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Comment: Star Trek: Voyager , "Body and Soul"
"Body and Soul" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
The Doctor (played by Robert Picardo) downloads his holographic matrix (his mind) into Seven of Nine's cybernetic Borg circuitry. This gives the Doctor total internal control of Seven's beautiful female body and the ability for him to experience her senses. He exits and re-enters her body several t ...more
From: Random14 , 222 months, post #1
One of the funniest Voyager or Star Trek episodes ever, and not-bad story, though still not the best (but still better than a good deal of Voyager's other episodes). And while the Doctor may technically only be a computer program, he's very close to a regular male. I think he's even slept with a few people.

Click to show spoiler
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Overall, very nice acting job by Jeri Ryan, who almost perfectly mimics the Doctor's body language. Tuvok goes through the middle of Pon farr duringt this episode as well, but unfortunately they only just make it a sub-plot and solve it by sticking Tuvok in the holodeck for awhile. But still, one of the funniest Trek episodes and an entertaining TG episode.

From: Random14 , 222 months, post #2
Doh, meant to leave this as a review. Meh, whatever. Unless someone could change it into a review, or I could resubmit as a review, but that'd be a waste of space probably.

From: Lady Sekhmet , 222 months, post #3
I believe a review is supposed to be your own short description of the good and bad points in the film/episode rather than a detailed description of each and every action that took place from beginning to end. That's probably why it was converted into a comment rather than a review. Take a quick look at the other reviews for this entry for an idea of what works best.

From: Random14 , 222 months, post #4
I think you're right, I guess I went overboard by a bit (or a lot). Apologies to whoever's converting the reviews into comments, I'm sorry for the trouble, and any future review I write (if any) I'll try to limit to more appropiate lengths.

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