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F2F Short Story - Old Mrs. Parrish
From: guest (Macan) , 1 months, post #1
Old Mrs. Palfrey
(An adaptation of the classic F2F “Old Mrs. Jenkins” by eryka)
By Macan

Mrs. Walker put down the phone and looked across the room at her husband. That had been the call she had dreaded receiving ever since she had learned that her elderly neighbor, Isobel Palfrey, was diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Jonathan Walker, looking up from his newspaper, deduced from his wife’s expression the subject of the phone call.
“Is it about Edwina?” he asked.
Elizabeth Walker nodded as she walked back across the living room. Smoothing her long, navy-blue pleated skirt beneath her, she settled on the couch beside her husband. Jonathan slipped his arm around her shoulders, and his wife nestled herself against his strong, masculine form as she loved to do…especially when, as now, she was in need of consolation.
“You’re going to go over to stay with her this evening?” he asked.
His wife nodded. A middle-aged wife and mother, Elizabeth
“Yes, her doctor said it won’t be long now…and since she wanted to be at home instead of hospital, it would be a comfort if I were there.”
“Yes, I’m sure she will appreciate it,” her husband nodded in agreement. “Funny though, that she only wanted you there at the end.”
Mrs. Walker
Like many long happily-married couples, the Walkers shared quiet moments of intimacy. This was the case now, when there was nothing really to be said, as they had talked about this moment. They had already talked about this moment, and Elizabeth sat ; and they sat together on the couch.

Absentmindedly, Elizabeth fingered the pearl necklace that her husband had given her for their anniversary two weeks before…its strands hanging over the curve of her bust whose size strained the fabric of her blouse. She reached up to adjust her horn-rimmed glasses which had slipped down her pert nose and sighed, with an expression of deep sadness across her motherly features and pursed lips.
Outside, beyond the patio doors, she could see her two young daughters playing in the back yard on this sunny spring day. Elizabeth was struck by the sad irony that here she was…sitting comfortably in the midst of a scene of family life and vitality…while only a short distance away her poor friend was dying.
Several hours later
Elizabeth Walker slipped on her fur coat and gloves and, clutch purse in hand, stepped out the front door of her home. It was early evening on this quiet, wooded street in the New England town of Cedar Falls. Her family’s home was the last but one on their quiet close, and she could see her neighbors’ houses lit with families inside sitting down to dinner and evenings at home. Mrs. Walker had prepared dinner for her family early, so that she could go visit with her friend and neighbor, Mrs. Palfrey, today.
Her fur coat and gloves and, her clutch purse in hand, stepped out the front door of her large New England home. It was afternoon, and her husband Jonathan was still at his law office and her two young children in school, she made sure to lock the door of the empty house behind her. Although Cedar Falls was a charming old town, with almost no crime and small town family values, Elizabeth always felt safer with the door locked. Although her and her husband had moved here as newlyweds ten years earlier, she had never fallen in love with the town in the same way her husband had.
Jonathan Walker’s law office had prospered, and he had quickly become one of the most respected people in the town’s life. However, while Elizabeth agreed with her husband that Cedar Falls seemed the perfect place to raise their family, she had always felt something oddly sinister about the town. Jonathan had often teased her about her feeling of insecurity, which Elizabeth agreed was probably groundless and even silly. But nonetheless, she had felt uneasy almost from the day they had moved their wonderful home in Cedar Falls; as if she were being continually watched by someone who bore her no good will. So she always made sure the doors of her home were locked; even when she was only going so far as to visit her friend and neighbor – old Mrs. Palfrey – who lived in the stately Victorian-era house across the street.
Elizabeth Walker – “Elizabeth” to her family and close friends – strode confidently down the walk to the street, her high-heeled pumps clipping against the stone and her long, pleated skirt flowing about her legs. The sun was shining, and she felt wonderful. On her wrist she felt the perfectly-fitted diamond bracelet Jonathan had given her for her birthday only last week … and their tenth Wedding Anniversary was coming next week.
Elizabeth was “obscenely healthy” (to use her friend Edwina Palfrey’s expression), in her mid-30s – the prime of her life – and was very happily married to her handsome, well-to-do husband Jonathan who adored her, and with whom she had had two beautiful children: Mary Elizabeth and Sandra. Elizabeth Walker smiled to herself. She felt as if she had won the lottery in life . . . she had everything a woman could wish for!
As she paused in the street to let a car pass, Elizabeth reached up to adjust her horn-rimmed glasses which had slipped down her nose. She quickly amended her earlier thought: she had always found her poor vision an annoyance, and hated having to wear these thick-lensed glasses. Well, and now that she was thinking of things she would change in her life, Elizabeth thought that she would like to lose ten or twenty pounds. None of the diets she had tried seemed to work, and Elizabeth was resigned to being a full-figured woman for the rest of her life. Still, she thought with a smile, Jonathan certainly seemed to like how her weight was distributed in ample curves in her bust and hips, so maybe that wasn’t so bad.
As she walked up to her friend’s house, Elizabeth thought back over their friendship. Mrs. Palfrey was the first friend she had made when she and Jonathan had moved to Cedar Falls; Mrs. Palfrey coming over to welcome them to the town on the first day they moved into the house across the street from hers. Over the past ten years the two women had become very good friends. Mrs. Palfrey would often babysit Elizabeth’s children. Indeed, the old woman so clearly loved spending time with Elizabeth’s daughters, from the time they were toddlers, that Elizabeth would sometimes jokingly remark at her dinner parties – where her friend was, of course, a guest – that Mrs. Palfrey spent more time with her children than she did. Whenever she said this Mrs. Palfrey would say nothing … only smile.
Elizabeth Walker and her older friend would visit each other’s homes frequently, until Mrs. Palfrey’s declining health began to restrict her movements. In recent weeks, Elizabeth had taken to visiting the old woman every day at her house. Often, with Mrs. Palfrey’s nurse dismissed for the afternoon, the two friends would sit for an hour or two and talk about anything and everything over several cups of Mrs. Palfrey’s “special brew” tea. Elizabeth tended to dominate the conversation at these teas with stories about her life and her family. In fact, Elizabeth – who had always been a reserved woman with a strong sense of privacy – had initially been surprised at herself for uncharacteristically nattering on about such private information to Mrs. Palfrey every day. Elizabeth soon dismissed this thought, however, given how close she had become with her elderly neighbor. Certainly Mrs. Palfrey did not seem bored by their conversations. On the contrary, she listened intently to Elizabeth talk about her life, and frequently interjected to ask questions about this or that detail of Elizabeth’s life, or Jonathan, or her children. Indeed, far from boring Mrs. Palfrey, Elizabeth felt that she was often boring herself; for many times she would return home after one of their teas with only a hazy recollection of what she had talked about.
Elizabeth smiled to herself at the recollection, as she let herself into her friend’s house. She was a silly goose sometimes, she thought. As she took off her fur coat and gloves, and placed them as usual with her clutch purse on the chair in the entrance hall, she called out to her friend:
“Edwina…I’m here!” Elizabeth’s melodious voice echoed through the house.
She heard a rasping voice respond through the nearest doorway:
“I’m in here, Elizabeth dear…”
Elizabeth Walker adjusted her glasses, which had slipped down her nose again, and walked into her friend’s living room. The room was decorated with antiquated furniture – a plush sofa, ottoman and armchairs – and the walls were crowded with old oil paintings. Mrs. Palfrey was propped up against pillows in a divan near the front bay window, overlooking the street and Elizabeth’s home directly across. Heavy blankets covered the old woman’s body, but her frail gnarled hands and the emaciated torso evident beneath her nightgown revealed the effects of her recent illness; Mrs. Palfrey having only weeks before been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and was now in rapidly declining health. It was after this diagnosis that Mrs. Palfrey had suggested their afternoon teas; which Elizabeth had interpreted and welcomed as the last gesture of friendship by the dying woman.
Elizabeth smoothed her long, pleated skirt under her as she sat down in the chair opposite her friend. On the coffee table between them there was, as usual, an ornate tea set with some chocolates and biscuits.
“How are you feeling today, Edwina?” Elizabeth asked with a smile, in her soft dulcet voice.
As if in response, Mrs. Palfrey gave a hacking cough. Then she smiled at the younger woman.
“Oh the usual…” the old woman voice rasped. She looked Elizabeth up and down, and smiled approvingly: “That’s quite a lovely blouse, my dear … I have not seen you in it before.”
Elizabeth looked down at her long-sleeved, white silk blouse which curved over her ample bust, and smiled in reply:
“Thank you, Edwina. I only bought it last week to wear when Jonathan took me out to dinner on my birthday.”
The old woman nodded with an appreciative smile.
“Yes … it does accentuate your big breasts most appealingly, my dear!” the old woman giggled. “I’ll bet your husband couldn’t keep his eyes … or his hands … off you.”
Elizabeth blushed crimson, as she was a modest and private woman, who considered the intimacies of a husband and wife sacrosanct.
“Edwina! That is a very embarrassing question!” she exclaimed in annoyance. “I’m surprised to hear you say such a thing!”
The old woman laughed.
“I apologize, Elizabeth … I am so excited that The Day is finally here that I got ahead of myself.” She waved a frail hand at the tea set. “Please, have some of my tea….”
Elizabeth, somewhat mollified by her friend’s apology, reached over and poured herself a cup of her friend’s special blend. As she sipped it, she recalled her friend’s emphasis on today being “The Day” and inquired what she meant.
Mrs. Palfrey smiled furtively, and glanced out the window at Elizabeth’s home across the way.
“Only that today I will finally be leaving this body, Elizabeth dear,” she rasped, with a wistful expression on her face.
“Edwina … don’t say such a thing!” exclaimed Elizabeth, an expression of concern on her pretty, motherly face. “You have many years left to live.”
Old Edwina Palfrey continued to gaze across at Elizabeth’s home, her smile broadening slightly.
“You are right, Elizabeth dear … but not in the way you think,” the old woman replied, turning back to her. “Today I will finally leave this house for good.”
She glanced down at Elizabeth’s tea cup.
“I think you have had enough of my special tea now, Elizabeth. So be a dear, and tell me everything about your birthday celebration with your husband. Was I right? Did Jonathan like the sight of your big boobs in that new silk blouse?”
Elizabeth smiled distantly … her conscious mind seemed to be numbed, and she no longer blushed as before or objected to the question. Instead she answered succinctly:
“Oh yes … in fact, he gave a wolf whistle when I came down the stairs wearing it before leaving for dinner last week!”
The old woman cackled to herself at this.
“I was sure he did,” Edwina Palfrey replied. “After these weeks of conversation over my special blend of tea I feel I know your husband’s tastes as well as you do.”
Elizabeth Walker stared blankly ahead, and gave no reply.
“Mmmm … well, I had better get on with this,” Mrs. Palfrey said to herself. “Jonathan will be getting home soon, and will be expecting you to be waiting for him. So tell me everything that has been happening in your life the past few days, Elizabeth dear… begin with describing your and Jonathan’s most recent lovemaking….”

