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Comment: Charmed , "Coyote Piper"
Coyote Piper episode from Charmed
A she-demon can body-hopping, only with killing of her current host. She killed her female body in order to escape, and possessed a man nearby. Later the man followed Piper outside of the P3 club and killed himself, and possessed Piper as she came close to see if she can help. The possession of Pip ...more
From: Random14 , 210 months, post #1
I think the she-demon was something called an "essence", or basically a floating spirit. Or something like that. Basically an alchemist creates this essence, called Terra, she's originally in a female body but as she doesn't like hiding underground, she then escapes and takes over some random guy, briefly checking out "his" new body for about two seconds before walking off. The essense gets to the club just in time for Piper to come out the back entance, after being ordered out by the prom queen, as Piper's high school reunion happens to be going on inside. Then the essence stabs the guy's body in the heart with a knife so that she can drift out of that body and into Piper's. At which point Piper's soul is then stuck talking to Terra as her reflection.

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Overall, decent episode, but mainly the bar table dancing part was the funniest and sexiest, even though it plainly just to increase ratings. So just a regular episode for Charmed.

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