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Comment: Alison Tyler, "Tiffany Twisted"
Alison Tyler book Tiffany Twisted
When exclusive party planner, Tiffany Mitchell wakes up in her boyfriend's body, she thinks she's having a bad dream. But no amount of espresso can wake her from the growing nightmare of being trapped in Kurt's 6-foot tall figure, and locked into his disorganised life. Due to this off-handed wish m ...more
From: guest (Robbie) , 213 months, post #1
I bought this book and Barnes and Noble for $12.95. I can say it wasn't worth the money to me. It is more of a sex book than a body swap novel. The two characters swap bodies and then life goes on. There are some minor references to the switch as the story goes on but to me this is a waste of time for TG fans.

From: Ipkiss , 213 months, post #2
I couldn't disagree more. I think it ranks right up there with some of the best stuff on Fictionmania. I think Robbie's problem with the book may stem from the fact that most stories on the net involving body swaps over-exaggerate the characters' reactions. This one plays it cool and, while life does indeed go on, the differences are clearly noted and the bodies are definitely explored in a realistic fashion. He is right about it being more of a sex book, though. But it's all part of the game.

In my opinion, this is the best body-swap book I've ever read.

From: guest (shopper) , 213 months, post #3
amazon has it on sale for $9.98 if you want to save a few dollars!

From: him , 213 months, post #4
could people post up a few scans so i can see if it's worth a read?

From: guest (shopper) , 213 months, post #5
i posted a link to a page with an excerpt but paul hasn't posted it. It was rather mature so here it is...

From: guest (mabu) , 213 months, post #6
I am currently start reading this book. it is really great

From: Eric , 213 months, post #7
I basically agree with Ipkiss. Its a great read. sexy & funny. Not to be missed

From: guest (uri) , 212 months, post #8
Very much to be missed.

I will not speak for Robbie, but my problems with this book are:

-- None of the characters were believable, compelling, or very likable.

-- The reactions to the bodyswap are ridiculously understated.

-- Key plot elements are introduced late in the story in a way that requires a couple that has (we are told) been together for 4 years to know very little about each other. Too many times we are told that Kurt hadn't been listening to Tiffany when she shared some detail or other about her life.

-- The writing is -- at best -- mediocre. The descriptive prose is boring and the dialogue is wooden and forced.

-- The unbelievable ease with which the characters accept their situation notwithstanding, the problems of trying to live another person's life are mentioned almost in passing. Instead of having the characters be ignorant of the mundane details of eachother's lives, a better writer would have been able to imagine what would actually happen to a couple who were suddenly given access to all of each other's secrets. Shock and betrayal would be inevitable, and over something much more serious than a flirtatious (and conveniently gay) secretary or a traffic ticket(!)

-- There is no crisis in the story. Tiffany doesn't screw up Kurt's life and when -- it looks like -- Kurt flips out and is ruining (or at least changing) the script of Tiffany's life it turns out to have been a sham. This was not only cowardly, it was insulting to the reader.

From: guest (Robbie) , 212 months, post #9
Well Uri I felt I was the only one who didn't like this book until now. Well said if I might say.

From: guest (me) , 212 months, post #10
like its so much more real to trash the body you are in for real, like they do in toomany stories. Even if you hate the person in your body, you are still trashingyour current body, and embarrassing yourself. rather immature response IMOpinion. I thought the sham was creative in comparison, and part of it was exaggerated by her friend, telling her her body had a tattoo now, for example.

It was too bondage oriented for me on a few pages and more troubled reactions would have been nice, but the swift adjustment was rather refreshing!

And the book was technically well written and edited. You might guess what came next but often something else happened.

At the very least it was competent, and often it was interesting and fun.

I say get it and read it. Yoou should enjoy it! If you want more Robbie and Uri,write it yourself!

From: guest (uri) , 212 months, post #11
"me" It is okay that you liked this book, and the fact that I did not should in no way diminish your enjoyment. I am not trying to invalidate your opinion, I just don't share it.