Elizabeth Walker blinked. She was still sitting across from her elderly friend, but some time seemed to have passed. The afternoon shadows were lengthening outside, and she felt slightly drowsy.
She smiled uncertainly at her friend, who was observing her with a cryptic smile.
“I’m sorry, Edwina,” Elizabeth said apologetically, in her soft, dulcet voice. “I don’t know what came over me. Did I drift off?”
The old woman’s smile broadened.
“In a manner of speaking, my dear,” Mrs. Palfrey said, her faint voice rasping in reply. “But it is quite all right … after all, this will be the last of our little tea conversations.”
At these words, Elizabeth felt a deep sadness over Mrs. Palfrey’s condition. Her friend seemed to be in a fatalistic mood today, and Elizabeth could see that the old woman’s physical condition had worsened considerably to the point where she clearly had only a short time left to live.
It was with this feeling of sadness and friendship that Elizabeth reached across the coffee table, took the old woman’s frail hands in hers, and asked if there was anything she could do for her.
Mrs. Palfrey smiled broadly and, with an eerie tone in her voice, said in reply:
“Why yes, my dear, there is … and it’s happening right now!”

The room seemed to darken around the two women and Elizabeth, instinctively trying to remove her hands from the grasp of the old woman, found that she could not. Mrs. Palfrey’s frail hands had an unnaturally strong grip on Elizabeth’s.
Elizabeth Walker’s eyes widened in surprise as she could feel her strength leaving her hands and going into those of her elderly friend. Elizabeth became frightened and looked across into the old woman’s eyes. A wicked smile had appeared on Mrs. Palfrey’s withered and wrinkled face, as she gazed on Elizabeth with a predatory hunger.
It was then that Elizabeth noticed a darkening of her elderly friend’s white-gray hair. She glanced down at their enclasped hands, and saw that her own youthful hands seemed to age before her eyes. Wrinkles were appearing quite rapidly, and her veins were now grotesquely visible. In mere moments, Elizabeth’s skin had become pale and thin, with ridges of fragile bones and veins. Her nail polish had gradually disappeared from her fingernails, which were now brittle and deformed with age. Yet, at the same time, the hands of Mrs. Palfrey that grasped Elizabeth’s were becoming visibly softer and younger, with long, feminine fingers and fine smooth fingernails.

