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Comment: Uncanny X-men Annual 13
Uncanny X-men Annual 13 issue Unknown
Mr. Jip, a magically powered villain transfers the minds of the X-men's Dazzler and the super heroine Diamondback in order to blackmail the X-men into gathering mystical trinkets for him. Dazzler in Diamondbacks' body sleeps with Longshot, but gets all huffy when Diamondback in Dazzlers body tries t ...more
From: guest (InKpott) , 201 months, post #1
Welcome to the wonderful world of comics , the corporate-Marvel way ! It's not you , friend , trust me .

From: Dale Ribbons , 201 months, post #2
I'm beginning to sense you have issues with Marvel. Did Brian Michael Bendis turn your favorite character into a psychotic murderess? No, wait, that was me. :-)

From: guest (InKpott) , 201 months, post #3
Lol . . .

From: guest (Weirdoid) , 201 months, post #4
I am having problems with Marvel too. They are turning all my fun super hero teams into dark, gritty, and depressing. It was ok when they did this in another universe (ultimate universe). But now the main marvel U is getting the ultimate treatment and I don't like it.

From: guest (Max 300 Super Max Me Mix) , 201 months, post #5
If I want dark, gritty, and depressing, then I would rather read BATMAN. Now that is definitely dark, gritty, and depressing

From: guest (ProBeNeD) , 201 months, post #6
I'm in agreement with this, also . Certain writers and particular artists ,in the past , worked on books as if they were fans simultaneously enjoying themselves and US , the reader . This is no longer the case . I agree with pott . All of these books are not ' Batman ' types , either .

From: Bieeanda , 201 months, post #7
Having read the lead-in to Civil War, and most of the tie-ins (aside from Heroes for Hire, blegh), I can see some reasoning behind Registration-- but of course, since the authors only hint at it here and there, my suspicions may be completely off-base.

Personally, I'm disappointed with it. It really feels like old-school Wildstorm to me, and if I wanted that I'd re-read The Authority or something. I'm afraid that it really is going to end up as nothing more than a parable against things like Homeland Security, instead of the birth pangs of a world where it's possible to mass-produce superbeings, or uplift normal people to that level of power.

From: Dale Ribbons , 201 months, post #8
Well, Civil War is beginning to feel like a rip-off of the much better Kingdom Come mini-series.

From: guest (InKpott) , 201 months, post #9
Then , we all agree ; there is an absence of originality , due to the " business " of comics ? Its like how they've allowed no continuity true to the history of the characters , especially within certain medias ?
Example and food for thought ; ' Smallville ' , Lana's pregnant with Lex's baby . NEVER happened in any books EVER , but for the sake of this soap-opera , its done . Green Arrow ; same deal . He NEVER came to Clark's hometown , at least , not in the books.
Lois Lane : didn't meet Clark until he came to the Daily-Planet .
Now consider this ; look at the Star-Trek Universe . 'Enterprise' was the one series that was the weakest . Why do you ask ? Because Berman did the one thing that ALL writers MUST do when they take the helm of popular characters ; STAY TRUE TO THE FANS and CHARACTERS ! He approved of all the story lines/archs in the shows , the course that was taken by the staff , everything ! And it got BAD ! Even Blaylock got into it with Berman , threatening to leave the series because SHE read-up about the history of Star-Trek and saw that noone was doing anything(or not enough) of what Roddenberry had started with the show . They , basically , REWROTE parts of the Star-Trek universe , which led to its cancellation .
You must admit ; WE fans don't have poor tastes in books or in shows . . .
but we're being starved at the table of entertainment . . .all over dollars .
This is the "corporate " way . . . .

From: Dale Ribbons , 201 months, post #10
Hate to say this, but ... WRONG! Green Arrow and Lois Lane did come to Smallville! In Adventure Comics # 258, young Oliver Queen arrives in Smallville, and Superboy, who's seen his future, tries to inspire him to become Green Arrow. And young Lois shows up in Adventure # 128. (Can't remember any plot dtails at the moment, but I have the story in 'Superman: From The 30's To The 70's'.

But what deo I know? I liked Star Trek: Enterprise.

From: guest (Inkpott) , 201 months, post #11
Okay , then how close to those stories did 'Smallville ' come to ones in the books you mentioned ? Please correct me when nescessary , I hate being uninformed . . . .

From: Dale Ribbons , 201 months, post #12
Close to Smallville? Not in the least. The comic stories were actually good!


Seriously, I have NEVER liked Smallville. From the moment I heard the producers say in an interview that Clark would never appear in costume or fly, I knew it was going to suck. Why bother even doing a show about Superboy/Superman if he's not going to be Superman?

From: guest (tim) , 201 months, post #13
dale i gree with you,i do not ever like smallville it explore other aspects of clark kent,but it like a soap with super powers

From: guest (ProBeNeD) , 201 months, post #14
Terrible ; ALL of you are correct in your synopsis in things . I never knew that Clark Kent would NOT be sporting the suit . Truly this series can't be pertinent to this hero's true standing . He is that costume as much as IT is apart of himself . Soap-operas have their place but I really don't see the need for them in this capacity .

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