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Rejected Submission: Final Fantasy X-2 (female,computer game)
Final Fantasy X-2
There are two quick female to female changes in this game: The game begins with a concert featuring Yuna changing from her high Summoner outfit to the Songstress dresssphere. (Spoiler Text) heres one of them
From: Lady Sekhmet , 219 months, post #1
The following submission posted by 'guest (him)' has been rejected. I'll be happy to approve this one if anyone can confirm that there is an actual transformation here and not simply two women (Yuna and Lenne) singing as the clip description indicates. Thanks!

There is two quick female changes in this game

heres one of them

Click to show spoiler
nsgre gur bcravat lbh svaq gung Lhan jnf'rag fvatvat gura vg jnf nabgure jbzna qvfthvfrq nf ure, naq yngre qhevat n fgebat fbat fur punatrf vagb nabgure jbzna unys jnl guebhtu vg

From: AlexaPadmeClone , 219 months, post #2
Leblanc stole yuna's garmetgrid and take her place in the concer of the beginning of the game.

really she morphs into Yuna and later takes her really form

From: Lady Sekhmet , 219 months, post #3
I understand this occurs in the game but where do we see this in the video listed above?

From: cj , 219 months, post #4
Okay... the video that is linked to...

It looks to me like there was a TF in the video.

Click to show spoiler
Nobhg unysjnl guebhtu, Lhan nccrnef gb zntvpnyyl GS vagb nabgure tvey... ohg V pnaabg gryy vs guvf vf n qernz frdhrapr be jung... nf yngre va gur ivqrb obgu tveyf nccrne gb or fvatvat fvqr-ol-fvqr, nygubhtu gur bgure tvey unq orra nccneragyl xvyyrq ng nabgure cbvag va gvzr (yvxr n synfuonpx). I don't know the stories enough to know what, exactly, did happen - but there does appear to be a TF in the video linked to above.

From: Lady Sekhmet , 219 months, post #5
I viewed the video and didn't see any transformation. I saw a single character singing, then with her male friend, then joined by a second woman. At no time did I see any of the three turn into anything new. What am I missing?

From: cj , 219 months, post #6
About halfway through... Yuna (short hair) glows and then we see in that same spot a girl with long hair... looks like a TF to me.

From: Lady Sekhmet , 219 months, post #7
Except a few moments later we see that there are actually two women there and they were simply transitioning from one to the other, yes?

From: cj , 219 months, post #8
True... BUT ... What if it wasn't Yuna at the start, and was the 2nd woman - then she TFs back into herself... and then she's killed and the real Yuna was just imagining the other girl's demise as she's (later) singing the same song? I don't know... could be, though.

From: Lady Sekhmet , 219 months, post #9
Seems like a lot of maybe, kinda, could be, if you squint really hard you can see it, stuff.

From: cj , 219 months, post #10

What can I say... I wasn't looking at the big picture - I was only focused on a moment in time. :-P

From: Lady Sekhmet , 219 months, post #11
There is no such thing as a moment in time. You think time is granular? Pahleez... :)

From: guest (him) , 219 months, post #12
like i said it was very brief but people have noticed it i'll grab a screen shot or two and post it up

From: guest (him) , 219 months, post #13
here ya go nat helped me upload it :)

From: guest (uri) , 219 months, post #14
"There is no such thing as a moment in time. You think time is granular? Pahleez... :)"

From: guest (him) , 219 months, post #15
So does that change anything or not lol

From: guest (him) , 219 months, post #16
so this still aint gonna be added then? lol

From: guest (him) , 219 months, post #17
oh sorry i did'ent notcie it actually did lol sorry bout my last post :S

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