At this moment Elizabeth realized that her elderly friend was draining the youth from her body!
But not just the youth . . . .
As Elizabeth gazed in horror at her elderly friend’s face, which was growing younger before Elizabeth’s very eyes. She saw that Mrs. Palfrey’s hair was now the exact color of brown as her own. Unlike Elizabeth’s hair, which was done up in Elizabeth’s characteristic high-piled arrangement, Mrs. Palfrey’s hung loose about her face. However, her locks were now as full-bodied and flowing, and the same length, as Elizabeth’s. In fact, it was her elderly friend’s face, framed by her soft brown hair, that held Elizabeth’s horrified gaze … for Mrs. Palfrey’s now-youthful face was the mirror image of Elizabeth’s own!
Elizabeth suddenly felt so tired that she had hardly the energy to speak. But she managed a weak whisper to her no-longer elderly friend:
“Edwina … what are you doing to me?”
The elderly Mrs. Palfrey – who now seemed to have the face and hair of Elizabeth, a woman in her mid-thirties – laughed wickedly.
“Poor Elizabeth!” she said, her voice stronger and more youthful than Elizabeth had ever heard it. “You asked if there was anything you could do for me … and I took you up on your offer. In a few minutes my body will be transformed into a perfect duplicate of your young, beautiful body, and you will assume my old and dying form!”
A clearly invigorated Mrs. Palfrey threw off her blankets, and stood up in her long flannel nightgown and slippers.
“Damn, it feels so good to have youth and energy again!” Edwina exclaimed, stretching her arms. She glanced over at Elizabeth with a smile on her face; now a mirror image of Elizabeth’s own.
“Poor Elizabeth … you still have no idea what is really happening, do you?” She stepped over to a full-length mirror in an antique frame, and turned it towards Elizabeth.
Elizabeth gasped in horror. . . for her face was now the wrinkled visage of Mrs. Palfrey!
Elizabeth’s hair was now thin and gray, her skin was now exactly as dried and aged as her friend’s was when she had arrived earlier.
Then suddenly, as she gazed at her reflection, Elizabeth felt a stabbing pain and a deep weakness overcoming her. Somehow, she knew that she now not only had Edwina Palfrey’s face, but her terminal illness as well!
Elizabeth Walker looked up at the woman she had considered her friend for the past ten years, and who now possessed the pretty, motherly face that had once been Elizabeth’s.
“Your face…you look just like me…” Elizabeth gasped in horrified amazement.
Mrs. Palfrey’s smile broadened, as she clearly found this observation very pleasing.
“Thank you for saying so, Elizabeth dear,” Mrs. Palfrey replied as she caressed her new face – the face of Elizabeth Walker – admiringly in the mirror. “Yes, you had such a beautiful face, didn’t you? “But now it’s mine…and I am going to enjoy seeing your lovely features in my mirror every day.”
Elizbeth’s head was spinning. What was happening to her was unbelievable! Was she dreaming?
She looked up at the frail, but somehow invigorated, elderly woman who…jarringly…now possessed the face and hair of a much younger woman: Elizabeth’s own features and hair!
Elizabeth moaned involuntarily, feeling a chronic pain settling in her body. An awareness was dawning in Elizabeth’s mind that the old woman standing before her may have been the source of her years of unease in Cedar Falls. Elizabeth could feel the malignancy, the EVIL, of which she had always been dimly aware, suddenly concentrated in this house. She cursed herself for her stupidity in falling for this evil woman’s deception. Elizabeth Walker glared angrily at her former friend.
“You may have my face, you witch…” Elizabeth gasped bitterly. “…but you don’t look like me at all. You look like some…some…freak, with my face on your old woman’s body!”
But Elizabeth was surprised when her angry words yielded only an amused smile.
“Oh, I intend to remedy that very soon,” Edwina Palfrey smirked, with Elizabeth Walker’s face. “As you can see, my magic spell has not only transferred your lovely face to me, and my old face to you…but it also gave me your energy and vitality and you my terminal disease!”
Magic? a horrified Elizabeth thought to herself. Dear God, Edwina Palfrey really WAS a witch!
“But there is more to come, my dear,” Edwina continued. “In a few moments this old body of mine will metamorphose into an exact duplicate of your young, full-figured form.”
Elizabeth gasped in horror.
“Soon I will have not only your face but your full figured body as well, Elizabeth dear,” Edwina smirked. “Then, for all intents and purposes, I will BE Mrs. Elizabeth Walker!”
Elizabeth was stunned! It was horrible enough that this witch was stealing her youth…but now Elizabeth realized that Edwina Palfrey wanted much, much more….
Mrs. Palfrey laughed as she saw the dawning realization in Elizabeth Walker’ eyes.
“Ah, so you begin to see, Elizabeth dear,” she laughed. “Obviously, possessing your youthful face and figure will cause problems for me…for in the eyes of the world I will appear to be Mrs. Elizabeth Walker …unless I take over your life as well!”
Elizabeth saw a lustful leer cross “her” features…now the new face of Mrs. Edwina Palfrey.
“But I am not complaining, Elizabeth dear,” Edwina continued with a smirk. “After all, when I take over your life, I will also have your handsome Jonathan as my loving husband, won’t I?”
“You bitch!” Elizabeth spat. “You’ll never get away with it! My family and my husband will know you’re not me!”
Mrs. Edwina Palfrey laughed evilly.
“So sorry to disappoint you, sweetie,” she smirked, “but after the final stage of my spell , NO ONE will ever believe that I am not you.”
She walked over to Elizabeth.
“Now, Elizabeth dear, I will need to strip you of your pretty clothes. When my body assumes your youthful full-figured form I will need to be wearing the clothes of Mrs. Elizabeth Walker, won’t I?” she smirked. “After all, they will look silly on an old hag like you when your body assumes the form of my old carcass.”

