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Comment: Freaky Monday
Freaky Monday
A French parody of Freaky Friday with a gender twist.
From: guest (Joe) , 213 months, post #1
This video is not workin!!! Is therr another site to see the video?

From: guest , 213 months, post #2
yeah, it is working.

From: guest , 213 months, post #3
If it's not, go to and get it from there.

From: Repulso , 213 months, post #4
It worked for about 2 minutes with me and then stopped.

But it doesn't matter anyway. It's in French and I couldn't understand a word they were saying.


From: Repulso , 213 months, post #5
I just visited as suggested and it works fine.

I just downloaded the clip and watched it. Good quality (for a download) too.

I just WISH I could follow the dialogue but I kinda made it up in my imagination as the segment progressed.

Very funny.

Thank you for posting.

From: cj , 213 months, post #6
Did anyone notice the "Shocker" and "Gremlins" posters on the wall?... I couldn't place the others, but wonder if they had a theme with movie posters of movies that contained (or featured) transformations. *shrug*

From: guest (zit) , 213 months, post #7
it's not exactly french, it's canadian and they don't use the same words as we do and they have a strong canadian accent, by the way I understood the whole thing :)

From: Repulso , 213 months, post #8
Were the 2 stars boyfriend and girlfriend? Or brother and sister? Friends?

I got the impression they weren't together when one of the male friends was "friendly" with her/him.

I'm still going to invent my own dialogue. :)

From: guest (zit) , 213 months, post #9
here is a translation, I'm French and sometimes it's hard to understand what canadian people are saying (starting with the first minute of the video)

freaky monday

  • girls enter the bedroom ***

friend : not again !
marie to her brother : what is your problem ?
Martin: you are, you disturb me
marie : only because we are watching you, we disturb you
Martin: if you came here to bother me ...
marie : why did you mess with my bedroom again ? how many times do I have to tell you ?
Martin: I was looking for a CD
marie : you messed with my bedroom for a CD
Martin: I couldn't find it so I kept looking
marie : maybe you didn't find it because I didn't have it
Martin: it's not the end of the world
marie : it's easy for you to say so, Martin . for exemple if it was me messing trough your room. my room is private you can't got there without my permission. you never listen to me
  • she turns off the Tv ***
Martin : what did you do ? I was winning
Marie : maybe you are winning but you don't even listen to me. why don't you act like you were 25 instead of acting like a teenager
Martin : what if I like acting like a teenager ?
Marie: be a teenager but someplace else, find yourself a job and a home, everybody will be pleased seeing you leaving, me first
friend : would you stop, i would do anything to have a brother, but you both are ruining your relationship. here, I bought these necklaces for Marie and I but I thing you most need them. switch places sometimes
Marie : (to her friend) don't leave this way ... (to her brother) look what you have done
Martin : "I" did ? you started it
Marie : I had good reasons yelling at you
Martin : you always have good reasons, you are so perfect
Marie : "you" are the one thinking you are perfect
Martin : you really start to really bother me
Marie : you too bothers me, why do you think I wan't you out
Martin : f*ck you

  • they swith bodies, now Marie is Martin and vice versa ***
Martin(Marie) : by the way ...
  • both scream ***
Martin : what happend ?
Marie : I don't know
Martin : tell me this isn't true
Marie : you became me
Martin : and you became me
Marie : I don't whant to be a guy
Martin : you think I feel like beeing a girl ? ... by the way it's not that bad
Marie : stop looking at me
Martin : come on, just a look
Marie : you are my brother !
Martin : why not beeing a girl and not take advantage of it
Marie : you pervert! I think we have no choice, we will have to trade places
Martin : you can't be serious ... in fact, being you is not that difficult, I just have to spend my time with my friends
Marie : ah ah ah , very funny. and I only have to do nothing but laughing at everyone
Martin : OK, let's not start it again. I think we should stay home until we find our bodies back
Marie : OK , I agree
Martin : wow, my sister agrees with me
Marie : enjoy it because it won't happen often

