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Review: Cleo Leo
Cleo Leo
Chuck Vincent low budget film of reincarnation. Plot is much like that of Switch.
From: Eric , 601 months, post #1
I agree with above reviewer that when the female side of the main charcter takes over is very well handled. I thought the acting was well done - especially by Jane Hamilton in the title row = she does a very good job changing from a jerk to a intellegent, caring woman.
There's on hilarious scene where she is hit upon by sone jerks & she turns the tables on them very well.

From: Dudette , 601 months, post #2
For being a low-budge, low production value flick, it's not, well, as a TG film it's not ALL that bad. The plot is indeed close to Switch, which came later. Sexist asshole is shot by a feminist and pops right back as a woman in the same clothes. Includes most of the usual moral lessons about how women are mistreated by men, although more for purposes of comic filler, I think. It's a cheapie and ridiculous most of the time, but on the plus side, it does go way farther with the character's sexual (orientation) change than Switch does. Plus, there's sex! It's no work of art, but for TG purposes, it does the job.

SPOILERS follow...

My two biggest problems with Cleo/Leo are: One; it takes the already far-fetched device of reincarnation, and stretches it to the point of making it even more unbelievable. The character goes through more than one "reincarnation" transformation, and each time it gets sillier. Okay, it's fiction, but I think they over did it with the reincarnations. Example; we're supposed to believe that the (first time) reincarnated, suddenly female main character walks off a pier, gets in a car, makes a phone call, drives to a buddy's place, strips nude, and all this time isn't freaked by his/her new voice, or hasn't noticed he's now sporting substantial breasts until he/she finally looks in a mirror. It was done for comic effect, but again, stretched too far. Two, and this really ticks me off; no lesbian scene! They really tease you with it, but it doesn't happen... What were they thinking? Damn!

On the plus side, the film carries the sex change to the point of the main character finally losing control to his/her new female urges. The lead up to this is flawed in a lot of ways, but you have to give it credit for going all the way, something Switch copped out on, IMHO. As much as it could have improved, the scene where "he" gives up and "she" takes over does it for me every time.

From: Corwin , 232 months, post #3
All things considered, it's really a pity this movie is so extremely awful, and it has nothing to do with budget or production values. From the start, "Leo The Male Chauvinist" is a ridiculous cigar chomping caricature, a cartoon from the depths of central casting, never remotely believable. And there isn't even a vague attempt to explain his transformation... or how someone who's been turned from a big fat man into a petite curvy woman, could crawl out the river, plastered with wet clothes, drive a car, then talk to and undress in front of a bunch of guys WITHOUT NOTICING anything was amiss! Apparently that dunk in the drink messed up Leo's sense of touch, hearing, and peripheral vision too!

The actual story, as "Cleo" adjusts and tries to regain control of the family busines, proceeds passably. But why, then, does another trip into the river result in a transformation back into a man, and then why does getting shot, nowhere near the river bring ANOTHER change back into a woman? Somewhere it makes sense for there to be some explanation for all this: God? Magic? Karma? The universe? Something!

With appropriately low expectations, however, the flick can still be fun, especially as the transformed Leo, in a dressing room, laments being "a cat in a canary cage," and later, counts a million sheep while trying to avoid getting turned on by a sexy roommate.

Too bad this one wasn't a lot better. Wouldn't have taken much.

From: John77 , 214 months, post #4
I can see that there is a lot of different opinion about this movie. It makes no sense to pick on Cleo/Leo for its plot devices, which are pretty much borrowed whole from "Goodbye Charlie" (okay, so a lot of people don't like GC either).

The cited plot oddities are real and I don't claim to understand them either. But I don't sweat over them. I assume some sort of reality change has occured by God-intervention (ala Switch) and the reality which we see on the "Cosmic Plane" only slowly registers with people on the "Material Plain." Or maybe not. Who cares.

When we get right down to it, I rate Cleo/Leo a better watch for a TG fan than any of the existing movies I know of, including the wretched "Sexual Chemistry" and dismally disappointing "Dr. Jeckyll and Ms Hyde" (the Sean Young version; the plot of the porno movie by that name was better done).

What's interesting is the hero's effort to creat a new life starting from scratch, her character-regeneration by enteracing with old acquaintences in a new way, and an ending which accepts womanhood and love, unlike most movies which cop out with death, change-back, or lesbianism.

I don't think there is a movie with a TG them that has been done really well, but for my money Cleo/Leo scores on more points than any other video currently available.

From: guest (kud) , 3 months, post #5
This year is the 30th anniversary of the premiere of this movie. The first ever movie or show where the male turned female character ended up with a guy.

From: guest (Gbcstti) , 3 months, post #6
What about ‘Sam’ last year?

From: guest (Gbcstti) , 3 months, post #7
Sorry, it was in 2016...

From: guest (para) , 3 months, post #8
he didn't say "only" movie, obviously, there are tons of other examples, just the 'first.' And even that is debatable as plenty of porn flicks came along first. And this wasn't a major mainstream release.

From: guest (Gbcsttu) , 3 months, post #9
Good point, my bad...

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