Edwina bent over Elizabeth Walker, who vainly tried to evade her. But Elizabeth was now too weak to fend off the other woman’s hands. Mrs. Palfrey shoved and pushed Elizabeth about in the chair as she undressed her; smirking at her victim’s futile attempts to fight back. She quickly and completely stripped the enfeebled Elizabeth Walker of her clothes – her white silk blouse and pleated skirt, her lacey-white brassiere, half-slip and panties, as well as her jewelry – all of which she placed neatly on a settee.
Then the now-youthful faced Edwina Palfrey stepped out of her own slippers, slipped off her "old lady" flannel nightgown and took off her moist undergarments. Unlike her face, which had been Elizabeth’s youthful face only minutes before, Mrs. Palfrey’s body was aged and emaciated. Her breasts were flabby sacks that hung upon a frail, gnarled torso marked by wrinkles and age spots.
Edwina Palfrey noticed Elizabeth’s expression of revulsion, and laughed:
“Not a pretty sight, eh dearie?” she said. “Well, I am sick of it too. I would have left this form and assumed your youth and identity long ago, except that the spell won’t work until the last days of life.”
Mrs. Palfrey ran her eyes critically over Elizabeth’s body which – unlike her face, hair and hands – remained the full-figured form of a relatively young and healthy woman. This was the first opportunity Edwina had to Elizabeth in the nude, and Elizabeth squirmed with disgust at the feeling of her naked body being evaluated as if it were just a piece of meat.
“Just a final inspection of the package before I purchase it, Elizabeth dear,” Edwina laughed.
“Hmmm … I must admit, Elizabeth,” she said approvingly as she ran her eyes along Elizabeth’s nude form, “your body is very attractive for your age, despite it having given birth to two children.”
“Your hips are wider than I had imagined, and your thighs slightly heavier, but since you have told me over “tea” that Jonathan likes your full figure, I won’t complain when it is mine!” Mrs. Palfrey smirked. “Your legs are gorgeous though – I like that! All my life I had skinny, stick-like legs, so I think I will enjoy having your long, beautiful legs!”
Edwina fondled Elizabeth Walker’s big breasts – which, despite their size, sagged only slightly on Elizabeth’s chest – and smiled:
“Your breasts are much larger than mine, and firmer than I thought they would be,” Edwina observed admiringly. Then, hefting them in her hands, she again smiled. “I’m going to really enjoy these!”
Elizabeth Walker felt an almost physical revulsion at her body being examined by this…this witch! But her sudden enfeeblement and pain prevented her from defending herself or moving.
“Damn you…you witch!” Elizabeth gasped painfully. “This is MY body…and I will die before I let you take over my life!”
Mrs. Edwina Palfrey only smirked at these defiant words. She bent over put her face…the face that had once been that of Mrs. Elizabeth Walker…close to Elizabeth’s, and pinched her now-wrinkled cheeks.
“I’m sorry to have to tell you, Elizabeth dear, that you will be doing just that,” Edwina smiled mockingly. “In the eyes of the world “I” will be Mrs. Elizabeth Walker! Your family will, of course, believe that I am you, and for the rest of my life I will be sleeping in your bed with your husband!
I intend to enjoy being Mrs. Elizabeth Walker, happily married wife and mother, for a very long time! Unfortunately, you will not be around long enough to see me enjoying your life. My disease is advancing so fast that I expect by tomorrow you will be dead…”
Edwina smiled…with Elizabeth’s own pretty, motherly face…and cupped her hands around Elizabeth’s new aged cheeks. She chanted several words that Elizabeth did not understand.
Suddenly, Elizabeth felt as if her face was on fire … and incredible pain wracked her body! She could almost feel her bones were breaking and reforming rapidly, and her body shrinking. Tears of pain ran down her cheeks, and she passed out into darkness. . . .

Elizabeth Walker regained consciousness gradually. She was confused at first, and thought it had all been an awful nightmare. Then she realized that she was propped up against the pillows on Mrs. Palfrey’s divan. As she felt that familiar pain again deep in her body, Elizabeth realized to her horror that she was not dreaming. It had all been real!
Elizabeth looked down and saw that she had on the nightgown and slippers that Mrs. Palfrey had been wearing, and beneath the gown she could feel Mrs. Palfrey’s moist undergarments against her flesh.
Her body felt different too…not just the pain and weakness…but as if it were alien to her. Then, as she looked down, Elizabeth was stunned to realize that for the first time since puberty she did not see her ample breasts bulging out under her bodice!
Instead, Elizabeth could feel that her chest, under Edwina’s nightgown, was sunken and emaciated. She could not see her legs, but they felt stunted and bony. Elizabeth somehow knew that she now wore the dying body of old Edwina Palfrey.
Then Elizabeth caught sight of her reflection in the nearby full-length mirror. Her eyes widened in shock, for she now not only had Edwina Palfrey’s worn and wrinkled features, but her thin gray hair had been placed up in the same bun that Mrs. Palfrey always wore. Then Elizabeth noticed her hands, which were now frail and bony, with their dried skin stretched over them like parchment.
For a moment Elizabeth was puzzled as she did not see the familiar sight of her beautiful wedding ring on her ring finger…where it had always been since her Wedding Day when Jonathan had placed it there! Then she realized that in its place was the tarnished Victorian-era ring that Edwina Palfrey always wore.
Then the smell of her body came to Elizabeth nostrils, and she grimaced in recognition of the sickingly sweet fragrance of Edwina Palfrey’s perfume masking the odor of a decaying body.
Elizabeth felt faint, and the room whirled about her.
This could not be happening! She must be dreaming!

Suddenly, the sound of a toilet flushing pulled Elizabeth out of her dissociating state. She turned to the source of the noise, and saw the door opening of the downstairs bathroom in the entrance hall.
Then, to her astonishment, Elizabeth Walker saw “herself” emerge from the bathroom and walk back into the living room!
This other “Elizabeth Walker” was gloriously nude…her big breasts jiggling, and her wide, womanly hips swaying gently as she walked. She was holding Elizabeth’s clutch purse in her hand, and not only did she have Elizabeth’s pretty, motherly face and soft skin, but Elizabeth could see that she also possessed Elizabeth’s youthful full figure…a figure that Elizabeth no longer possessed herself!
The realization dawned on Elizabeth that this other “Elizabeth Walker” was Edwina Palfrey, now wearing the face and form that once had been Elizabeth’s.

