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iSwap — body swap movie (2024)
From: guest (Deetoo) , 7 months, post #1

Device allows multiple body swaps. Teaser trailer.

From: guest (Guest) , 7 months, post #2
Theres an old thread regarding this one.

From: guest (guest) , 7 months, post #3
Post #5 in this thread. Posted 2 months ago.

From: guest (Robert) , 7 months, post #4
Ok I'm excited for this one!! the blonde girl looking at herself in the mirror after the swap is exciting.

From: guest (Deetoo) , 7 months, post #5
It would be a lot easier to know there was an existing thread if people would just put the name of the film on it. “New body swap movie” means it doesn’t show when I searched for iSwap.

From: guest (Guest) , 7 months, post #6
@guest (deetoo)

It's an existing thread because they try to cluster all the new movies into one thread.

Also at the bottom of the message board, if you type in 'iSwap" it came up in the thread search. So that's just an excuse. *shrug*

From: hskfmn , 7 months, post #7
Please utilize the existing thread linked in post #3 to continue to discuss this topic.


This thread has been locked.
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