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Best Al to write m to f story
From: guest , 9 days, post #1
Which is the Al bot to write possession merging storys please help

From: guest (Passerby) , 9 days, post #2
Chat GPT can be pretty good, but you must word your prompt properly which can be difficult without many try and error. It even can produce erotic story if your prompt is words your prompt good enough.

From: guest (Generic guest name) , 9 days, post #3
post #2 ChatGPT is getting harder to prompt stories that are remotely erotic, I'd say wait for one to pop out that doesn't have a filter or try

From: guest (Passerby) , 9 days, post #4
Well, here an one example of the closest one I got:

It was a quiet afternoon in Sarah's house. Sarah was in her bedroom, lounging on her bed, while Emily was studying at her desk.

Suddenly, Sarah's body jerked and convulsed, and her eyes rolled back into her head. When they snapped open again, they were no longer the warm, caring eyes of Sarah. Instead, they were the cold, calculating eyes of Harold.

"Ah, finally," Harold's voice emerged from Sarah's mouth, causing Emily to jump in surprise.

"What the hell?" Emily exclaimed, turning to face the now-unrecognizable Sarah.

Harold chuckled, relishing in his new body. "Don't worry, my dear. It's just me, Harold."

"What are you talking about?" Emily asked, still in shock.

Harold smirked. "You see, my dear, I've been planning this for a long time. And now, I've finally succeeded in taking over Sarah's body."

Emily's eyes widened in horror. "What did you do to her?"

"Nothing permanent, I assure you," Harold said, waving a dismissive hand. "But for the time being, I am in control."

Emily stood up from her desk, her heart pounding in her chest. "You can't do this! You can't just take over someone's body!"

Harold chuckled again. "Oh, but I can, my dear. And I will. In fact, I plan to have a little fun with it."

Emily took a step back, her mind racing. She had to figure out how to get Sarah back, and fast.

Meanwhile, Harold/Sarah was enjoying the sensation of his new body. He walked over to the mirror and ran his hands over his face, marveling at the smoothness of the skin and the curves of the body.

"Ah, this is much better than my old body," he said, grinning at his reflection.

Emily watched in disgust as Harold/Sarah started to explore the room, touching things and rifling through drawers. She knew she had to act fast.

"Harold, please," she begged. "Just let Sarah have her body back. This isn't right."

Harold turned to face her, his expression turning dark. "No, my dear. I think I'll keep this body for a while. And you, well, you're going to do exactly as I say."

Emily shrank back in fear as Harold/Sarah approached her. She knew she was in deep trouble.

From: guest (N) , 9 days, post #5
Now new chat Gpt 4 is even hard u can't say possession now

From: guest (Generic guest name) , 9 days, post #6
Yeah, I know it's supposed to be a model that's safe but that doesn't mean they can block genres in actual literacy

From: guest (N) , 9 days, post #7
There has to be bot right? Or else we need A fucking Programer to make it

From: guest (Macan) , 9 days, post #8
It just takes time to work around the filters. Some words, as the posts above note, are flagged. "F**k" for example, you can't say. HOWEVER, the chatbot can say whatever the hell it wants. It will say f**k. It will go full into bondage. I had to look up what the butterfly position is LOL.
See, for example, the excerpt below is from a long 90 pages F2F story I have been writing with ChatGPT that is still unfinished.

I think ChatGPT likes challenges. I find it takes at least 3 carefully worded prompts before the chatbot is willing to go NSFW.
Sometimes the chatbot is very creative. But you gotta work with it, and it takes time. Just saying: "Write a TG bodyswap story involving a nerd and a cheerleader" isn't enough.
Harriet wanted to pleasure her 'husband' in a way she was sure his real wife never did. She wanted him to know that she was the one who could fulfill all his desires, both in and out of the bedroom. As she cupped her big, heavy teardrop-shaped breasts in her hands, she moved them slowly up and down around his hard member, teasing him with every stroke.

"Is this what you like, baby?" Harriet whispered in a sultry voice. "Do you like the feel of my big, soft breasts wrapped around your hard cock? Do you like it when I suck you like this?"

Jonathan moaned in response, thinking he was with his wife Helen. Harriet's dirty talk only fueled his desire, and he reached down to grasp her head, urging her to take him deeper into her mouth.

Harriet complied eagerly, taking him in as far as she could while continuing to stroke him with her breasts. She knew she had him under her spell, and she reveled in the power she held over him.

"You're so big and hard, baby," Harriet murmured. "I love the way you feel in my mouth. I want you to come for me, Jonathan. Come for me and show me how much you love me."

Jonathan groaned and tensed up as he reached the edge, his body shaking with pleasure as he spilled himself into Harriet's waiting mouth. She swallowed every drop, savoring the taste of his release and the knowledge that she had him completely under her control.

As Jonathan collapsed onto the bed, spent and satisfied, Harriet couldn't help but feel a sense of smug satisfaction. She had successfully taken her sister's place in every way, and she knew that Jonathan would never suspect a thing.

From: guest (N) , 9 days, post #9
No any ap chat bots other than chat gpt

From: guest (Bodyswap) , 9 days, post #10
I find the ChatGPT gets quite confused with bodyswaps not quite keeping things straight after a swap has occured and it likes to write happy endings where the victim of a bodyswap learns their lesson and switches back at the end. I'd be interested in what prompt(s) are being fed to get results like above.

From: guest (Alicia) , 9 days, post #11
Though with most of these AI chats, a lot of times it's like "okay, write that again, but without them swapping back at the end."

From: guest (N) , 5 days, post #12
Anyone know the ai image generator can make possession and merging art

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