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Comment: It's A Boy-Girl Thing
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It's A Boy Girl Thing
Nell (Samaire Armstrong) and Woody (Kevin Zegers) go to the same high school, live next door to one another and have parents who used to be friends – but now they are sworn enemies. Nell’s basically a big dork and Woody’s the football champion until something freaky happens at a m ...more
From: guest , 211 months, post #21
This has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I actually felt stupid after watching it. The story was corny and predictable. The humor was very immature and gross. No wonder why this movie hasn't been released in America.

From: eh? , 211 months, post #22
Guest seems pretty accurate. All transformations aside, this movie does look kinda sucky.

From: guest , 211 months, post #23
Trust me it is. Don't waste your time on it. You'll feel dumber after you watch it.

From: guest (Heri) , 211 months, post #24
Is it that bad ?

From: guest , 211 months, post #25
Its a piece of shit. There's nothing good about it, and the gender swap isn't even adressed a whole lot from the guy in the girls body. I'd have liked to see them do more with this.

From: guest , 211 months, post #26
the movie was actually prettu good, possibly the best tg film i have seen

From: guest , 211 months, post #27
One thing that makes the movie awful is that it's too gross and it's not gross in a funny way. It's gross in a "this movie sucks ass" way. American Pie, Old School, and Road Trip had the funny gross out humor. This movie does not.

From: Eric , 194 months, post #28
warning the review is full of spoilers!

The movie is a LOT better than I expected. Its well acted by Samaire Armstrong) and Kevin Zegers & the 2 dads are good as well.
Early hints that the girl & boy are really attacted to each other but are afraid to admitt it as well as the girl's ghastly snobby mom doing her best to poison her daughter against a 'low class person' > The two dads actually like each other & would like for the 2 kids to do the same.

The act ors playing the lead do a very good job. There are some funny scenes where they start liking and or acting the other person, for example the girl likes being able to beat up a jerk who spread false rumors about her. And the guy in her body likes being sexy enough to turn on the girl in his body. LOL!

right after the switch they make the normal mistakes & then get mad at the way the other is 'ruining' their life, but then to survive they start helping each other, Near the end there are more than hints that they wouldn;t mind being each other for life - if they could still be together.

From: guest (Chalkerfan) , 194 months, post #29
You should buy this movie. Forget the plot, forget everything else bar Samaire Armstrong. Being trapped in her gorgeous bod would be a fate better than death.

From: guest (maine02) , 194 months, post #30
"Being trapped in her gorgeous bod would be a fate better than death."

Aren't most fates better than death?

From: guest (Chalkerfan) , 194 months, post #31
Try being a supporter of the England football team. You'd understand what I meant.

From: guest , 194 months, post #32
I just found out that this movie is widely available in America. I'm definitely going to get it soon, but in the meantime, can anyone post the ending to the movie? Do they wind up switching back to their original bodies, or do they remain permanently switched? Also I just found out that there are lots of videos for It's a Boy Girl Thing on Youtube. The movie looks great.

From: guest (c jones) , 194 months, post #33
apparently its a hit in the fanfiction world as there are many stories af and other sites that have adapted it to characters in other movies and TV shows!

I agree that the script leaves a lot to be desired though. Way too cliched, like they didn't even see the ellen barkin movie switch!. I also agree with Eric that it was well acted though. At least they showed both swapees unlike that other film a few years back, the hot chick. The DVD bonus material of that film had more than the movie of the guy in the girls body there!

From: guest (Chalkerfan) , 194 months, post #34
Talking of "Switch". If you look at the cover notes for the DVD of "Mr Ya Miss" it claims that the film was inspired by the film "The Hot Chick", when it is really almost a frame by frame rip-off of Ms. Barkins film.

From: guest (Luv_To_Switch_Bods) , 194 months, post #35
I'll take anything that's swappable.
Of course it's far from the best. I get
sick of accidental swaps, wish we
had an "on purpose" one sometimes.

From: guest , 194 months, post #36
The script of this movie is on the same level as the movie The Stupids.

From: Repulso , 194 months, post #37
Okay, I thought the movie was good. Predictable? Sure. Who cares? It's watching the predicaments and acting that makes predictable movies fun.

I give it 2 thumbs up.

From: Shock , 194 months, post #38
But you see Luv_To_Switch_Bods, if it was on purpose, you really think a movie with that could have a plot?

From: guest (Ky) , 194 months, post #39
C Jones can you post links to the fan fiction stories you were talking about! I cant find them.

From: guest , 194 months, post #40
I just saw the movie. Not bad, and at least its a new TG movie. But the director really missed out on making it a lot better. The initial transformation occurs during the night, HOURS after the statue did its original hocus pocus. The director should have worked the transformation back to their original bodies the same way. The 2 main characters were beginning to fall hard for each other, in their new bodies. If they had transformed at night, after the initial hocus pocus, and AFTER the homecoming dance, the main characters would have had a lot more to deal with. They would have had to deal much more with new emotions, a la the Lalola serie. It would have been more interesting and better movie.

But at least its a new TG movie. By the way many Barnes & Noble bookstores seem to have the DVD in stock, in the store.

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