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Finding an obscure japanese body swap 1999 TV show?
From: guest (tights) , 20 days, post #1
So I end up mentioning this on the other thread and people were interestingly. Here's the summary and the information:

Full name of the show: 「少女たちの異常体験」 (Bishojo H3 "Abnormal Experiences of Girls")

Name of the episode: 「アナタワダレ?」 (Ana Tawadare/Anatawadare)

Synopsis: Hiroshi Arisato was busy with his work and his relationship with his family had grown cold. Then one day he wakes up as a young girl in a sailor suit. However, his family treats him in the same way as before, so he decides to go to work, although he is still skeptical. After managing to finish work as a girl, she stopped at an unfamiliar bar and met a young man who began to tell her that she was actually a high school girl. It seems that there are other people who have become someone else as well.

From: guest (tights) , 20 days, post #2
Here are other information I was able to gather on it:

Main actress: 勝村美香 (Mika Katsumura)

Channel: Fuji TV

Production company: GAINAX


Possible leads: (old seasons of the show)

Companies that worked in it: (

Other possible ways of writing the name: 美少女H3, 美少女H3, Bishojo H3, Bishoujo H3: Girls' Abnormal Experiences, 美少女H3の

From: guest (TheOne) , 20 days, post #3
I live in Japan, i can offer some help if somebody have any idea of where to find old movies here

From: guest (tights) , 20 days, post #4
Thank you very much! As far as I could see, it wasn't released on DVD. Apparently it was some sort of experimental project where they call models wanting to be actress. I assume "Bishojo H1" and "Bishojo H2" went more mainstream, cause you usually find more stuff about them. Such as a tape of one the episodes:

Also, looking on Twitter I could see some people saying they have a tape on this. I tried to contact the person who operates the site where that still frame from the episode was posted to know who sent him that and if he had a copy, but had no luck. He has a twitter account at @irekawarimaniax, if anyone wants to try to contact him there.

Also, as I said, I saw some people selling tapes from "Bishojo H1", on the japanese yahoo auctions. So I think, aside us finding someone who taped this and uploaded online, that would be our best luck. Finding some japanese auction selling old tapes with this episode.

From: guest (TheOne) , 20 days, post #5
I found it, used, box in not good condition but it seems that can be play it

Quite expensive though around 30~35$

From: guest (Tights) , 20 days, post #6
Thanks, but I bumped with this one too, it's another episode from an earlier season (probably "Bishojo H: Episode 03", instead of "Bishojo H3: Episode 02"). For once, the actress mentioned in the cover is Rinn Ozawa instead of Mika Katsumura, which actually participated in the episode.

The previous link I posted, showing the auction was just to show that there are tapes from the series being sold online, such as the one being sold on Yahoo auction, and that there was probably a good place to look further for this episode/season specitically.

It wouldn't surprise me if there's someone selling some old collection of Japanese tapes labelled like "99 Fuji TV shows", when you go look in the description, briefly mentions that there's a copy of it.

From: guest (Azul54) , 19 days, post #7
Hopefully there is a way to see it, the story sounds very interesting.

From: guest (TXA) , 19 days, post #8
It does, indeed. And it's a pretty rare taken on body swap. Cause, like, they swapped bodies and wardrobe, he has the body of a high school girl as well as her clothes... but he still has his life and everybody believes this is just normal. It's normal for a 40 years male executive to have the body of a 17 years old girl and dress like a girl.

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