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Movies where woman grows penis
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From: guest , 10 months, post #1
Looking for movies where a woman grows a penis one way or another. Live action preferred but animation will do fine as well.

I've seen If I Were a Boy, which is probably the most well-known movie in this genre, if you can call it that. This is the sort of content that I'm after.


From: guest (MasterMini) , 10 months, post #2
There is a brief scene in 'Ma vie est un enfer' (1991) around the 37-38 minute mark. A demon causes a woman to grow a penis under her dress. Then she...ahem... 'surprises' a man with it (which we see in a shadow on a wall).

From: guest (AF) , 10 months, post #3
There's also a scene from a movie that I can't remember ... it must have been from the 90s. I watched it in the mid 2000s but can't figure it out. There was a scene with a mudman, and he's sitting beside a naked woman covering her in mud. The movie is in like Italian or Spanish, and she ends up growing a cock too. If anybody knows the name of that movie, then that's definitely something to go on this post

From: guest , 10 months, post #4
What's the plot of the movie? Any other details? Google doesn't seem to want "mudman covers naked woman in mud, grows penis" or similar.

From: guest (Madaba) , 10 months, post #5
Not a movie but in a Halloween episode of two guys and a girl, Sharon gets cursed and grows a penis

From: guest , 10 months, post #6
Episodes are fine as well, thanks for all the suggestions. Scenes where we can see the penis or at least some sort of bulge are preferred, but anything that comes to mind in movie or episode form is appreciated.

From: guest (Mindi Flyth) , 10 months, post #7
This is relevant to my interests!

Envy is a 2011 short film about a young woman who grows a penis and becomes really aggressive and domineering, much to the distress of her chauvinist boyfriend. It's fun and sexy, with lots of bulge shots and the girl teasing her boyfriend for having a smaller dick than she does, but unfortunately I can't find it online at the moment. I wrote a longer review on my Deviant Art:

Would You? is a cute short film (featuring Dave Franco) about a flirty male and female pair of friends who make some wishes that magically come true, and in the end she accidentally gets a penis. It ends when they're making out and the guy realizes she's suddenly packing, but it's a fun reveal.

Willy/Milly (AKA Something Special and I Was a Teenage Boy) is a 1986 YA fantasy movie about a teenage girl who wishes to be a boy, and she grows a penis. It's about as forgettable and wholesome as that premise could be. Almost like a Disney movie or something, but with wacky penis envy stuff. It stars future Better Things actress (and voice of Bobby Hill,) Pamela Adlon. Full movie:

There are a couple of good short films I've seen on Youtube, but I don't remember their names. One was a parody of bodyswap movies, where a bartender gave a bickering man and woman drinks that swapped their genitals. They end up falling in love and having sex, and they're appalled by how much they enjoy it. The other is a short film about a group of hipster women friends in a big city, maybe Los Angeles, and they hang out in the bookstore one of them owns. They all drink a magic potion or something, and they all grow dicks for a day. We follow them around and see how they each deal with it. The woman who owns the bookstore is eager to try out her new equipment and she makes a pass at her male clerk, but he says no. I don't remember if anybody actually does get to have sex, but it had a really sexy vibe and I liked it.

From: guest (Nathan) , 10 months, post #8
You can watch Envy (2011) here

From: guest , 9 months, post #9
Thanks for all the suggestions; I've watched most of those already but Would You? was great.

From: nightmareman81 , 9 months, post #10
"mudman covers naked woman in mud, grows penis" is the one i want to see

From: guest , 9 months, post #11
Indeed, that poster never got back to us unfortunately.

From: guest (Mindi Flyth) , 9 months, post #12
IIRC, the Two Guys and a Girl episode featured bodyswapping, but not penis-growing. This summary would seem to confirm that:

From: guest (AF) , 9 months, post #13
Hey sorry forgot to respond

I unfortunately don't remember the plot since it was in a completely different language. All I know is that it was on Showcase on channel 39 in Canada after midnight. There was like softcore love making here and there but I'm unsure what the actual plot was. All I remember is the woman who's covered in mud is very shocked as her length stiffens. I wish I actually read the subtitles but at the time I was only mesmerized by what was happening visually

From: guest (Heywood Jablowmie) , 9 months, post #14
There's also The Fairy Dongmother, a cartoon about a magical fairy who goes around giving big dicks to some very surprised girls: Most of the time we don't see any bulges and the girls just stand with their legs farther apart and complain about having big dicks now, but one of them actually gets a huge bulge when she thinks about girls.

I wish somebody would make this in live action!

From: guest (Mark Malard) , 9 months, post #15
AF, when you say a "mudman" covered the woman in mud, do you mean he was a man made out of mud, like maybe a kind of Clayface or golem mud-monster or something, or was he like a native tribal guy who was covered in mud? Do you remember where they were, or anything else about the scene or the movie? From your description I'm picturing something where a witch doctor covered in mud smears mud all over a woman and the mud is magical and makes her grow a penis, but it might be that you mean something else completely.

From: guest (AF) , 9 months, post #16
It looked like they were in some sort of dream world. The ground was either mud or sand. He looked like a normal guy covered in drooping mud - definitely not like a monster. He wasn't tribal at all, but there was too much mud. I'll report back if I'm able to find anything.

It sucks because this was my first dive into TG related material

From: guest , 3 months, post #17
Bump, anything else?

From: guest (Scarlett) , 3 months, post #18
There is a JAV (Japanese adult film) episode regarding this which you can find by searching for "cock", "classmate" and "body swap". It involves a male classmate possessing his crush which ends up growing a certain body part that keeps on growing. There is another one that I once saw which didn't include the growing but I forgot the code.

From: Bodyswap1 , 3 months, post #19
There's also Simon Wolf Naughty Bedtime Stories Where A Woman In A Shower Is Transformed Into A Man And It shows the penis transformation.

From: guest (CelebrityChanger) , 3 months, post #20
Tried to find that bedtime stories clip. Didn't

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