Elizabeth could see that Edwina Palfrey had arranged her now-beautiful brown hair in Elizabeth’s usual style, and that she was wearing Elizabeth’s shade of lipstick and eyeshadow with her fingernails polished in Elizabeth’s familiar soft pink.
This “other” Elizabeth Walker stopped at the settee where she placed Elizabeth’s clutch purse. Elizabeth gazed upon her imposter in horrified fascination, for this woman was identical to Elizabeth – or how Elizabeth once looked – in every detail: from the soft bush of her pubic hair…to slight sag of her heavy breasts and the size of her aureoles…to the tiny mole beneath her left breast…this “Elizabeth Walker” looked exactly like Elizabeth!
The “other” Elizabeth Walker also seemed very happy, as Elizabeth could hear her humming and could see a smile on her face. She reached down into the pile of Elizabeth’s clothing on the settee and took up Elizabeth’s lacey-white brassiere. As Elizabeth watched, her imposter slipped her big breasts – identical to the bosoms Elizabeth had possessed all her life until just a few minutes before – into the supporting cups of bra and hooked its clasps into place. After tugging at the bra straps on her shoulders to adjust it more comfortably, this “other” Elizabeth Walker then took Elizabeth’s matching white lace panties from the pile and stepped into them…bringing them up to fit snugly on her wide hips.
Elizabeth let out a gasp as her imposter stood up in Elizabeth’s own lingerie, for she could not ignore the reality: this semi-clothed, full figured woman looked… for all the world…to be Elizabeth!
Hearing the gasp, the “other” Elizabeth Walker turned towards Elizabeth with a wicked smile.

“Ah, so you’re awake…” the “other” Elizabeth Walker said, in Elizabeth’s own soft, dulcet voice.
Elizabeth gaped in shock at hearing her voice come from this other woman’s lips. The witch had stolen her voice as well!
Mrs. Edwina Palfrey, who now possessed Elizabeth’s face and form, laughed with Elizabeth’s characteristic melodious laugh.
“Isn’t it wonderful?” the witch exclaimed happily, with Elizabeth’s voice. “My magic not only gave me your face and figure, but also your internal characteristics such as your vocal cords!”
Elizabeth heart sank. Edwina Palfrey’s voice now sounded exactly like Elizabeth’s.
“I knew that the Spell would exchange our outward appearances and our body health,” she explained with a broad smile. “But I was expecting that I would have to fake the other differences.”
Edwina laughed, and continued:
“You might find it funny, my dear,” Edwina Palfrey smiled, with Elizabeth’s own face, “but I had planned on “coming down” with a bad sore throat to explain the difference in our voices.”
She smirked leeringly.
“I was even going to use a lubricant – and the excuse of a vaginal infection – to cover for differences that Jonathan would feel between my older, drier vagina and your younger, moister one when he makes love to me in your place…I was betting that if I had your face and figure, he would overlook the smaller difference.”
Elizabeth Walker’s eyes widened at this last detail: she had not thought about this witch actually making love to her husband in her place. Elizabeth could feel herself becoming sick at the thought.
But Edwina continued, oblivious to Elizabeth’s disgust:
“Of course, now none of that is necessary!” Edwina Palfrey smiled happily. “I not only have your face and figure, Elizabeth, but I even have your fingerprints and vocal cords!”
She smiled broadly.
“I must admit, my dear, it is a little odd hearing your voice when I speak,” Edwina laughed, with Elizabeth’s own voice. “But then I always thought you had a lovely voice, and I know I’ll get used to it….”
Elizabeth Walker was stunned by what she was hearing. It couldn’t be true…but her eyes and ears told her different.
Elizabeth thought.
At this thought, Elizabeth’s gaze shifted down to the crotch of what were her lace panties that she had slipped on only that morning, and which were now worn by her imposter. She could see the shadow of what had been her pubic hair under the lace, and worried at the implications of what Edwina had said.
Mrs. Edwina Palfrey noticed the gaze, and correctly read the anxiety behind it. She laughed cruelly, and said:
“Yes, I have your genitalia as well, Elizabeth dear,” Edwina smirked. “It was a pleasant surprise a few moments ago to discover that I now have the well-lubricated, tight vagina of a woman over half my age.”
“Now I don’t have to make excuses when I make love to Jonathan in your place,” Elizabeth’s imposter laughed. “He won’t notice a difference as my pussy will feel exactly like the familiar moist pussy of the wife whom he loves!”
“Why…why me?” gasped Mrs. Elizabeth Walker plaintively.
“To be honest, Elizabeth dear, I envied you your full figure,” Mrs. Edwina Palfrey explained.
“When I was your age I was a much plainer woman than you. I was small-breasted, and I always dreamed of what it would feel like to be a full-figured woman like yourself…”
Edwina smirked.
“…and now I know!”
Edwina ran her hands along her voluptuous figure, that had once belonged to Elizabeth Walker, lifting and squeezing her ample breasts in their twin white bra cups.
“I just love your body, Elizabeth dear,” Edwina said, in Elizabeth’s own voice. “You kept it in such good condition for me! Your skin is soooooo smooth and soft … and I really love these big breasts!” She ran a finger along the lace trim of Elizabeth’s brassiere. “Mmmmmm, your lacey bra and panties feel so sexy. I never had anything like these the first time I was your age.”
“You…you…goddamn whore….” Elizabeth gasped painfully, with Edwina Palfrey’s voice.
Mrs. Palfrey laughed, with Elizabeth’s soft, dulcet voice.
“Tsk-tsk Elizabeth dear…such language,” she smirked. “I will have you know I am not a “whore”. In fact, you should be grateful that I have no intention of staining your reputation now that – in the eyes of the world – I am you, and I can do whatever I want as the beautiful, young Mrs. Elizabeth Walker!”
Elizabeth felt tears burning down her aged, wrinkled face; the face of Edwina Palfrey.
“You should be pleased for your family, Elizabeth dear, since I intend that they not notice any difference when I take your place,” Edwina continued. “I am be only too happy to assume your life as a wife and mother. After all, Jonathan is very handsome, and I am sure I will enjoy him as my lover…and my husband…in bed!”
“But more importantly, as “Mrs. Elizabeth Walker” I will have a loving husband to support and care for me – after he fulfils my lifelong dream and impregnates this young, fertile vagina I’ve taken from you – and I become a mother!”
Elizabeth tear-filled eyes widened in shock.
“You might recall my telling you, Elizabeth, how I wanted to have children all my life?” Edwina asked. “Well, my infertility destroyed that dream. But now….”
Mrs. Edwina Palfrey smiled, and ran her hands along her now-curvaceous, womanly hips.
“… now I have your fertile womb, Elizabeth!” she continued. “Of course, I know very well that you had decided that two girls were enough, and that you and Jonathan would not have any more.”
She smirked.
“But tonight, Elizabeth dear, you are going to tell your husband that you have changed your mind, and that you want to have another child. You won’t be alive to see it, my dear, but in a few months you will be carrying your husband’s next child!”

