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Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Him
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Him
(note from the editor, willow never completes the spell, and there is no change in this episode) taken from "When the four women convene, they go all Witches of Eastwick as they shout about how they will each get R.J. to love them the most. Willow prepares to cast a spell on him (turni ...more
From: guy , 232 months, post #1
I think this should count. It is the full intention to do it... and shows she has the power to do such a spell. Kinda a cool idea.

From: c jones , 232 months, post #2
Confirmed! R.J. was about to become a woman from Willow's spell but at the last possible second, as she was about to utter the final word of the spell, Xander tackled her and stopped her from completing it. It's made clear that the result would have been a gender change. But no change actually happened.

A finely 'crafted' episodse well worth watching despite the incomplete spell!

Since the spell was 99% spoken and the intent clear, I vote to keep it on the list with the note that the the editor made!

From: Dale Ribbons , 232 months, post #3
I personally thought one of the rules of the listings was that someone was to actually change. There are thousands of television shows, movies, books, comics, etc. where characters are almost transformed. If you let this one stay, then you must open it up to ALL the others.

From: guy , 232 months, post #4
What about a different Section then, like possible transformations?

From: anonymous , 231 months, post #5
Great episode, very entertaining -- especially for long-time fans of the show who know the characters well.

A high school boy possesses some sort of love spell, causing women to swoon and even fight for his affections. He is unaware of this power, however, and simply believes himself to be a popular high school quarterback that girls find attractive.

Buffy's sister, Dawn, was the first of the group to fall for his charms, and not long thereafter Buffy became smitten as well, followed by Anya and Willow. Now the lot of them are arguing over who gets to be with R.J. Note that this is a particularly strong love spell. Willow, a very powerful witch, was unable to break it's hold over Dawn and now Willow herself is affected by the spell -- even though she's a lesbian.

The following is a transcript that I created of the scene that takes place just after R.J. leaves Buffy's house, leaving Anya and Willow entranced by his spell:

(Buffy and willow walk downstairs together to find Anya and Willow arguing over which of them R.J. loves.)

DAWN: What's going on?

ANYA: Willow thinks she's in love with my boyfriend, R.J.

DAWN: What? No! You two can't do this. (Dawn is still desperately in love with R.J. herself.)

BUFFY: Willow, you're a gay woman -� and he isn't.

WILLOW: This isn't about his physical presence. It's about his heart.

ANYA: His physical presence has a penis!

WILLOW: I can work around it!

DAWN: This isn't fair! How can you all be doing this to me?

BUFFY: OK, wait. Everyone wait. Just, just calm down, OK? I -- I think I know what this is. Clearly, you've both been affected by the same love spell that got Dawn. (Buffy still doesn't realize that she is affected by the spell herself.)

DAWN: Uh! This isn't a spell. He owns my heart.

BUFFY: Dawn, be quiet. We're trying to work this out. We don't need you interfering.

WILLOW: There's a simple answer to this. Just think about who loves him the most. Clearly I do, since I'm willing to look past the whole "orientation thing".

ANYA: Well, you're gonna have to do better than that �- I'd kill for him.

WILLOW: You'd kill for a chocolate bar.

BUFFY: Yes... kill for him. I'm the slayer. Slayer means kill. (Buffy remembers that R.J. has been having trouble with the high school principal. She smiles.) Oh, I'll kill the principal.

ANYA: That is hard to top.

WILLOW: Yeah, well I have skills. I can prove my love with magic.

ANYA: Yeah, right. What're you gonna do -� use magic to make him into a girl?

(Willow's face brightens into a big smile as she realizes that she can do just that.)

ANYA: (Realizing that she just gave Willow a great idea) Damn.

(Everyone heads off on their own to prove their love to R.J.)

ANYA: (As she heads out the front door) Wait, I know what he'll like.

BUFFY: (To Dawn) Sorry, Dawnie. You're never gonna get him.

DAWN: No. Never.

(Willow is upstairs lighting candles in preparation for a spell to change R.J. into a girl. Each of the others is off doing their own thing, with Buffy heading to the high school with a bazooka to kill the principal, Anya to rob a bank, and Dawn to a railroad track.)

(Willow begins casting her spell, and crystals from a bowl at the center of the lighted candles begin to fly into the air, streaming in circles around Willow.)

WILLOW: Oh, Hecate, I call on you. I humbly ask your will be done. Hear my request, a simple change, create a daughter from a s�

(Xander suddenly appears, putting his hand over Willow's mouth, interrupting the spell and causing the crystals that were in the air to fall to the floor.)

WILLOW: Uh, oh, man! Now I've gotta start all over. Hecate hates that.

XANDER: What the hell are you doing?

WILLOW: Proving I love R.J. the most!

XANDER: Will, honey... R.J.'s a guy.

WILLOW: I did notice that, yeah. 's why I'm doing my spell, 'cause, you know, he doesn't have to be. Now, hand me back my crystals. I don't have much time.

XANDER: Much time before what?

WILLOW: Before Buffy and Anya and Dawn have a chance to prove that they love R.J. the most.

XANDER: And how are they gonna do that, exactly?

WILLOW: Well, Buffy's gonna kill Principal Wood, Any� (Xander cut's Willow off)

XANDER: Fine, OK, let's start there.

From: D , 229 months, post #6
I was kinda hoping to see it happen, because I also wondered if just letting her do it might have canceled out the love spell the jacket had, as it seems meant for a guy, and if R.J. became a girl, the jacket wouldn't work anymore and those ensnared by its power would have been freed (whether or not it would go the opposite and just turn R.J. to a GUY magnet is beyond me, tho).

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