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Comment: Kiddy Grade, "unknown"
Kiddy Grade episode Unmasked/Face
two female villains take over the bodies of Eclair and Lumeire, and take control of G.O.T.T. headquarters, later the real Eclair and Lumieire, apper in new bodies.
From: guest , 200 months, post #1
Just noting that the villains, Alv and Dvergr, remain as Eclair and Lumiere for a quite a few episodes.

From: guest (Iceman) , 195 months, post #2
the episode is Unmasked/Face and is it the 18th episode.

From: cj , 195 months, post #3
Corrected (I hope). Thanks!

From: guest (Iceman) , 195 months, post #4
no problem

From: guest (Iceman) , 193 months, post #5
HOw do i get an account on here?

From: guest (ffffgfg) , 193 months, post #6
Message deleted by Some Guy. Larry Reborn.
From: cj , 193 months, post #7
>>> "HOw do i get an account on here?"

Click on the "Request an Account" link, under the login button...

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From: guest (Iceman) , 193 months, post #8
Hey man i did that but i still dont have one and it has been three weeks.

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