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Comment: Outer Limits, "The Refuge"
Outer Limits episode The Refuge
Following a great disaster, a man finds a snowbound lodge. In the lodge are other survivors of this disaster, including four women:Gina, a kind nurse;Justine, a promiscous shrew; Debi,the bimbo girlfriend of the lodge owner; and Angelique,a religious fanatic. As the episode progresses, the four wome ...more
From: guest (T Roy) , 211 months, post #1
Anyone have any clips?

From: guest (Anonymous51) , 195 months, post #2
This is one of my favorite Outer Limits episodes.

Does anyone know if this concept (people swapping personalities - not minds) has ever been done in anything else? As far as I know, it hasn't. But I haven't seen everything.

From: guest (Paddy man) , 183 months, post #3
The swapping personalities Thing Has bin don before in Sabrina the teenage witch - what price harvey on youtube. disgaea episode 3 youtube

From: guest (Afraid so) , 183 months, post #4
OK, so maybe I shouldn't admit this but I've watched an awfully lot of BAAAAAD movies in my life (or at least, up to some point, I tried). Something Weird Video rounds up these awful, awful abuses of celluloid and releases them to people stupid enough to buy them like me :0P and I got this one called "The Mind Benders".

(Sorry, I can't do links)

Anyhoo, this mad scientist (is there any other kind in black & white films?) switches a slutty free-lovin' woman's personality with that of a Bible-thumping uptight chick (pardon my language) and also switches a studly ladies' man with a nancyboy (whose pronunciation of "Yadada yadada" has got to be the most hysterical thing in this wonderfully low-budget exercise in bad cinema).

Be forewarned--be very forewarned!--this is a softcore "exploitation" flick of the late 60's when film-makers were challenging the out-dated Hayes-code before the movie industry created the MPAA and its rating system to deal with these folks and such.

What you get is bad acting, bad writing, bad directing...oh, and more bad acting. But, if you can handle that kind of thing, it's really quite fun!

Disclaimer: The opinions of "Afraid so..." do not necessarily represent those of the owners or administrators of and should be taken with a grain of salt. Consult your physician regarding the intake of any additional sodium before taking any of this idiot's advice. Really bad cinema can induce vomitting, constipation and headaches. If you are under the age of or over the IQ of 18, do not listen to any of this person's advice. Indulge only at great discretion.


From: guest (jim) , 183 months, post #5
beware if you order they will send you crap in the mail forever. Send to a po box or something.

just a heads up

From: hskfmn , 179 months, post #6
Downloaded this episode. BEWARE spoliers ahead:

Click to show spoiler
Enlzbaq Qnygba vf erfphrq sebz gur pbyq ol xvaq-urnegrq ahefr, Tvan. Nsgre zrrgvat Ze. Inyy�, uvf fba Gubznf, Gubznf' fba'f jvsr Whfgvar, gur cebzvfpbhf fuerj, Inyy�'f ovzob svnap� - Qrov, naq Natryvdhr - gur eryvtvbhf mrnybg � n punbgvp avtug rafhrf jurer rirelbar vf rkgerzryl zrna-fcvevgrq jvgu rnpu bgure ng gur qvaare gnoyr, Whfgvar nggrzcgf va inva gb frqhpr Enl, naq Natryvdhr vf pehryyl evqvphyrq sbe jnagvat gb ubyq n fcvevghny freivpr, Enl jvgarffrf Inyy� zheqre Gubznf (nsgre Gubznf qvfpbiref Whfgvar va orq jvgu Inyy�. Fubegyl gurernsgre, Enl ybbfrf uvf pbzcbfher naq vf fhqqrayl "genafcbegrq" gb gur cerivbhf zbeavat jurer Qrov vf abj gur fuerj, Whfgvar gur ahefr, Natryvdhr gur ovzob, naq Tvan gur mrnybg. Enl pbaivaprf Tvan gb rfpncr gur Ershtr jvgu uvz, naq whfg nf ur ortvaf gb erzvaq Tvan jub fur jnf, Inyy� jnecf ernyvgl ntnva naq oevatf Enl onpx gb gur Ershtr vagebqhpvat uvf ybiryl svanap�: Tvan. Enl ortvaf gb srry jbbml bapr ntnva, ohg guvf gvzr jnxrf hc va n ynobengbel jurer ur vf gbyq gung gur ragver rkcrevrapr jnf n erfhyg bs n qernz ur unq juvyr va n fgngr bs pelbtravp fyrrc juvyr vf obql vf pherq bs cbgragvnyyl sngny vyyarffrf. Ernyvmvat ur unf funerq gur qernz rkcrevraprf bs nyy gur bgure zrzoref bs gur Ershtr jub ner nyfb sebmra, ur qrznaqf gb or chg onpx vagb gur "pbyq fyrrc" gb erfphr gur bguref sebz Inyy�'f znavchyngvba. Inyy� rkrepvfrf uvf pbageby bire gur bguref ol beqrevat gurz gb Xvyy Enl. Enl nccrnyf gb gurve orggre fvqrf naq Inyy� va n svg bs rzbgvba ernyvmvat gur cbjre ur bapr uryq vf tbar ybbfrf uvf "zvaq" naq "qvrf". Bhgfvqr va gur ynt, gur fgnss ercbeg uvf oenva fgrz unf funggrerq naq cebabhapr Inyy� qrnq. Onpx gb "abezny" Tvan nggrzcgf gb pbaivapr Enl gb erghea gb gur erny jbeyq, ubjrire, Enl gryyf ure ur unf qrpvqrq gb erznva va pbyq fyrrc hagvy gurl pna or njnxrarq gbtrgure.

Interesting episode, nothing to write home about. I'd give it 2.5/5 stars.

From: guest (Paddy man) , 179 months, post #7
Is there any chance you can upload it on youtube or something

From: Timber , 179 months, post #8
I thought it was a pretty good episode myself in true Outer Limits fashion. Unfortunately in true Outer Limits fashion, they do a great job setting up the plot and then sometimes rush the ending for their end of story morality plug.

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