  • ding dong *** friends arrive
Marie : hello, comme in. hello Matthieu, good to see you ... wait a moment...Marie !
Martin : what do you want ?
Marie: we have visitors and Matthieu is here
Martin : wazzup
Matthieu : hello my love
Martin : why are you doing ?
Matthieu : kissing my girfriend
Martin : what if you girlfriend doesn't feel like beeing kissed ?
friend : not in a good mood Marie today
Matthieu : can I at least hug you ?
Martin : don't touch me
friend : what is happening to you ?
Martin : listen, it's because I'm a guy
friends : what ? nice ... I didn't know you had something between your legs
Martin : I do have something between my legs, plus two balls ... I'm joking !
friends: (look disappointed) ohhhhhh
Marie : why don't you tell us why you came here ?
friend : Marie must know
Martin : who ? me ?
Matthieu : you have no idea ?
Martin : no
Matthieu : it's been a year since we met
Marie : you remembered !
Martin : yes, I forgot
Matthieu : here
Marie : very cute
friends : she looks like she hates it
Martin : a doggy. you sure are original
friends : guys, stop laughing
Matthieu : it not the doggy I'm offering, read the card
Martin : cruise for 2
Matthieu : I'm not so sure I wanna go with you
Marie : (to matthieu) minute please
(to Martin) what are you doing ? I'm loosing my boyfriend the day of our 1st anniversary
Martin : listen, a piggy, come on
Marie : it's not the piggy, it's being romantic. you don't even know what it's like to be romantic
Martin : OK, I'm sorry, what else do you want me to do ?
Marie : you just go there and act like me
Martin : you want me to hug and kiss him ? never
Marie : why do you keep ruining my life ?
Martin : because you always do the same

friend : so, you go cruising for your first anniversary ? beeing romantic Matthieu
Matthieu : I was sure I loved her, now I'm not so sure
friend : don't say this Matthieu, I'm sure she has a good reason to act this way. I don't know what but I'm sure there is one
friend (Isa): maybe she doesn't love you anymore and she doesn't want to tell you. maybe she is cheating on you and there is a guy hidden in the closet and she wants to get rid of you
friend : Isa !

Marie : listen, you are going to regret it if you don't do it
Martin : I'm affraid
Marie : because you think I cannot do worse ? you are so girly
Martin : ?

Matthieu : you are not please to see me ?
Martin : it's not that I'm not pleased, it's not a good day for me today
Matthieu : how come ? you kept speaking of our first anniversary
Martin : it's not that, I can't explain . thanks for the present, I'll be pleased going to a cruise with you

friend : let's do something
friend ; let's watch a movie
friend : I don't know, maybe Matthieu and Marie feel like spending the evening together
Martin : No way ! I mean, we will soon be together, now that you are all here ...
friend : what movie do we watch ?
friend : an horror movie
Marie : no , I will be affraid and I won't stop screaming
friend : ho come you are affraid of horror movies Martin ? you used to like it
Martin : yes, he like it
Marie : yes , I do
friend: or a romantic story like "romance in manathan" with jenifer lopez
Martin : I don't like this kind of movie but jenifer lopez, I really love her
friend : wow, Martin , your sister is a lesbian
friend : you guys, always think this way, you are such pervert
friend : I'm very confused, she has strange sexual needs
Matthieu : don't forget you are talking to my girlfriend
friend : come on, Matt , Marie hasn't answered Philip's question
Marie : you are such a jerk Michael, I have always thought so, but it's worse than ever. never met such a jerk
friend : Martin, you are acting like a bitch, worse than a girl
friend (Isa) : having your period ? *** laughing ***
friend (mickael) : I thought you were my friend . enough is enough

Matthieu : everybody calm down, let's chose a movie
Marie : I don't think it's such a good idea
friend (mickael) : me neither
friend : come on guys
friend : OK, let's go for an horror movie

Marie : I chose one
Martin : I bet you chose the worst
Marie : choose yourself if you think you can do better
friend : always fighting those two

