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Extraordinary (Hulu series)
From: jasobres , 6 days, post #1
A new series is out on Hulu, it's a British series called "Extraordinary", a comedy about people getting superpowers. Apparently one of the characters is a shapeshifter. Anyone watch yet? Any TF or TG?

From: hskfmn , 6 days, post #2
I've watched all the episodes so far. One of the main characters has the ability to channel dead people. She mostly uses it in her job to settle estates and last wills of the deceased, but she uses it for other somewhat comedic purpuses as well as channelling the main protagonist's dead father when she needs some words of encouragement. There is one instance though where she channels an old pervy singer who realizes he's in woman's body and proceeds to feel her up.

Another character (who seems to eventually become the protagonist's love interest) can turn into a cat. It's unclear however whether or not that's the only thing he can do. The only transformation seen is more of a cutaway. He exhibits feline-like features while in human form (drinking milk, dislike of cats, etc.).

The only other minor instance was a random girl at a bar who could change her hair color and style at will.

That was about it that I could see. But there are only 8 episodes out so far. It's not impossible that we may see more to come.

From: guest (Djkhaled) , 6 days, post #3
no tfs besides animal tfs and Carrie can channel dead people

From: guest (Mike H) , 6 days, post #4
hskfmn nailed it, not really much in the way of transformation, but the character who channels the dead (Carrie) does it in a way that she's often seen speaking in various male voices - for those interested in that.

From: guest , 6 days, post #5
Which episode has the "pervy singer" possession?

From: guest (Guest 27) , 6 days, post #6
Episode 3 starts around the 13 minute mark

From: guest (Gnosis) , 6 days, post #7
Also in episode 7 she channels the French king Charles II, and throughout the episode she has a conversation with him that gradually turns more and more intimate (until her boyfriend came back)

From: guest (Bart) , 6 days, post #8
So there’s a shapeshifting character who doesn’t shapeshift at all??

From: guest (111) , 6 days, post #9
@hskfmn in which episode does the random girl changes her hairs ?

From: guest (Happy squirrel) , 5 days, post #10
This is definitely my favorite Super hero show. It's been renewed for a 2nd season and I hope it gets many more. It's a world where almost everyone aquires exactly one superpower at or shortly after their 18th birthday. I like how many powers are quite useful and well-known like flying and super-strength. And some powers are just seemingly for amusement and random as fuck. The main protagonist feels left out because it has been 6 years since her 18th birthday and she still does not know what her power is. There is one funny scene where she gets excited because she thinks her power is turning animals into people by showing them her breasts ("magic tits").

She is not completely alone because there is a clinic where they help you find your power and there is another girl the same age as her but has not found her power yet (but she does find out).

To answer an earlier question, in a very early episode (1 or 2) there is a somewhat attractive woman who claims she can shapeshift but says she doesn't like to use it and she doesn't. In fact, I think she is in only one scene and that is it. So shapeshifting to other people does exist and I would be very surprised if it is not seen in a second season since it is a well-known power.

At the end of the season she is about to start the clinic to find out what her power is. I actually have a theory over what this girl's power is but is just speculation:
Click to show spoiler
V guvax ure cbjre vf gb gnxr bgure crbcyr'f cbjref njnl fb gurl ner "abezny" yvxr ure. Ng gur raq bs gur ynfg rcvfbqr gurer vf n thl jub pna abeznyyl syl ohg nsgre orvat erwrpgrq ol ure ur pna'g syl. Cher fcrphyngvba ohg V guvax gung jbhyq znxr frafr gb zr sbe gur fubj gb unir pbafvfgrapl naq ybatrivgl.

I have thought what I would like to see in the next season (though I know it has a less than 1% chance of happening). I would like to see a big macho guy dream about getting superstrength but on his 18th birthday being mortified when he finds out his power is to transform into a cute, petite female version of himself. He's extremely reluctant to voluntarily use it but there are some situations where he can't control the transformation. Gradually, he starts to use it more often and even like it.

Overall, great show even if there are some elements of toxic wokism. Definitely recommend for the writing and acting even if it is very light on the transformations.

From: guest (Awesome Possum) , 5 days, post #11
I don't think this was mentioned but there is a character who has the power for age regression, I believe. Jen's boss is a little girl but it's revealed that she's a lot older in reality.

From: guest (Inspector Racket) , 4 days, post #12
Someone with the power to switch their gender would fit nicely in this universe of crude humor and sexual 20 year olds. Misfits was the show that is OBVIOUSLY an inspiration so they must have been aware that the character Curtis(?) had the power to become a girl version of himself. If there are several seasons of this show I think it's only a matter of time before there's a character with this power. On a planet with 7 billion people and everyone 18+ having a power, it's safe to assume someone has this power already.

From: guest (John Q) , 4 days, post #13
Not including gender swap, what power would you like to have at your 18th bday?

I guess mine would be close to a shape shift, but it would just swap parts of people. I am dark skin and would be able to swap hands with someone.

From: guest (Butthead) , 3 days, post #14
Would be awesome if there was an antagonist who was an homage to Misterlady and used his female shapeshifting power to his advantage who the time travel guy's gang had to stop.

From: Moose , 3 days, post #15
Would a shapeshifter really stand a chance against a time traveler?
Wouldn't time travel make dealing with a shapeshifter super easy?

From: guest (Actionmang) , 2 days, post #16
Clarification: Are there any female to animal transformations, or just the guy who turns into a cat?

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