.

From: The Gambler , 131 months, post #19
Me2, just a FYI, I did contacted the author before he passed away, and had his direct permission to make a copy of the whole book, if I go to the 3 libraries in Europe, and show the library the letter.

So I think I covered my end pretty good.....

As for "Do not post direct links to complete copyrighted works", that doesn't mean you can post copyrighted stuff here either. Posting a link and posting copyrighted works are two different matters.

From: The Gambler , 131 months, post #20
Also, the sample chapter came out after I got the book. I started to look for the book back in 1994, when it made the list.

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