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Comment: Aquamarine
Some new movie coming out about a girl who doesn't want to move away from her beach home. In the movie, she finds and saves a mermaid (who turns into human) and she is offered a wish. More information will come when the movie is released to theaters.
From: Lady Sekhmet , 214 months, post #1
Looks interesting - nice "catch of the day" there Kitsune! The wish at the end is a bit predictable but it looks like a fun movie nevertheless.

Oh to be 20 years younger, and a fish! :)

From: cj , 214 months, post #2
>>> "... and a fish!"

Well, that's a tail I hadn't thought about you fitting into. :-P

From: cj , 214 months, post #3
>>> "Oh to be 20 years younger..."

Indeed! That would put me nearly where I want to be... again. :-)

From: Lady Sekhmet , 214 months, post #4
Actually, that was just a play on words from the line in the movie "Airplane!" where Lloyd Bridges comments "What I wouldn't give to be 20 years younger... and a woman!"

From: guest (Ed) , 214 months, post #5
I love that movie

From: cj , 214 months, post #6
Go figure... I can't believe I missed that one... Doh!

From: guest (seeker) , 214 months, post #7
The movie is based on the book of the same name written by Alice Hoffman and published by Scholastic. After watching the trailor the movie does seem to follow the general plotline of the book. The book itself is short 92 pages and really big type, and at no point in the book does the mermaid become human. In my opinion the book was exceptionally bad. Not sure if any of you have read it though. It might be something to look into. The movie will probably be a bust.

From: Lady Sekhmet , 214 months, post #8
Perhaps if you were 20 years younger, and a girl, you might have enjoyed the book more :) The trailer doesn't exactly look like it's a "guy flick". Nothing explodes.

From: cj , 214 months, post #9
Nothing explodes!... geez... I think I'll pass... unlesss I magically become a girl, and 20 years younger.


From: cj , 214 months, post #10
On second thought... now that I've seen the trailer... How could I resist seeing this with such finely named gadgets. :-)

Or maybe I'm just turning into a teenaged girl. :-P

From: guest (seeker) , 214 months, post #11
Very true. The movie is certainly not a guy fluck, but nothing has to explode for a movie to be decent. Im just judging the movie based on my impressions of the book. Allthough that may not be the most fair thing to do but it does stand that in most cases movies based on books do tend to be worse than te books themselves. The director Im sure though has taken alot of cretive license as there is not enough content in the book to make a feature length film, and judging by the trailor Im positive that they have. It might be good it might be bad who knows. It all depends on how they adapted the material. As for being 20 years younger you grossly over estimate my age no offence of course. If I were twenty years younger I wouldn't exist any more.

From: guest (Anonymos) , 214 months, post #12
Is this called "Aquamarine" because Disney already used the title "Splash"? lol

From: DB Cooper , 214 months, post #13
'Twenty years youngs...and a woman' is actually Lloyd Bridges line in 'Hotshots.'

From: Lady Sekhmet , 214 months, post #14
Ok, perhaps I am stereotyping a bit. But it seems to me that a "man show" usually has some kind of gratuitous sex or violence in it - with people getting karate chopped or things blowing up. I'm not saying a man can't enjoy a movie with some depth to it, I'm just saying they usually have to be dragged kicking and screaming to them.

"Splash" is one of my favorite movies! If the trailer is any indication, Aquamarine won't come anywhere near it...

"Hotshots"? Wow, I don't even remember having seen that movie :) At least I got the Lloyd Bridges part right DB :)

From: KitsuneKit , 214 months, post #15
"Ah, to be young... and a robot."
~Professor Hubert Farnsworth from Futurama

From: cj , 214 months, post #16
>>> "... is actually Lloyd Bridges line in 'Hotshots.'"

Oh, I remember it now! :-) For a while, I thought my memory was failing. :-P

>>> "... they usually have to be dragged kicking and screaming to them."

That's just a facade... every man wants to appear resistant and averse to "chick flick" type movies - lest he be though weak or soft. But secretly, most men are really touched by the story and want to find love like that.. Or so I heard. :-P

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