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Review: Ranma 1/2 episode Unknown
Ranma 1/2
Gender, Animal
A teenage boy is cursed to become a girl whenever he gets hit with cold water. It takes hot water to change him back. Many of the standard character are cursed to change into an animal when splashed by cold water. Animal forms include panda, cat, duck, and pig. The show is heavy with transformatio ...more
From: Anne-Mal , 648 months, post #1
Excellent series! A must see. Probably the longest running TG series on TV, with movies too!

Ranma is a teen martal artist who goes around the world training with his father. When in China they visit a cursed spring, when he falls in one of the pools he finds that he had become the girl that drown in it. He becomes a woman when splashed with cold water and returns to his form when dunked with hot.

BTW the first episodes were considered too romantic by the creator and she forced the company to change the later episodes to feature more fighting. The first 10 had Ranma tring to cope with the feelings of being a girl and the advances of an older classmate.

From: Caitlin B , 648 months, post #2
Masterful satire of gender roles and society in general. Most recomended item on the entire list.

From: Gavin , 648 months, post #3
The beginning of this series is excellent--probably a 4, but it degenerates pretty quickly after eipsode 10 to a 2 or even 1.

From: caleb jones , 648 months, post #4
Gavin is wrong, all are fun well done stories, though some involve limited genderswitching by ranma the movies (OAV) are excellent!

From: Rachel Leanne (UK) , 648 months, post #5

From: Vancent , 235 months, post #6
I've seen the entire series, except for the final season (season seven). I have missed one or two OVAs as well. There are also two actual movies, not just the OVAs. AS for the series degenerating around episode ten, I agree, it does get somewhat dull at that point, but you prolly didn't watch the rest of the series. After a few dull episodes the series quickly picks up with more gender switches and fighting, also the art style changes quite drastically from season to season, changing the feel you get from it. Later on in the series several more characters with similar curses appear, instead of another gender some turn into animals such as a piglet, a duck, a cat, and even a a cross between an ox snake and crane, (I think some other things too). Overall this is a hillarious series well worth the watch, all my freinds I've shown it to have loved it, weather they are interested in TF/TG or not.

From: guest (Joe6Tooth) , 204 months, post #7
This is my first time posting on here... Ranma 1/2 has been my favorite series since the day my friend said it was about a martial artist who changed from guy to girl and then showed me the first manga. Since then I have read all the manga and own the entire series on DVD. Vancent you have to get the last season. THe last season is one of the best, it includes a return to Jusenkyo, a fight with his toughest foe ever, and of course... the decision on what to do with all the love triangles, rhombuses, and circles.

From: guest (Kris) , 163 months, post #8
There was an episode called the Jusenkyo Presevation Society, who kidnaps Shampoo, Mousse, Gemma Saotome, and Ryouga, forces them into their cursed forms (cat, duck, panda, and pig, aka P-chan), and then Ranma and Akane go off to rescue their friends with Uukyo. They meet the enforcer of the group, who is cursed to become a virtuous priest when splashed with cold water. They are punishing the cursed people who visited Jusenkyo for violating their rules.

From: Repulso , 163 months, post #9
NO offense to Anime fans but although I love the illustration in Anime, overall, I've never liked the stories and deem them as silly.

Ranma was sometimes an exception. Up until about the 3rd or 4th season, I enjoyed the adventures of Ranma but then too much Anime (Japanese) humor dominated and I lost interest.

Ranma to me though still remains a prime example of good Anime. I urge any true TG fan to pursue if you haven't already.

From: guest (Kris) , 163 months, post #10
One of the major antagonists in the series is Pantyhose Taro, who is cursed to become a ox/snake/crane creature. Unlike Ranma and the others who are wanting a cure from their curses, Pantyhose Taro loves his curse. He makes his lair laden with water traps, so when Pantyhose Taro kidnaps Akane, Ranma and his father, Shampoo, Uukyo, and Ryouga go to rescue her. These water traps trigger Ranma's curse, as well as the other cursed Junsekyo victims. Blame Happosai for creating Pantyhose Taro.

From: guest , 163 months, post #11
My favorite comedies are:

(1) Ranma 1/2
(2) Creature comforts
(3) Fawlty towers
(4) MST3K
(5) Mr Bean (tv series only)

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