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Review: Eleven
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"Eleven" is the third live action M2F short film produced by Mako Pictures. The film takes place at a fictional resort called PLEASURE ISLAND, INC. (The story itself is an obvious homage to Pinocchio). Both Peter and Scott, have the time of their lives... but soon come to find out that the resort ...more
From: guest (thesaint137) , 134 months, post #1
The best TG short film I've ever seen is Mako's ELEVEN.

It's got, hands down, THE GREATEST practical effects transformation (with a little digital effects mixed in) I've ever seen. And everything that follows is a wonderfully stylized, dark and twisted, tale in the spirt of the Twilight-Zone and Tales from the Dark Side.

The scenes where the new woman explores her body and gets dressed is a Fictionmania readers dream come true. Expertly directed, artistically beautiful, and sexy as hell.

I tend to prefer stories with a gradual acceptance of the transforme (Cleo / Leo did it the best), and this movie has more of a Jekel/Hyde battle of personalities, but it's so well made that it didn't hinder my enjoyment one bit.

For only $15 dollars it's an incredible value and the best TG movie (minute per minute) that I've seen in the last 5 or 6 years. It blew all my expectations away.

I know I sound like a plant, but I've posted on this site enough to show that I'm just a very enthusiastic fan transformations and especially of Mako's work. This by far is his best movie and deserves the support of all TG and transformation fans. You WON'T be disappointed. Buy it today. Spread the word. I'd love to see Mako make a full length movie!

From: cj , 128 months, post #2
One of the best transformation sequences I've seen. The effects used to portray the transformation as well as the acting by both the actor and actress were executed very nicely.

The thought that went into this transformation is enlightening. The changes that a body would have to go through, and the effects and products of those changes were not ignored. This movie portrayed the transformation in a very real way - painful.

The actress playing the transformed character did an excellent job of showing the internal conflict that would arise from such a TF on an unwilling participant. She also deserves credit for attempting to display the difficulties a typical man would encounter as a woman getting ready to go out.

The style of the movie matches the genre with it's dark undertones and grainy and skewed-hue look.

Also worthy of note are the music and the clean post-production... they have a very professional 'feel' to them.

The commentary was a nice touch - after watching the movie, I suggest checking out the commentary feature (which runs the entire length of the movie) to learn more about the story from the writer's point of view.

From: guest (dirkadirka) , 109 months, post #3
i don't understand the plot line....could someone explain it in detail please!!

From: Bodyswap1 , 109 months, post #4
Just ask Mako and he will explain it all to you (dirkadirka).

From: Mako , 109 months, post #5

Eleven Plotline: Sometime in the future - Two friends enjoy a week at a resort called PLEASURE ISLAND INC. A place that is catered mainly for men. These two friends decide not to pay the bill - and end up being turned into female employees (slaves) for the company by way of nano-technology. However, one of the victims (Peter), isn't quite 100% under control of the company and causes some problems for them. Both in ELEVEN and in TFTU: THE TRAP.

The overall story is really an homage to the story of PINOCCHIO. However, instead of little boys being turned into Donkey's by the headmaster of Pleasure Island, the men in ELEVEN are turned into Women.

- Mako -

From: guest (Leonides) , 109 months, post #6
Hey Mako, your store is not available anymore -- Anyway we can order the DVDs?

From: Mako , 109 months, post #7
I know. Ray hasn't been able to focus and deal with the store these past few months. There are really two ways to get the DVD's:

1. You can send me an e-mail at ( and I will send you some info on how to get the DVD's thru me.

2. Or you can wait 'til the first quarter of 2009. A friend of ours is going to take over the DVD distribution and store around that time - when we're ready to release the DVD for TFTU.

- Mako -

From: SangTsung , 109 months, post #8
Hey Mako-
Are you going to make a DVD with all the Tales From the Underground?

From: SangTsung , 109 months, post #9
OK, I just realized you answered my question already

I too think that Eleven had the best transformation sequence out of all the movies. I also like the TF in the firs TFTU

From: Mako , 109 months, post #10
Yeppers. The TFTU DVD will include all 8 episodes (they were shot in HD) so the quality will be a lot better then what's on YouTube. In addition: we also made two TF TG shorts just for the DVD.

The last episode (#8) of TFTU has the most complex TF TG in the series. It's a bit more in tune with with the TF we did in THE ADDICTION - as I kind of wanted to save it for last. I bookended the series on purpose this way.

- Mako -

From: guest (dirkadirka) , 109 months, post #11
sounds there anywhere online i can view the full movie....don't quite hav the money to buy it...

From: guest (qnheidi) , 109 months, post #12
dirka, you don't have $15? WOW.

From: cj , 109 months, post #13
Save up for the $15 if you have to - sometimes, even I have to do that. Mako's been one of those to re-offer his work at a later time, if you can't afford it now.

From: Tuggy24g , 105 months, post #14
Message deleted by The Man. Dont ask for downloads.
From: guest (thesaint) , 105 months, post #15
oh boy.

Here we go again.

From: Mako , 88 months, post #16
Thanks to 'blackshirtboy' again. Now he's taken a stab at "ELEVEN"

DA Site

From: Dale Ribbons , 88 months, post #17
Hmm. Just watched the clips on YouTube. The full movie sounds pretty interesting. I'll have to consider getting it. :-)

From: guest (Robbie) , 88 months, post #18
Dale-it is a great movie! I purchased it a few years back and it is well worth the small price.

Mako-thanks for making Eleven,

From: Dale Ribbons , 88 months, post #19
I was also interested in 'The Black Rabbit' and 'Last Piece Standing' as well. How do those rate in comparison with 'Eleven'? As good, better, or worse? Just curious as to what other viewers thought.

From: guest (TheSaint) , 88 months, post #20
I like all of Mako's films for different reasons. Even though The Kiss was his first film there is refreshing about the reliance on practical effects. I liked the finger nails and the wig that slowly grows. It also had interesting casting since the actor and actress looked similar (i think they were married). I appreciated the moon cycle story, but felt that it was a much longer story crammed into a short film. Eleven had my favorite transformation. It was a nice blend of practical and and computer f/x. The nudity was appreciated and very tastefully done. The green filter added a surreal touch but the black costume obscured some of the transformation. The post transformation shower and clothes scene was nice but I wasn't really a fan of the brain washing. Since the film was an homage to Pleasure Island I was hoping for a character who became more of a reluctant call girl. I think that would have fit the motif better. Last Piece Standing is probably my favorite of all of Mako's stories. It is a great thriller with a tg twist and has the strongest characters and strongest performances. The transformation was all CG from a talent artist from Australia, I think. Since the metamorphose happens while the character is unconscious it is broken up with some surreal dream imagery. Very well with some of my favorite post-transformation reactions. The ring falling off the finger was a great touch: both concerning the physical and emotional arc of the character. I also liked the mirror reaction. I particularly liked the inner monologue at the end of the film when the character dealt with her bitter fate. Mako's films have the best transformations but I wish he would show more of the after effects of changing gender. Still, with such high production value and a dedication to releasing 4 films in 4 years, there's not much to complain about. I haven't seen Black Rabbit since it came out. I don't remember it very well except that I found it disappointing. I honestly don't remember why. Hope that helps.

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