Mrs. Elizabeth Walker, now in Edwina’s aged frame, felt herself in shock at hearing these words. This witch was going to take everything that was Elizabeth’s: her face and figure, her name, her husband, and even her life.
The emotional trauma was too much, and Elizabeth began convulsing in dry, impotent sobbing.
Seeing the pain she had inflicted on the woman she had deceived, Edwina Palfrey smirked cruelly. The thought struck her how exquisite it would be to flaunt her new body in front of its former occupant. So, sitting down across from Elizabeth, Edwina began to slowly get dressed in Elizabeth’s own clothes.

Clearly enjoying the sensual pleasure of running her hands over her curvaceous new legs, Edwina Palfrey slowly slipped into Elizabeth Walker’s pantyhose. Edwina exulted at the sight of her new, gorgeous legs in their sheer nylon hose, and extended a delicate, perfectly formed foot towards Elizabeth.
“Don’t my new legs looking simply stunning, Elizabeth dear?” Edwina laughed with Elizabeth’s voice, running a hand along her smooth, nyloned legs. “I know Jonathan admires them. Over our special “teas” you’ve told me how he loves your wrapping them around him while making love…. Mmmm, I can’t wait to wrap them around him tonight!”
Edwina stood up and, taking Elizabeth’s lacey half-slip from the settee, stepped into it and shimmied it on over her nyloned legs and wide hips. Then she stepped into Elizabeth’s long, pleated skirt and buttoned it about her waist.
Mrs. Palfrey laughed happily, and pirouetted before the mirror; clearly enjoying the feeling of Elizabeth’s long skirt flowing about her new, shapely nyloned legs. Then she slipped on Elizabeth’s long-sleeved, white silk blouse…slowly buttoning it up over her ample bosom.
Of course, all of Elizabeth Walker’s clothes fitted Edwina perfectly.
Finally, Edwina slipped her feet into Elizabeth’s fashionable high-heeled pumps, and stood up to admire herself in the full-length mirror.
It was obvious she liked what she saw.
“I must say, Elizabeth, you were a beautiful woman!” Mrs. Palfrey exclaimed, admiring her reflection – the reflection of the young, beautiful Elizabeth Walker – in the full-length mirror. “Now your beauty is mine...along with everything else that was yours.”
As she said this, Edwina reached down and…taking Elizabeth Walker’s watch, and the diamond bracelet Jonathan had given her for her birthday only last week…slipped them on her arms. Edwina then carefully put on Elizabeth’s expensive earrings, and then checked them in the mirror. Finally, she took Elizabeth’s thick, horn-rimmed glasses, and deftly slipped them on.
“Hmmm…” Mrs. Edwina Palfrey frowned. “I do wish you had better vision, Elizabeth dear.”
Then Edwina she happened to glance down at her ample bust and, cupping a large breast in her hand, smirked. “Though I suppose your body does have its compensations.”

Finally, Mrs. Palfrey … who now possessed Elizabeth’s face and figure … reached down and took Elizabeth’s wedding ring in her hand.
“Very nice…” she smiled in admiration, holding the multi-stoned, exquisitely-set diamond ring in the light. She turned to face Elizabeth. “I've waited for a long time for this, Elizabeth. For years, I have always loved your children and lusted for your husband's body.”
Slowly the imposter slipped Elizabeth’s wedding ring on her ring finger. She held out her hand so Elizabeth could see the ring glinting in the light.
“Well, Elizabeth dear, your children are now MY children, and your husband is MY husband!” Mrs. Palfrey smiled triumphantly. “For the last ten years I have watched and studied you in anticipation of the day when I would take your place. Of course, no outsider can ever know the intimate secrets between a wife and her husband. So over our "special" teas, I’ve made you reveal to me the most intimate details of your life with Jonathan: I know how you and he make love … exactly how you suck his cock . . . all the little details only Mrs. Elizabeth Walker would know … after all, I’m going to be “Mrs. Elizabeth Walker” from now on.”
At this, Elizabeth realized the full horror of her situation. All those afternoons, Mrs. Palfrey had drugged her and pumped her for information. The new “Elizabeth” laughed.
“Believe me, Elizabeth…” she continued. “…tonight I’ll replace you in bed with your husband, and Jonathan won’t even realize that another woman has taken your place. It’s been a long time since I made love to a man, Elizabeth dear, but after all these years of envying you … it will feel sooooo good fucking Jonathan in your body!”

Mrs. Elizabeth Walker felt her heart thudding painfully in her chest. There was a sudden explosion of pain…and then another…. Elizabeth gasped, and doubled over in pain.
After a few moments the wave of pain passed, leaving Elizabeth gasping for air. She had never before felt anything like that. Her pulse thudded loudly in her ears.
“Ah, I can see that you are in some discomfort, my dear,” Elizabeth could hear voice of Edwina Palfrey – Elizabeth’s voice – saying, as if from a great distance away. “I believe you have just had your first heart attack. Dreadful things…I had my first the other day, and it left me crippled and weak.”
Elizabeth looked up, to see her imposter smirking cruelly.
“But now that I have your body, Elizabeth, I also have your strong, healthy heart, don’t I?” Edwina observed. “So, unlike yourself, I won’t have to worry about heart attacks anymore? That is very convenient as I expect your handsome husband will have my heart pounding in bed tonight!”

At these words, Mrs. Elizabeth Walker’s eyes – now the small, elderly eyes of Mrs. Palfrey – flashed with anger. She tried to say something to her imposter, but her words caught painfully in her throat. She could only make incoherent sounds in the old woman’s rasping voice.
Mrs. Edwina Palfrey, who now possessed the youthful face and figure that were once Elizabeth’s, laughed as she noticed this.
“So your voice has gone already?” Edwina asked, with an evil smile on her face – the face of Elizabeth Walker!
“This just gets better and better,” she said, as if to herself. “You know, an exquisitely evil thought just came to me….”

