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Review: Body Jack
Body Jack (AKA: Tanoshii Yutai Ridatsu)
A mad scientist gives a bodyswitching machine to a teenage boy. Who uses it to take control of the body of a sexy classmate.
From: Dudette , 281 months, post #1
This is one of those almost-but-not-quite-porn animes. There's lots of sex (girl-"girl") but a) it's censored and b) it has a lot more story and character development than standard porn. Not that I got much out of the story; my VCD (not DVD) copy is in Japanese and has no subtitles. Well, no english subtitles. The subtitles are in some asian looking writing (chinese?)!

A standard Japanese comic censorship style; i.e. "invisible genitals" is used. Personally, as censorship goes I don't think it detracts all that much from the piece, in fact I find it kind of appealing.

It is shame that there's no translation. I would liked to have been able to figure out more of the story. But the TG element certainly worked great on a visual level. I've read some reviews that didn't care for this film but I liked it a lot, particularly the body takeover. Even though I couldn't follow the story, I think it was pretty much an excuse to "show" the sex, so if that's not your thing then pass this one by. But if you're looking for adult TG fair and like anime, I recommend this. My biggest disappointment was that it doesn't run longer.
It may be hard to find on tape. I found the VCD online at a shop in Fountain Valley, CA. Search on the tile and "anime" and you'll probably find a source. It's was also on laserdisc but out of print, I found the LD online but it was mucho$$. Many DVD players will play VCDs.

SPOILERS follow...

The plot revolves around some sort of triangle relationship between the guy and two girls. A mad scientist and his Lurch-like assistant provides the Body Jack machine. Toss in some brief comic-book style super antics which would have seemed very out of place in anything other than anime.
The Body Jack machine allow the guy to have an out of body experience; his mind/soul/whatever goes zooming around the room, and eventually goes off to spy on the cute little blond of the triangle. Owing to the lack of translation I can't figure out if the guy take's over of the blond's body because a) he's obsessed with her, or b) what he really wants is to have sex with the other girl and this was the only way, or c) he didn't intend to get into her body, he just wanted to spy on her but got too enthusiastic.
If you have any intent to view this film, you may want to stop reading here. The coolest part of the film is when his OOB self floats inside of the blonds body and takes over. Seldom in TG flicks do I see the subject do, well, exactly what I'd do in his/her place... as in gets a big s#!t eating grin on his/her face, feels him/herself up, and commences joyous masturbation. At last, some realism! ;)
Well um, anyway, we get the obligatory wolf-in-sheeps-clothing scene in the girls locker room, the seduction of the other girl, a bit more masturbation, then the damn machine craps out and our hero is back in his boring old body. Oh well. Maybe it just needs a fuse...

From: Ayane X , 250 months, post #2
The sexy classmate actually had purple hair. The movie could have gone a bit longer, like an hour and a half or so. Also, when the machine crapped out and exploded, the young man should have been stuck in the cute girl's body PERMANENTLY and could have been really close with the other girl. Just a possible improvement to the ending of the movie.

From: Kasumi X , 249 months, post #3
If there is a sequel, maybe the guy in the movie should get another machine like the first that DOES NOT break down. Then maybe he can have fun and can take over any hot looking female that he so desires. I would like to have a machine like that.

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