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Comment: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Animal, Gender, Monster
Animal In this Zelda game, Link turns into a wolf. You play as him in this form whenever you enter the "Twilight World", the equivalent of the "Dark World" in previous Zelda games. Gender Also, during the final boss battle, (Spoiler Text) Monster Minda was also transformed by the evil powe ...more
From: Lady Sekhmet , 196 months, post #1
Looks like someone tossed together a very nice 7 minute trailer for this game:
Twilight Princess - Youtube Trailer

Includes the wolf transformation, and lots of scenes of what looks to be a great horseback system. Have you all pre-ordered your Wii yet? :)

From: KitsuneKit , 196 months, post #2
I haven't pre-ordered my Wii yet, but that is because our store isn't doing pre-orders yet. (But we have been doing preorders on Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for over a year)
But I am totally getting a Wii and Legend of Zelda when they come out.

From: guest (Bisected8) , 196 months, post #3
I preordered mine on Saturday

From: Lady Sekhmet , 196 months, post #4
I was a little disappointed to see that there is no Wii specific version of the game, only the gamecube edition. Hopefully the graphics will scale up to the Wii, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how those controllers work.

From: guest , 196 months, post #5
Wii's extra processing power should improve framerate and loading times, but not much else.

From: KitsuneKit , 196 months, post #6
I thought they were putting out two versions of the game. (GCN and Wii Version)
They might just not be doing presells on the Wii verison yet.
The Wii version is supposed to have specail Wii Exclusive controls such as holding the controller as a bow to shoot an arrow and you hear the arrow's "Swoosh" in the speaker in the controller.

From: guest , 196 months, post #7
There are two versions of the game, the only differences are the controls and that the game is mirror-reversed on Wii. You don't hold the controller like a bow anymore. The bow is mapped to the B button. But now you swing the controller to use your sword.

From: Lady Sekhmet , 196 months, post #8
Really? All the manufacturer links and game site links I've found all point to the gamecube edition. I guess its not even up for presale yet... but I'm glad to hear they have a seperate edition!

Thanks for the heads up :)

From: Lady Sekhmet , 196 months, post #9
Well wadaya know... looks like the box art was only just released this past week:

From: KitsuneKit , 196 months, post #10
  • Upon seeing the box art, the skies parted and a single beam of light reached the computer that KitsuneKit was sitting at, a choir of angels could be heard singing*

From: Lady Sekhmet , 195 months, post #11
Massive review is up for this game - plenty of spoilers - read with caution :)

Zelda's first six hours, minute by minute (almost).

Two weeks left!

From: KitsuneKit , 195 months, post #12
I sat out front of Toys 'R' Us overnight in the freeze cold weather just to preorder a Wii, but I got one.

From: Bisected8 , 195 months, post #13
The guy who runs the shop where I preordered my Wii said I'm garenteed one on launch.


From: guest (UN Owen) , 195 months, post #14
I've been waiting for a good Legend of Zelda to come out since the SNES version. This looks like it may finally be it. The previews have such a dark feel and they're bringing back a lot of the elements from the SNES version I loved. Plus, the horse combat system looks like so mcuh fun.
This may finally be the Zelda game that surpasses a Link to the Past.
I'm all giddy with anticipation.

From: Lady Sekhmet , 195 months, post #15
Wow, check out the graphics for Legend of Zelda! Totally "Rad" man!

Legend of Zelda Commercial

From: Lady Sekhmet , 195 months, post #16
Official Zelda Wii site comes online ahead of schedule - great screenshots!

From: guest (UN Owen) , 195 months, post #17
(quivers with joy)

From: guest (UN Owen) , 190 months, post #18
My brother had his friend stay the night with us and he brought his Wii, so I finally got a chance to play this game.
Not disappointed. The game took it's time to really develope the world, the characters and the feel of the game. Great gothic sort of feel. Gameplay was excellent, the first temple (which was as far as I got) was reasonably challenging and it was damn fun. Plus the Link-wolf TF was nice.
I may actually get the game for myself now. If it can keep up the great feel that the first bit has had now, I will finally say that they've finally made a Zelda game better then the SNES version.

From: guest (zapkeet) , 190 months, post #19
I have only one thing to say...


From: guest (UN Owen) , 190 months, post #20
Naw, that title will always belong to the Baldur's Gate series. It wasn't much for TFs - though it did allow you use a spell to turn enemies into squirrels, while numorous enemies were shapechangers - but that game just had damn good gameplay, an excelent story, the best villan I've ever seen (Jon Irenicus) and really great characters.
Yeah, nothing beats Baldur's Gate. Zelda's a close second though.

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