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ideas/suggestions - writing a gender transformationnstory
From: guest (SPB) , 8 months, post #1
Sup fellas, long time no see!
Im starting work on a series of anthology bite sized stories focusing on women transforming, or growing male gentialia. Im looking for ideas or suggestions for scenarios whwre such a transformatoon could occur. Thanks!

From: guest (IdeallyMe) , 8 months, post #2
How about a story where a stubborn husband pissed off a witch who curses him to slow turn into a woman when ever he refuses to acknowledge that he was in the wrong but the twist is his transformation is actually stealing the femininity from his wife and shes getting his masculinity the end result of the husbands pride leaves them both permanently stuck as the other gender

From: guest (IdeallyMe) , 8 months, post #3
Here’s another idea make a story about a plain/geeky highschool girl who wishes on a shooting star to be more popular at school with the wish coming true in a unexpected way… she wakes up as a handsome and big guy (a jock of some kind) in a new reality where she was born a he and everyone loves the high school hero she finds herself as but turn it into a “be careful what you wish for” thing where maybe at first she enjoys it after the initial shock but slowly realizes what she lost by gaining her ideal status

From: guest (yo) , 8 months, post #4
How about one where a cheerleader is punished for bullying a nerdy girl? The nerd puts a curse on her that makes her loose all of her feminine features bit by bit and gaining new male ones. She's trying to hide it from her boyfriend at first, but it gets harder and harder as the changes go on. Eventually she turns fully male and ends up dating the nerdy girl she used to bully.

From: guest (yo) , 8 months, post #5
And since the other guy suggested 2, how about this:
A woman is having trouble dating. She feels she's less and less interested in the guys she goes out with. She talks about this to her best friend (another lady), and realises she finds her friend weirdly attractive all of a sudden. Long story short, her orientation magically changed and later that day she grows a dick. She can't take her mind off of her friend, so she tries to seduce her.

From: guest (Hanko) , 8 months, post #6
How about a story about a college age boy with a smoking hot girl friend. They like each other but hes inexperienced when it comes to sex. His father was never in his life to teach him the ways of manhood. It's up to his mother to teach him how to please his girlfriend. His mother offers to help him by switching their genitals. Once she has his dick Howe she realized how much more fun it is. She makes him watch as she has sex with his girlfriend and his girlfriend is amazed at her skill. All three are end up much happier with this new adjustment.

From: guest (Think) , 8 months, post #7
Science fiction story about hereditary evil in a family. In short, it is about passing down memories to the children of that family. The father's memories are sent to the daughter who doesn't know it. The daughter slowly started to act like her father. The story ends with the memory of the father taking over his daughter's body. If possible, the story will have an epilogue and give me the results.

Is there a film or series like that?

From: guest (Guest h) , 8 months, post #8
Could you name another story in which a mother is shapeshift into a teenage boy to spend time with his son and do some boyish talk or play video games. Could you help me with this

From: guest (SPB) , 8 months, post #9
Whoa guys, those are a lot of interesting concepts! My plans were to make them like, simple oneshots, sonill probablly simplyfy them a bit, as i dont eant to make a giant expansivr tale.
Thanks for all ideas! I cant promise ill make all of them but ill try to write for a few. Ill post here again when i do.
Have a good one!

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