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Review: Skeleton Key
Skeleton Key
Male, Female
Film features a female body swap and a male body swap which has just occurred at the film's start. Two put-upon servants use voodoo to steal the bodies of people they lure to their house. Spoilers (Spoiler Text)
From: Eric , 214 months, post #1
Very good movie with a terific final 30 minutes. Unlike a lot of body swap movies the villians don't do something stupid. Very sad moment when the poor young woman realizes what happened as she horrified touches and feels her new wrinkled face and looks at the old woman in her lovely body

From: Mike , 214 months, post #2
Must see. Well acted - terrific ending. It may have a sequel if it makes enogh money.

From: guest (seamus) , 210 months, post #3
was awesome. very well acted, and unexepected. unless you read this first.

From: guest (him) , 210 months, post #4
I enjoyed this film, well acted and good story as well. About half way through the story (even though you don't know it then) the black waiter and waitress swap bodies with the young white children and the young children in the black peoples bodies get hung which is very sad,

From: Mako , 207 months, post #5
  • SPOILERS *** Please don't read if you want to keep the major twists a surprise.

Caroline (Kate Hudson) is a young woman who signs on to take care of Ben (John Hurt). Seems Ben had a pretty bad stroke up in the attic and can't move nor talk. Violet (Gena Rowlands) is the overbearing wife of Ben, and Luke (Peter Sarsgaard) is the lawyer watching over their estate. Anyways... I thought this movie was going to be a ghost/voodoo story based on the trailers. I was wrong.

Click to show spoiler
Juvyr Pnebyvar vf guvaxvat gur fnzr guvat gur nhqvrapr vf naq gelvat gb hapbire gur zlfgrevrf bs gur ubhfr rgp... Ivbyrg unf cynaf sbe ure. Npghnyyl ure obql sbe gung znggre. Yhxr unq nyernql obql fjnccrq jvgu Ora orsber gur zbivr fgnegf. Urapr gur ernfba jul gurer ner ab zveebef va gur ubhfr. Naq Ivbyrg vf cerccvat Pnebyvar - fb gung fur pna fgrny ure obql naq orpbzr lbhat ntnva (vzzbegny). Frr... obgu Yhxr naq Ivbyrg ner npghnyyl gjb ibbqbb cenpgvbaref jub tb onpx bire n uhaqerq lrnef ntb fjvgpuvat obqvrf gb fgnl lbhat. Pnebyvar orpbzrf bar bs gurve ivpgvzf, naq qbrfa'g ernyvmr guvf 'gvy vg'f gbb yngr.Abg ernyyl n "genafsbezngvba"... ohg n obql fjnc. V jnf ubcvat gur Yhxr naq Ivbyrg unq fjvgpurq traqref - ohg gb ab ninvy.

- Mako -

From: Bodyswap1 , 199 months, post #6
I have just watched this movie two times tonight on HBO and let me tell you it was scary. The body switch didn't happen til they got to the end of the movie almost. They couldn't switch bodies with anybody if they didn't believe in hoodoo magic. Caroline did believe in it and it was too late for her to say she didn't believe in hoodoo because when the mirror smash into her she switched bodies with violet. When caroline woke up she was inside of violet's body and violet inside of caroline's body. Violet inside of caroline's body took a white drink from her husband and pour it inside of violet's old body so caroline wouldn't be able to talk or move to keep her from telling anybody the truth about how they switch bodies with hoodoo magic. I give this movie a 10/10 because one it's scary and two that was a weird body swap with the mirror part. Anybody reading this should really buy this movie.

From: Dale Ribbons , 197 months, post #7
My opinion? I didn't like it. I had no interest in the film until I heard about the swap on this site, and felt compelled to watch it. Unfortunately, knowing the ending completely ruined any suspense in it.

From: Repulso , 197 months, post #8
I'm with Dale on this one. I didn't like it either and guessed the "surprise" ending before it was half over.
I DID like the acting though but the production overall was disappointing.

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