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From: guest (Robbie) , 212 months, post #12
Why is it nowadays if you complain about something you are told to "do it yourself"? I PAID $12.95 for a book that I didn't like and have a right to voice my opinion on it.

From: Bieeanda , 212 months, post #13
DIY is the new STFU, with all of the intellectual merit that that implies.

From: Ipkiss , 212 months, post #14
Whoah, some action. Nice.

Listen, if I pick up a book that has the word "erotic" anywhere on the jacket I'm probably gonna use some fairly specialized criteria for review. Was this book erotically satisfying? Absolutely. Would it stand up in a who's-who of modern authors taste test? Absolutely not.

I mean, my stories received some fantastic feedback over on Fictionmania. But I'd never expect them to be taken seriously in a mainstream market. "Tiffany Twisted" is very clearly labeled as a trashy erotic romance novel. Not much effort went into maintaining an intelligent audience's attention. But it said "trash" and I bought what I absolutely knew was "trash". For me, there were no surprises.

I bought the book for an erotically good time and it's precisely what I received. In that sense, I stand by my original review. However, to be fair... Yes, the book is flawed beyond comprehension and yes it could have been loads better in the hands of a better author. Unfortunately, better authors tend to steer clear of anything even remotely resembling an erotic transgender body swap novel.

Do not approach this book with any expectations regarding storyline or character development. Approach it for what it is and I guarantee you'll have a much better time.

From: guest (me) , 212 months, post #15
uri, your elaborate review convinced me of most of your points! The author may have waited too long to focus on kurt, but at least she attempted to explain and tie together earlier 'flaws'.
and in my opinion one bondage scene is one too many,
but ipkis is also correct, it is meant to be trashy erotica, not hemingway or even grisham. I would add that the story is obviously female-centric, written for a female audience more than for males.

From: guest (Fish) , 212 months, post #16
About the only thing that truly impressed me about the book was that it was published.

I don't mean that as an insult. Yes, it could've benefited by several rewrites to solidify the plot and establish character points earlier. Yes, it could have been written with more "before" to establish the characters and less "after." Yes, it stands up there with the best-written stuff on Fictionmania but -- and I mean no insult to any of the fine writers there -- that's not setting the bar very high for a published-on-paper novel that costs real money.

But it was published. That shows that some printer somewhere figures there's an audience for that kind of book. It also shows me that, hell yes, I could write something that's at least that good, and I'm inspired to try.

Now that I think about it, most of my problems with the story seem to coincide with some of the flaws I find in TG fiction -- too much crude language, too much in a hurry to get to the sex scenes, too-thin characters. It's as if the writer was making it up as she was going along, without much of a plan, and introduced character ideas as they occurred to her.

From: Ipkiss , 212 months, post #17
"It's as if the writer was making it up as she was going along, without much of a plan, and introduced character ideas as they occurred to her." -guest(Fish)

Actually, that's basically my entire approach for writing TG fiction. lol

From: guest (me) , 212 months, post #18
me too ;)

I wanted to add that this appears to be a romance novel.

If any of you read them, they almost all have thin plots, generic characters for easy identification with the reader, and about 1/2 dozen erotic (definately R rated) sex scenes. Oddly enough, no censor oriented protest group seems to target them!

In other words, this book is a good example of current romance novels,whose readers are NOT interested in checking out the plot structure and other flaws mentioned above.
When they read a time travel romance for example, it is usually a mirror or jewelry, not a time machine, transporting the lead to a different time and a handsome gent.

They like to fantasize with fun romantic, unlikely to happen in real life romantic sex scenes.

And so do I !

From: guest (me again) , 212 months, post #19
of course, a body swap or gender change is usually the deciding factor in my book choice as time is too limited to read every book I want to read these days.

Thank you all for this list as it makes finding body changing stories so much easier to find!

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