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Me (2024)- Shapeshifter -Apple TV Show
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From: guest , 6 days, post #41

From: guest , 6 days, post #42
For episode 7, it looks like there's one more moment at the very end (around 18:22) with a guy named Yates (Yeats? Don't know).

Click to show spoiler
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From: guest , 6 days, post #43
The weather girl is hot. Just a shame nobody shifted into either hot mom :/

From: guest (guest) , 6 days, post #44
Biggest letdown in Apple TV history.

From: Shapeshifterry , 6 days, post #45
In episode 6 at 12:24 there is an Off-Screen MTF transformation

From: guest (Viking) , 6 days, post #46
I skimmed throu whole series and there is:
- MtM voice impersonation of his father over phone
- MtM voice impersonation of some of his male friends
- Face only change to two different girls when he was training his ability
- In last episode MC changed couple times into his black girl helper etc.
- The big bad impersonated: blond girl who was about to to graduate, weather girl and mother of Maxine, and main hero himself
- There are various MtM shapeshifts in many episodes...
- But the best part was episode 7 was when MC impersonated his step-sister for 3/4 of episode, interacted with her mother, and even went to some dress shopping with her :)

Overall not to terrible not amazing show, but I doubt there will be season two... despite the premise suggesting that there maight be...

From: guest , 6 days, post #47
Timestamped for big bad impersonation?

From: guest (dum doo aaa) , 5 days, post #48
Can't believe no one mentioned the scene where he went disguised into a girl's locker room.

From: guest (Hioji) , 5 days, post #49
Post#48 what episode is that scene from?

From: rugal , 5 days, post #50
I figured it was going to be bad when the trailers showed barely any shapeshifting but did show a lot of other powers being used. This isn't about a shapeshifting kid, it's a very poor attempt at trying to make a new superhero IP. All of the budget went to showing all these other powers and none towards shapeshifting which is supposed to be the power of the main character so almost every instance of it is an off screen cut... and the times it does happen on screen are barely any better because it's like someone just swapped out character models in a video game because there's no real effect.

And despite the fact it's about a shapeshifting kid the shapeshifting, as bad as it is, feels like it barely matters. Doesn't ever feel like the MC is using it to "find out who he is" or whatever like the premise states, it just kind of exists and is used for no real reason. The villain makes better/more use of it than the MC. All this needed to be was an otherwise grounded, normal setting and the kid as a shapeshifter is some kind of anomaly and uses his powers to try being other people and such to "find out who he is". But again, it's just a poorly disguised attempt at a new superhero setting instead.

From: guest , 5 days, post #51
agree completely, rugal!

Still, the black girl is pretty cute. At least he became her. And the villain became one of the moms hehe.

horrible show though it would seem!

From: guest (Efra) , 5 days, post #52
In what episodes happen the different shapeshift? For example in what he impersonates into weather girl?

From: guest (Robert) , 4 days, post #53
Thanks for all the info! The episode 7 shift into his step sis was pretty good! Does anyone know what episode the bad guy turns into Max's mom?

From: guest (Robert) , 4 days, post #54
Nevermind I found it. Last episode. Not very good

From: guest (kmmk) , 4 days, post #55
in which episode the bad guy morph into the blonde girtl that is graduating??

From: guest , 2 hours, post #56
Ep. 8 at 12:06

Very brief.

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