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Review: The Minion
The Minion
This isn't a great movie, but in the interest of being a completist I'll include it. "The Minion" of the title is a male spirit working for the Anti-Christ, who has been locked in a special cell in Israel for two thousand years. The spirit moves from body to body much in the manner of the alien in ...more
From: Iván , 211 months, post #1
sorry, but I think there isn't tg here. The spirit is a demon, and demons are sexless. Even if they can possess human beings, they are still sexless.

From: guest (Kris) , 166 months, post #2
I know the Knight's templar is called on to help the Priest seal the anti-christ in his cell. Someone is stupid enough to allow the Minion of evil to escape is the first victim of possession, then jumps into the heroine's boyfriend to get her to give her the key to the cell. The priest shows up with a metal glove to nail the demon possessed man in the back of the head, and he falls onto a police cruiser, where the evil minion jumps into the female cop. The evil female cop speaks like a male, and has a long demonic tongue as it blasphemies God and His goodness, spouting off the desceprencies of the Bible and stuff. The Priest takes out the female cop, and then the minion ends up in some other guy, then into the apprentice of the knight templar, and he begins to spout off the same evil stuff the possessed cop did as he fights with the master of the Knights templar.

From: The Gambler , 157 months, post #3
Well, it took place in New York City, where works in subway construction dropped into the cell in question. The Minion wasn't release, but already in the real world, looking for the cell which contain the key that locked up the Anti-Christ under the NYC for ages. The minion can transfer into another host via the eyes. The minion was supposed to be killed in the cell by the priest with the metal glove, but managed to possessed a drunken subway construction worker after the priest took the key away. The construction worker with minion in him chased them to a building, where the priest killed the construction worker on the hood of his car. But the police arrived, and when the female cop checked the supposed dead construction worker, the minion moved into her body . They went to the top of the building, and the priest killed the female cop as she fell off the building, and on the top of the police cruiser, and managed to take another host again.

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