Edwina Palfrey walked over to a table on which sat an old-style phone and, lifting the receiver, dialed a number. Holding the receiver, she smiled at Elizabeth while waiting for her call to be answered by the person she was calling. When it was, Elizabeth Walker gasped as she realized who the person on the other end of the line was . . . .
“Jonathan honey, it’s me!” Edwina said into the phone, with Elizabeth’s own soft dulcet voice.
Elizabeth felt a surge of instinctive rage: the witch was impersonating her with Jonathan, directly in front of Elizabeth!
Elizabeth Walker tried to cry out to her husband, but her now aged throat only rasped painfully. Meanwhile her imposter smirked, amused at Elizabeth’s impotent reaction. She was clearly enjoying her possession of Elizabeth’s voice and how it allowed her to fool Elizabeth’s husband.
“I’m so glad I caught you at the office, dear,” Edwina Palfrey continued, in Elizabeth’s voice. “I’m over at Edwina Palfrey’s and I thought…when you are coming home…that it would be nice if you could stop in and see Edwina….”
There was a pause, and Elizabeth could see Edwina listening to what the person on the other end of the line – Elizabeth’s own husband – was saying.
“You will?” Edwina exclaimed in response, smirking mockingly at Elizabeth. “That will be wonderful, honey!”
There was another pause, and Elizabeth Walker saw her imposter’s smirk suddenly widen and her eyes sparkle wickedly. With her next words, Elizabeth realized why.
“Thank you, sweetheart…I love you too. . .`bye,” Edwina Palfrey replied happily, clearly enjoying impersonating Elizabeth with Elizabeth’s own husband.

As her imposter put the receiver back down, Elizabeth felt her heart sinking.
“Your husband just said “I love you” to me, Elizabeth dear,” Mrs. Palfrey laughed, with Elizabeth’s voice. “It’s been a long while since a man has said those words to me. And I must admit hearing your husband say them sent a delicious shiver down my spine ... I’ve been in love with that handsome hunk of man since the first time I laid eyes on him ten years ago. Of course, he thought I was you when he said it, Elizabeth. But that doesn’t matter, since from now on I will be you!”
Elizabeth’s eyes must have shown her surprise, for Mrs. Palfrey continued.
“Really… you had no idea?” she laughed with Elizabeth’s voice. “Well, Elizabeth I must say that I have been insanely jealous of you from the first time I saw you by your husband’s side. You had a perfect family: a devoted, handsome husband and two beautiful children.
Tears began to roll down the crevices of Elizabeth's now old and knarled face. Mrs. Palfrey did not notice, however; her attention being caught by something outside the window.
“There’s Jonathan!” she exclaimed excitedly. She glanced down at Elizabeth. “Well, I will be leaving you now, Elizabeth. It is only appropriate that you see me walk out that door with your unsuspecting husband … after all, I will be assuming your identity and your married life with him. Don’t excite yourself when you see him; you can’t speak or tell him the truth anyhow.”
Mrs. Palfrey laughed cruelly, with Elizabeth’s voice.
“When Jonathan comes in, you will get to feel the jealousy I have felt towards you for the past ten years. You know, I think I am going to plant my first kiss on my new husband’s lips before your eyes. Jonathan will think I am you, of course … but you will see with your own eyes how I intend to enjoy being “Mrs. Elizabeth Walker” for the rest of my new, extended life.”