Martin : I think I'm going to sit on the floor
Matthieu : as you wish
Matthieu : I like you Martin but you are a bit to close
friend : when did you stop enjoying horror movies ?
Matthieu : yeah, I thought you were used to it
Marie : I'm not affraid

  • phone rings ***

Marie : listening
Chris : is Marie here ?
Marie : Chris, I am so glad to ear you, it's me Marie
Chris : very funny Martin, give the phone to Marie
Marie : I swear it's me Chris
Chris : try to understand, I think it's strange that Marie's voice sounds like a guy
Marie : it's because Martin and I switched bodies
Chris : OK, you should stop taking drugs
Marie : Chris, what do I have to do in order for you to believe me ?
Chris : If you really are Marie, what did we do last week ?
Marie : I went to your place and we watched Orlando Bloom movies all night
Chris : maybe Marie told you, it doesn't prove anything, find something else
Marie : we both have a tatoo on our butt , we did it at the same time
Chris : what does it represent ?
Marie : you have Orlando Bloom's name on the right and I have Aston Kutcher on the left
Chris : my god, Marie ?
Marie : yes !
Chris : what happened ?
Marie : I don't know we had a fight
Chris : again
Marie : don't start
Chris : sorry
Marie : it started when you left and something strange happened and we switched bodies
Chris : did you have the necklaces with you ?
Marie : yes we did , why ?
Chris : I think I know why you switched places
Marie : you think it's because of the necklaces ?
Chris : yes I do
Marie : how is it possible ?
Martin : Marie
Marie : wait, I'm on the phone
Martin : Marie, it's urgent. I think I have my period, I mean your period . you understand ?
Marie : Chris , we have a serious problem
Chris : OK, I'm on my way
Martin : what is it ?
Marie : Chris thinks she knows what changed us
Martin : what is it ?
Marie : the necklaces
Martin : what ?
Marie : I can't explain , she will
Martin : we have to get rid of our friends
Marie : whe should tell them our parents are coming home earlier and we get rid of them
Martin : good idea

Martin : listen, it's not that we are getting rid of you but in fact we are
friend : what ?
Marie : our parents were on vacation and they are coming home
Martin : everybody out .. bye ... hurry ...
Martin : what is Chris doing ? she is taking her time
Marie : stop crying
Martin : you are not the one having his period
Marie : I have it each month

Chris : I did as fast as I could
Marie : you must help us find our bodies back
Chris : I read the notice that came with the necklaces, it says "when each one forgive the other you will switch back"
it means you have to admit your fault, you forgive and you will switch back
Marie : easy to say
Chris : do you want to stay this way ?
both : No !
Chris : ok, go
Martin : I'm sorry
Marie : so am I
Martin : nothing is happening
Chris : it's because you are not sincere
Marie : I'm sorry I yelled at you this morning. I'm sorry I alway yell at you
Martin : I'm sorry I messed with your bedroom. I know you don't like it
Marie : I'm sorry that I said I wanted you to leave. I enjoy having a my brother at home
Martin : I regret what I said. I didn't mean it

  • switch ****

Martin and Chris both scream

From: Repulso , 213 months, post #10
My gosh Zit! I honestly didn't expect a translation but thank you!

That was cool.

Take care. :)

From: guest (Meowith) , 213 months, post #11
Wow Thanks dude

From: guest (anonymous cj) , 213 months, post #12
well done, zit!

(and thats likely the only time I praise a zit ;)

From: guest , 213 months, post #13
I'm desperately trying to get this subtitled so Zit's work doesn't go to waste...

From: guest (Quiksilver) , 213 months, post #14
not a fan at all... wish they'd explore the bodies more instead of just interacting with friends... but oh well... at least it's TG.

Zit.. great job with the translation... thank you much. It helped immensely.

From: Anybody , 213 months, post #15
thanks zit!

From: guest (Rene) , 213 months, post #16
Thanks Zit :)

From: guest (stuffmeister) , 213 months, post #17
it was poop

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