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Blog about female possession/bodyswap in western animation
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From: xlcbx , 2 months, post #1
Hello i just put together a blog about possession/bodyswap in western animation (basically any cartoon that doesn't fall under the anime category). Every entry has the respective episode/movie in it and a timestamp in the title. So if you are interested you don't need to go look anywhere else.

Any help with more examples of possession/bodyswap would be greatly appreciated.

From: guest (Suggestion) , 2 months, post #2
To avoid reports and blog takedown, instead of the whole show being put there you could settle with the possession/body swap description instead

From: guest (Suggestion) , 2 months, post #3
Therefore enabling new viewers to know the possession / body swap's context.

Thank you for the blog and for possession / body swap community's satisfaction

From: guest , 2 months, post #4
That's awesome. I appreciate this

From: guest , 2 months, post #5
Hey, so any examples could be posted here right?

I got some that's good and could be easily missed

1. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien - A Knight to Remember
Lore wise, its the first time that the big bad possessed Gwen

2. Justice League Unlimited - Dead Reckoning
Deadman used Wonder Woman to beat the hell out of his old friend's killer, which he did it first with villainess Rampage.

3. Danny Phantom?
The plot do whip out reasons for possession on the popular kids, too bad no possession for Sam, Jazz and Maddie

4. Fairly Odd Parents - Manic Mom Day
Satisfying mom son swap episode

5. Skyland - Manipulations
The big bad is a psychic and able to fully control a FMC, there's a scene where the character fights the possession but loses as the words coming out of her aligning with the big bad's

6. Totally Spies - forgot the episode
Clover got two whole episode of being body swapped, one with Jerry and the other with Jerry's mom whose a veteran agent.

7. Star Wars the Clone Wars - forgot
The brain worm episode where Ahsoka and another female padawan had to fend for themselves in a ship of possessed troopers. The female padawan got possessed as they had to separate.

8. Here's hoping for more

From: xlcbx , 2 months, post #6
  1. 2 I know there is a risk doing it like this. But, idk when it comes to this type of content with a story behind and all that, i personally like to know about it + there are some shows in here that are farely hard to find. If is going to be taken down at any point, maybe i'll try the "just important moments" route.

From: xlcbx , 2 months, post #7
  1. 5 Thank you i will add them as soon as possible :)

From: guest (Cant help to add) , 2 months, post #8
TMNT (2003) - The Engagement Ring
Casey proposes to April with a ring that actually contained a powerful demon... The ring started of making her angry then it took her over which eventually turn her body into the demon's form.

From: guest (Is this still on) , 2 months, post #9
Hey, just need to know... are you still adding stuff to the blog?

From: guest , 2 months, post #10
I found one from Grossology, sort of parasitic possession

Ep 7 - Club Parasite

Lice villain and eventually the FMC got surrounded by the parasited students and become one as well

From: guest (Mickey) , 2 months, post #11
There is also a female possession in the serial "Shadow Raiders" - Season 1 Episode 5 : Wolf in the Fold who continue in the Episode 6 : Mind War

From: guest (Guest) , 2 months, post #12
So what's the sexiest cartoon Body swap/Possession you've seen so far?

From: guest (labeler) , 2 months, post #13
one suggestion @xlcbx, labeling posts as male to female (m2f), f2m, f2f and m2m would be really useful for people with specific tastes

From: guest (Wtf Admin Crazy) , 2 months, post #14
SUY admin and post #14

No dice on F2M and M2M, they're the polar opposite of this theme and therefore a complete turnoff

And admin, who must've been vassey, get your eyes checked and see the blog first hand.
Its clearly for cartoon female poss/swap only!
If you really tee'd up on inclusions then make another blog under trans content, in general, to satisfy whoever post#14 is then!

From: guest (What we need) , 2 months, post #15
Been looking for cartoon moms getting possessed, it seems rare

From: guest (ndc) , 2 months, post #16

Also Atomic Puppet Mudman episode

From: guest (needed one) , 2 months, post #17

Cool mom but too much mud on her for me... Think I'll dig it if its 'in' her

From: guest (needed one) , 2 months, post #18
Well, no luck with the mom poss / swap search... but I remembered a bit about this one

A cartoon with trio regular characters (The MC, his girl and his best friend)

One day they went to some tome or pyramid and his girl and his best friend became possessed by the dead rulers of that ancient place, whom the latter were lovers (f2f, m2m)

From: guest (needed one) , 2 months, post #19
Remembered one mom swap content

The Replacements - forgot the episode
The hot agent mom got swapped with her daredevil husband

From: guest (needed one) , 2 months, post #20
Ooo, I'm remembering more stuff

Beware the Batman - Control
The assassin Cypher controls a scientist and then the sidekick Katana

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