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Comment: Stargate SG-1 , "The Quest"
"The Quest" episode of Stargate SG-1
Without giving away too much of the plot, a male character involved in the quest to find the Sangraal is revealed to be a woman who only assumed a male shape to deceive the others.
From: guest , 200 months, post #1
it wasn't really a shapeshift it was a holographic projection from the device around her neck

From: Lady Sekhmet , 200 months, post #2
Could have been, it's hard to tell since her powers come from the Ori. She may be capable of physical transformation, or it may just be an illusion. Usually holographic projections don't have substance which he definitely did. That leads me to think it was physical instead.

From: guest (guest) , 200 months, post #3
But this is Stargate we're talking about. They've done the same thing before with the purely holographic Knight that Mitchell had to fight in one of the first "King Arthur" type mythology plotlines, and they fought each other quite physically.

From: Lady Sekhmet , 200 months, post #4
But that wasn't the Ori. This woman is supposed to be possessed of immense powers none of which involve illusion. The things she does are all material. But it's a tv show, so who knows for sure :)

From: Random14 , 200 months, post #5
Its hard to tell.
Click to show spoiler
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From: Lady Sekhmet , 200 months, post #6
Click to show spoiler
Nfvqr sebz gur snpg gung lbh whfg unaqrq bhg n znwbe fcbvyre Enaqbz, gur fnsrthneqf qvqa'g artngr ure cbjref hagvy nsgre gurl ragrerq gur pnir - gur erirny jnf orsber gung, jura fur fgvyy unq ure cbjref.

From: Random14 , 200 months, post #7
Oops, apologies. I'll try to be more careful in the future.

Click to show spoiler
Uz, vgf uneq gb gryy ubj sne bhg gur fnsrthneqf jrag, nf boivbhfyl fur arrqrq uryc bapr vafvqr gur pnir gb trg guebhtu gur punyyratrf naq fhpu, vafgrnq bs whfg hfvat ure cbjref gb pyrne gur jnl. V gubhtug vg rkgraqrq sebz jurer gur svefg gencf fgnegrq, ohg bapr fur jnf erirnyrq, vg orpnzr zber boivbhf ubj zhpu fur unq gb ubyq onpx sebz xvyyvat gur naablvat thlf. Gura ntnva, V jbaqre vs gurer jnf rire na byq zna va gur svefg cynpr, be ubj ybat fur unq orra gurer, pbafvqrevat gur svefg tebhc pbhyqa'g trg gur znc. Zru, vg qbrfa'g ernyyl znggre nf vg jnfa'g gung ovt bs n genafsbezngvba.

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