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Comment: Alias, "There's Only One Sydney Bristow"
Alias episode There's Only One Sydney Bristow
WARNING: MAJOR PLOT SPOILER!!! (Spoiler Text) This is revealed in the last few seconds of the episode, so the plot twist will continue into the future.
From: Iamevalongoria , 221 months, post #1
Who here thinks i would have been alot better and funnier if they have taken her fiance Michael Vaughn and turned him into a clone of Sydney. That would have been great.

From: Dale Ribbons , 221 months, post #2
It never fails. Someone always has to turn it into TG material. PHOOEY!

From: Lady Sekhmet , 221 months, post #3
I agree Dale. Clearly it would be better to work in some sort of horse morph instead :)

From: Kel , 221 months, post #4
As in...
Some nefarious organization gives Sydney a gene bath, transforming her into a shetland pony, and then they do the same to the other agent?

  • Shrug*

And how is a gene bath supposed to work, anyway? :/

From: guest (Masashi) , 221 months, post #5
> And how is a gene bath supposed to work, anyway? :/

It's easy if you have the right software.

Get some of Sydney's DNA, mix into a soup, dunk in your subject. The thing that really surprised me was that they didn't give her a breathing tube.

As for a horse transformation, I vote "neiiiiiigh."

From: Lady Sekhmet , 221 months, post #6
I was thinking more along the lines of a Bay Shire Horse, but I'm not picky :)

If you've ever seen a stereolithography 3D rapid prototyping system I think the gene bath has the same "feel" to it as watching something emerging from a photopolymer. But yea, it's obviously just a gimmick. Just be happy they didn't use a magic wand or a sprinkle of salt on the tongue.

From: Random14 , 221 months, post #7
Should someone rearrange the pictures on the site? Most people know that Sydney isn't a black lady, but from the way its arranged in the profile, it looks like the white lady turned into the black one, instead of it actually being the other way around.

From: Eric , 221 months, post #8
The story is continued in the next show 30 seconds. Not too much yet of the perfect double. It will be continued next week & probably to the final.


Sydney's twin takes advantage of her looks buy escapiing a tightly held servalance of a stakeout. She also kills a friend of Syndey's - the woman early says Sydney is the only one she trusts. She dies saying 'Sydney"

From: guest (Mrblue15) , 221 months, post #9
Horse morph that would be shit, any chance of a clip of more pictures

From: guest (Masashi) , 221 months, post #10
> any chance of a clip of more pictures

Go to the Metamorphose posting, click on the "Screencaps: Before, After" link and then click on the "Alias Photos > Episode Captures > Season 5" link above the image. That'll take you to the fansite screencaps. There are only a few of the gene bath TF at the very end of the 5x12 episode -- it was very brief onscreen. They should have images from 5x13 up soon.

BTW, there was no on-screen TF. Toward the end, you see the enemy agent in the cage with scientists telling her it will be painful, then she's lowered into the red liquid and thrashes a little. Then we cut to a few scenes with other characters. Then in the last few seconds we see the cage raised with the Sydney duplicate.

If you have Flash 8, you can watch ep. 5x13 "30 Seconds" for free at (you can download the Flash for free there, too).

And "Thanks!" to Lady Sekhmet for posting that ABC url on the American Dad thread! That's actually where I saw Alias 5x12.

From: KitsuneKit , 221 months, post #11
I think I know why they made her transform like that. One less person to pay in the studio.

From: guest (Masashi) , 221 months, post #12
> One less person to pay in the studio.


Seriously, though, it looks like the only way to tie up a major plot thread. Never watched the show until it went into syndication, so I'm in Season 2 now, but I know this much:

In Season One they found a mysterious page a manuscript written by Milo Rambaldi. Rambaldi is their fictional DaVinci-like evil conspiratorial genius / prophet.

The coded text, when deciphered, contains this prophecy:

"This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks. Signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works. Bind them with fury, a burning anger unless prevented at vulgar cost this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation."

The CIA tests Syndey, and she has all the "unseen marks" Rambaldi lists (heart size, platelet levels, dna sequencing -- don't ask how some guy in the 15th cent. knew about dna, even if he was a "genius").

So for the longest time a lot of people have been expecting Sydney (or maybe her commie mother Irina, played by Lena Olin) to do something that could start the Apocalypse going. Well, obviously, an evil duplicate would have the identical "unseen marks."

From: guest (Ramachil) , 221 months, post #13
For watching Alias for free, it only works if you are in the US unfortunately. I can't watch it. *grumble*

From: guest (Mike) , 221 months, post #14
As I say to all my Mohawk and Crow friends 'who cares about you foreingers!'

From: karla_enciso , 209 months, post #15
season 2-episode 13 phase one

francie is impersonate by a double named allison

season 3-episode 22 reusrection

sydney(jennifer garner) disguise herself as lauren (melissa george)

From: karla_enciso , 209 months, post #16
can someone added to the data base

From: cj , 209 months, post #17
Anyone can add to the database... click on the Submit link on the left-hand side of the page to add submit something that is not currently in the database... or the Edit this Page link to edit any current entry.

From: cj , 209 months, post #18
Sorry, I should have mentioned that you should enter each item into it's own entry (you'd need to make TWO, separate submissions... and you can follow the help that is below the submission window (let me know if it doesn't make sense, or how it could be better).

You were pretty close to having it though. Give it another shot Karla - if you get it close enough, I can always fix it up for you. :-)

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