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Comment: It's A Boy-Girl Thing
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It's A Boy Girl Thing
Nell (Samaire Armstrong) and Woody (Kevin Zegers) go to the same high school, live next door to one another and have parents who used to be friends – but now they are sworn enemies. Nell’s basically a big dork and Woody’s the football champion until something freaky happens at a m ...more
From: guest (mabu) , 154 months, post #1
great pic I'd like to be her
anyway- has anybody seen a trailer?

From: guest (haloshade) , 154 months, post #2
there's a trailer?

From: haloshade , 153 months, post #3
nice pics
yeah f there is a trailer please post it

From: JayGee , 153 months, post #4
Let's start a letter writing campaign to have them stay in their new bodies at the end!!!

From: Iamevalongoria , 153 months, post #5
Yeah how come at the end of these kind of movies the character always switch back. That would be pretty funny to have them stay in eachothers bodies and have to live their whole new life. At the end they should get married because they don't feel comfortable with other people.

From: haloshade , 153 months, post #6
Yeah that's what I was thinking, they need to have them get maried to their old body.

From: eh? , 153 months, post #7
Naw, that would be stupid. If they didn't switch back the movie would have no resolution. It would make the audiences confused and they would demand a sequel where they do switch back.

And getting married to their old body? That seems like it would be more uncomfortable than meeting new people.

And no, there is not a trailer yet.

From: Iamevalongoria , 153 months, post #8
Yeah but just think of how funny the ending would be.

From: haloshade , 153 months, post #9
Yeah it should with him (her) giving birth.

From: JayGee , 153 months, post #10
No, that's the not-switching-back cliche. Like Switch.

From: guest (anonymous me) , 153 months, post #11
assuming the body's desires influence the mind, it could end in a marriage...
with the girl in the boys body as the groom and the boy having to be the bride!!!
the girl stuck in the boys body dressed in a bridal gown.
either way might be funny!

From: Eric , 153 months, post #12
I can't think of a single body switching COMEDY where the 2 don't switch back. One where I think the writer really missed the bet was Wish upon a star where the 2 really wantd to be each other badly at one point.
Its different in horror or dramatic movies of course. For example Skeleton Key, The imortalizer, Alison's birthday, MIss mystic

From: guest (Robbie) , 153 months, post #13
Eric mentioned Miss Mystic, is that movie for sale?

From: Eric , 153 months, post #14
It has been. The direct may have a fewcopies or can make one. Here's his e-mail

From: guest (Weirdoid) , 153 months, post #15
I would prefer they switch back myself. I much prefer the cliches of a TG TV show or movie to those of a TG story.

A TG story cliche tends to go like this. 1. guy becomes girl (usually by force or accident) 2. guy tries to find a cure. 3. Guy has to dress, act, and pass like a girl. 4. Guy has lots of sex like a girl. 5. guy acts like a girl. 6. guy likes being a girl. 7. guy is stuck as a girl.

The TG TV/Movie cliche goes. 1. Guy becomes a girl 2. Guy seeks a cure (for the rest of the movie). 3. Guy tries to be himself despite the change and acts like himself. 4. guy changes back in the end.

If the story is a body swap the TG fiction story cliche gets worse as it adds the element of. "Girl in guys body adapts instantly, acts stereotypically macho and manly, and forces herself on the MtF side sexually and dresses him and acts macho or worse abusive and exists as a general too to make him be a girl"

A movie or TV show with a swap generally has the FtM side of the swap acting cute and girly and even crossdressing in a mans body.

Comparing all the cliches I much prefer the TG TV/Movie cliches.

From: guest (Robbie) , 153 months, post #16
Thanks Eric.

From: guest , 153 months, post #17
Weirdoid is right on the money.

From: guest (anonymous me) , 153 months, post #18
the reason tv series usually have them swap back is because the series goes on and if they stayed swapped, it would become a different series

and most of the swaps are involuntary. thus the desire to swap back.

they should show some voluntary swaps! That would be fresh and more original!

From: JayGee , 153 months, post #19
I think it would be cool to change the series. Think if Lois really had the power to change Malcom, Reece and Dewey! The actresses playing them were WAY better than the guys playing the roles to being with. The show might still be on!

From: Eric , 153 months, post #20
To JayGee, what TV show are you taking about?

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