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Review: H-E-R-O issue Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
Hero #12-#14
Tough guy Joe Hamill thought it would be great to use the H-E-R-O device...but he got more than he bargained for! Now he's been transformed into Electro Lass, and, having lost the mystical dial, he has no way to transform back into his manly self. What's a, do? His wife Amy ...more
From: Anon A. Maus , 220 months, post #1
heres a little bit more about this!
Sounds a lot like a Morpheus story over at FM!

Joe Hamill - tough guy, construction worker and all-American male - thought it'd be great to use the H-E-R-O device. Who wouldn't want immediate, unbelievable super-powers at the touch of a button? The power to do anything you want. That's what Joe was after�only things didn't go exactly as he had planned.

Joe's story begins in H-E-R-O #12, written by Will Pfeifer with art by Kano and painted covers by John Van Fleet, kicking off the 3-part tale "Ch-ch-ch-changes."

Following the bright flash of light that accompanies the activation of the H-E-R-O device, Joe is transformed into Electro Lass, a super-heroine. This manly man is now an electrifying, beautiful babe, complete with a revealing costume and the figure to fill it. What's worse, the transforming flash startled Joe so much that he lost the device, leaving him with no way to change back.

His girlfriend won't speak to him, his best friend doesn't know whether to punch him or kiss him, and Joe's quickly learning that, just like the song says, "sometimes it's hard to be a woman." Even a woman with super-powers.

H-E-R-O is an ongoing series edited by Peter Tomasi. The 32-page issue #12 arrives in comic-book stores January 14 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.

From: Sara , 167 months, post #2
I finally got this series and for the most part, I really did like the plot and the pace of the story. A few parts seemed a little rushed, but there is only so much you can do with a 3 issue arc, that has a back-up plot that is tying these issues into the main series.

I was very surprised by the ending to issue #14.
Click to show spoiler
Svefg, jr frr Wbr'f jvsr pbzr ehaavat va jvgu gur U-Qrivpr, juvpu Wbr hfrf gb punatr onpx. Gur pbhcyr ner erhavgrq naq nyy vf jryy va gur jbeyq. Rkprcg, gur arkg cntr Wb, ure arj anzr, jnxrf hc gb erirny gung jnf whfg n qernz. Fvapr fur pbhyq abg trg onpx ure gehr obql, naq unq abguvat gb cebir ure Vqragvgl, fur qvq gur bayl guvat fur sryg gung fur pbhyq qb gb fheivir, orpbzr n fgevccre. Guvf jnf n irel qnex gjvfg gb gur frevrf.

After reading further, I was surprised that Jo's plot was left to never be finished, especially since she was featured on the cover to issue #22.

Overall, a very nice story. Just wish that this character had further been explored.

From: guest (Pygar) , 167 months, post #3
I thought it was a huge disappointment.
To begin with, the guy is such the two dimensional "numbskull male chauvinist macho hardhat" character right out of central casting from the 1970s.

SPOILER coming

And at the end, why in the world have the character end up as a stripper?
This is just stupid stuff from lowbrow online fantasy stories, or someone's silly idea of a "shoe on the other foot" resolution instead of anything that made sense given the setup. The HERO device turned "Joe" into a superheroine fercryinoutloud! ...with electrified super powers!
A stripper?
Okay, by the end of the story we're told the powers have faded, but somewhere along the way how about a job as a mercenary? A bodyguard? An electric powered bouncer?
The artwork is good and the covers of the 2nd and 3rd comics are (deceptively it turns out) fascinating. But the story... dumb dumb dumb.
Too bad.

From: guest (kassy) , 167 months, post #4
hi theres no a way to get the comic from internet??

From: guest (Adamma) , 167 months, post #5
Message deleted by Sara. Copyrighted Materials, As Usual, Not Allowed...
From: guest , 167 months, post #6
How would one open those on a Macbook Pro? I just want to see them...

From: guest (emurayden) , 146 months, post #7
Hi, can someone tell me where to find this comic online+

From: Sara , 146 months, post #8
You might be able to buy a copy of these issues from

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