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X-men 97 New Animated Series Disney Plus!
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From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #41
@post 39
Youre missing my point. This generation just prefers watching modern dramas, live action sci-fi and action films than watching old-style stuffs. The X-men 97' leans toward those fans who watched the 90's series, so this is technically not a kids show anymore.

From: guest , 2 months, post #42
Mystique appeared in the opening of X men 97. Hopefully she'll made an appearance or she could appear through Morph by changing into her which would be interesting

From: JetAbyss , 2 months, post #43
on a slightly unrelated note *but* related to Mystique now that I got reminded- I really hate how I missed out on the chance to unlock the Mystique skin in Fortnite. It was from a limited time event a few years ago and it had a cool built-in emote where you can shapeshift into the last person you killed (purely cosmetic) and that wouldve been so cool to try! I mean tbf id probably only just play the game for a week after unlocking it then completely switch to a different shooter game, but still. :'(

From: guest , 2 months, post #44
Post #42, Yes, Mystique stayed in the intro even some of characters was changed for that "running scene" in the end.

Makes me wonder, maybe Valerie Cooper could be actually Mystique in disguise. According to Wikipedia she is "a doctor with her own agenda". In comics Mystique has taken Cooper's form several times and once impersonated her a longer time. I recall she was also working for the government (under her human disguise) whenClick to show spoiler
Fgbez ybfg ure cbjref gur fnzr jnl nf va gur fubj. Va pbzvpf gubhtu vg jnf Sbetr jub qrirybcrq gung jrncba.

This is just something came to my mind, I haven't seen any speculations about this.

From: guest (fff) , 2 months, post #45
@post 44 in which comic and issue mystique disguise as cooper??

From: guest , 2 months, post #46
New episode tomorrow

From: DaveS , 2 months, post #47
Morph in Episode 3, two short female TFs:
Click to show spoiler
Zbecu oevrsyl gheaf vagb Fcveny nf n wbxr rneyl va gur rcvfbqr. Yngre, juvyr svtugvat gur Tboyva Dhrra (Wrna Terl pybar) Zbecu gheaf vagb Zntvx (Vyvlnan Enfchgva, Pbybffhf' fvfgre). Ohg jura gurl trg zvaq-pbagebyyrq, Zbecu punatrf vagb n qrzbavp ubearq irefvba bs Zntvx.
Also see brief appearance of "Dark Morph" from original X-Men Animated Series.

From: guest , 2 months, post #48
The reviewer was right Spiral made an appearance. Nice

From: guest (bhhhjk) , 2 months, post #49
nice but i hope for more longer female shapeshift in the next episodes they seems like a cameo for other characters that don’t appear physically in the show

From: guest , 2 months, post #50
I hope so too----there's plenty of opportunity to feature Morph's power, for an extended time in a sort of "infiltration mission" episode etc. Wasted opportunity if they don't----only ever using it for brief jokes or two-hit moments in fight scenes is a waste.

From: Generic guest name , 2 months, post #51
I really want to see morph play around with the female forms like in the new episode, maybe not turning them evil but playing around with it like in the bar

From: guest , 2 months, post #52
Hopefully there'll be a Morph tf since episode 4 will focus on Storm regaining her powers

From: DaveS , 2 months, post #53
While Morph does make an appearance in Episode 4, no TFs, male or female. But one of the people he mimicked in Episode 3 - the real Spiral - makes an appearance.

From: guest , 2 months, post #54
New episode today

From: Generic guest name , 2 months, post #55
I'm gonna guess and say there won't be one

From: guest (Guest 74) , 2 months, post #56
Episodes are every wedsnday............

From: Generic guest name , 2 months, post #57
It'll be Wednesday in a few hours anyway

From: DaveS , 2 months, post #58
Episode 5, no TFs by Morph in their brief appearance (or TFs by others)... still a good episode though

From: DaveS , 2 months, post #59
BUT, Morph finally makes an appearance in issue #2 of the X-Men '97 tie-in comic book. No gender TFs but there is a short male TF whenClick to show spoiler
ur vf qvfthvfrq nf Fnoergbbgu gb sbby bar bs uvf urapuzra. . Hopefully this means more Morph in future issues...

From: DaveS , 2 months, post #60
Episode 6: No Morph, but there are some minor TFs.
The first involves the Adversary, the demonic giant crow that bit and poisoned Forge in Episode 4:Click to show spoiler
jura Fgbez orpbzrf genccrq va n pbssva, gur Nqirefnel'f pebj snpr genafsbezf vagb gur snprf bs Fgbez naq gur bgure K-Zra, vapyhqvat Fgbez urefrys Wrna Terl, Ornfg, Jbyirevar, Ebthr, Tnzovg naq Plpybcf.
Also Storm's appearance changes somewhat when her powers are restored in the episode, with long white hair growing out and her uniform changing to the black caped uniform she wore in the comics in the 1980s (or the Pryde of the X-Men cartoon).

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