At this moment, the doorbell chimed.
Mrs. Palfrey smirked: “Well, I had better go let MY husband in…”
The imposter, who now possessed Elizabeth’s face, form and clothes, turned and walked out into the entrance hall. Elizabeth’s high heels, which Mrs. Palfrey now wore as her own, clipped against the hardwood floor, and Elizabeth’s long, pleated skirt flowing about her imposter’s legs. Elizabeth could not help but notice how Mrs. Palfrey imitated her walk perfectly, with her erect posture balancing the gentle sway of her wide hips just as Elizabeth once walked.
Elizabeth heard the sound of her own voice, now used by her imposter, coming from the hall:
“Come in, honey…Mrs. Palfrey and I were just talking about you ….”
Elizabeth thought her heart would break when she saw her darling husband walk into the living room with his arm around the waist of another woman … a woman who looked and sounded, for all the world, to be Elizabeth!
“You were?” Jonathan Walker laughed, a wide smile crossing his handsome face. As he looked in Elizabeth’s direction, Elizabeth’s now aged heart beat a little faster. Jonathan loved her … he would see through the evil witch’s deception!
“Hello Edwina…” Jonathan smiled at her,“…how are you feeling today?”
Elizabeth’s heart fell. Her husband…the man she loved, and the father of her children …believed she was old Mrs. Palfrey! She tried to speak and tell him the truth, but she found that her voice was gone.
“Edwina seems to have lost her voice this afternoon, honey,” the real Mrs. Palfrey said with Elizabeth’s voice.
Taking his arm from waist of the woman he thought his wife, Jonathan Walker walked over to his real wife; now trapped in the dying form of Edwina Palfrey.
As her husband patted her now palsied hand, Elizabeth felt like crying. But her tear ducts, much like the rest of her aged frame, had now ceased to function.
“I’m sure all you need is a good night’s rest, Edwina,” he said to Elizabeth in a comforting tone.
Elizabeth’s hand shook with emotion, but she could do nothing but watch.
Behind her husband’s back her imposter was openly smirking at her, her eyes twinkling with pleasure behind Elizabeth’s thick, horn-rimmed glasses, enjoying Elizabeth’s impotent situation. The ersatz Mrs. Elizabeth Walker … unseen by Elizabeth’s husband … now ran her eyes appraisingly over him in undisguised lust.
Seeing that Elizabeth had noticed her leering at Elizabeth’s husband, Mrs. Palfrey’s smirk widened. The evil old woman … who now looked for all the world to be the young, lovely Elizabeth Walker … held up her hand on which was now Elizabeth’s diamond wedding band. Then she arched a mocking eyebrow at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth almost gagged. Her imposter’s message was unmistakable: Edwina desired Elizabeth’s husband, and by impersonating Elizabeth she would be now able to fulfill her desires at last. After all, now that she wore Elizabeth’s form, even Elizabeth’s own family would think nothing of this woman sleeping with Jonathan … for to all the world she was Mrs. Elizabeth Walker!
Elizabeth heard her imposter clear her throat and say, with Elizabeth’s own soft, dulcet voice:
“Honey, I think we should be going and let Edwina have her rest.”
At this, Elizabeth gazed up at her husband and pleaded silently with her eyes for him to stay. However, he only smiled consolingly down at her and patted her hand again.
“You get some rest now Edwina,” an unsuspecting Jonathan Walker said comfortingly to his wife, now trapped in the decrepit body of Mrs. Edwina Palfrey. “You’ll feel a hundred percent better in the morning.”
“Yes, I’m sure she will,” echoed the real Edwina Palfrey, now wearing the form of Elizabeth Walker, from behind him.
As Elizabeth’s husband stepped back, her imposter slipped her arm through his possessively. Now that she was in Jonathan Walker’s field of vision again, Mrs. Palfrey was careful to avoid smirking. Instead she dissembled a caring smile, as the real Elizabeth would have done in her place.
“Let’s go honey,” Mrs. Palfrey said, with Elizabeth’s soft voice. “The kids will be home soon, and I have to get their dinner ready.” She turned and smiled at the real Elizabeth Walker, trapped in her body. “I’ve told you, Edwina, how they’ve started liking steak with sweet potatoes … and I feel like giving the kids a treat today.”
Elizabeth felt like choking. She had told the witch that only last week; and now her imposter was planning on replacing her as a mother to her kids, as well as a wife to her husband! Elizabeth looked into Mrs. Palfrey’s eyes behind her horn-rimmed glasses … eyes that were once Elizabeth’s own … and she could see the witch was enjoying Elizabeth’s anguish.
Jonathan Walker had turned toward the entrance hall when Mrs. Palfrey, in the guise of his wife, placed a hand on his chest to stop him. Elizabeth’s unsuspecting husband turned with a questioning expression to the woman he thought his wife.
Mrs. Palfrey smiled … her face and smile now the face and smile of Mrs. Elizabeth Walker … and, slipping one hand behind his neck, brought her face close to his and pressed her lips against his in a soft, sensuous kiss.
The real Elizabeth Walker felt a sharp pain in her chest, and the room spin about her, as she gazed on in horror! Before her eyes she watched her husband being kissed by another woman … an evil woman decades older than him … who had stolen her body, and was now enjoying as a prerequisite that came with the possession of Elizabeth’s face and form: the love of Elizabeth’s husband!
After a moment the two parted, and Jonathan Walker looked down at Elizabeth’s imposter with a quizzical smile.
“What did I do to deserve that?” he asked.
Mrs. Palfrey smiled up coyly at him, with the face of Elizabeth Walker. Her eyes danced mischievously behind her glasses.
“Didn’t you like it, darling?” she asked.
“I loved it, honey,” grinned Jonathan Walker. Then, with slight embarrassment, he motioned with his head toward the person he thought to be the frail Edwina Palfrey. “But. . .”
“It was just a little joke between Edwina and I,” Elizabeth’s imposter explained, nodding at Elizabeth who could only look on in despair. Mrs. Palfrey then slipped her arm through the arm of Elizabeth’s husband and walked with him to the hall.
“Besides…” Mrs. Palfrey said coyly with Elizabeth’s own voice, being sure that her words could carry back to Elizabeth. “…isn’t a wife allowed to show her husband how much she loves him?”
Elizabeth saw her husband help her imposter on with Elizabeth’s fur coat, and Mrs. Palfrey smile and say – “Thank you, darling.” – in Elizabeth’s soft, dulcet voice. She saw the old witch slip Elizabeth’s gloves upon her hands … hands that were identical to those Elizabeth used to possess … and take Elizabeth’s clutch purse as her own.
Black despair filled Elizabeth’s mind as she saw her husband slip his arm around the waist of her imposter. She noticed how Mrs. Palfrey moved exactly as Elizabeth would when her husband did this, and pressed herself imperceptibly to his side. Clearly, Mrs. Palfrey had been watching and planning for this day for a long time. Her impersonation of Elizabeth was perfect in every way! Even Elizabeth’s husband did not suspect.
Elizabeth felt her aged heart beating painfully in her chest as her husband waved goodbye to her.
“Take care, Edwina!” he called.
Elizabeth saw her imposter smiling warmly at her … only Elizabeth could tell the smile was one of triumph. She waved as well.
“Have a good rest Edwina,” the real Edwina Palfrey called, with Elizabeth’s melodious voice. “I’ll come by again tomorrow.”
Then the two moved into the outer hall, and out of Elizabeth’s field of vision. Then came the sound of the front door opening and, a moment later, closing.
In the silence of the old Victorian house, the only sound Elizabeth could hear was that of her high heel pumps … which her imposter had taken as her own … clicking on the porch steps.
Painfully, she managed to turn her head to see her husband and her imposter … old Mrs. Palfrey, who had betrayed her friendship and stolen Elizabeth’s youth, body, clothes and husband … walking across the street arm in arm. Her imposter looked exactly as Elizabeth looked when she walked over hours earlier, and her walk and every movement were Elizabeth’s. Jonathan Walker and old Elizbeth Palfrey, now in the young body of Elizabeth Walker, looked the very image of a happily married couple.

With a soul-rending sadness deeper than anything she had ever felt, Elizabeth realized that her husband was completely fooled by the old witch’s impersonation of herself. As a result, she knew that in a few hours the two would be going to bed and her imposter … probably wearing one of Elizabeth’s sexiest nightgowns … would finally fulfill her desire and make love to Jonathan in her place!
It was too much … too much …. Elizabeth wished for death to come.

In the street outside Edwina Palfrey, after being so long confined indoors by her frail, dying body, felt herself glow with pleasure in the late afternoon sunshine and fresh air. She could feel Elizabeth’s high heels clipping against the stone, and Elizabeth’s long, pleated skirt flowing about her legs as she walked.
This felt incredible! To be young and beautiful again!
Edwina breathed in deeply with the lungs of Elizabeth Walker, feeling her now large breasts strain against the material of Elizabeth Walker’s brassiere and blouse, and exulted in her strong, healthy young body!
Then Edwina glanced at the man walking beside her, and smiled.
And not just any young body, she thought, but the body of the woman Jonathan Walker loved. Edwina Palfrey could feel herself getting moist between her legs for the first time in years!
“Mrs. Elizabeth Walker”, Edwina thought to herself. “I’m think I’m going to enjoy that name!”
Jonathan Walker, noticing the smiling gaze of the woman he believed to be his wife Elizabeth, raised an eyebrow with a questioning grin.
“You’re in an odd mood, honey,” he laughed. “Is everything alright?”
Mrs. Elizbeth Palfrey…now the “new” Mrs. Elizabeth Walker…laughed happily. She squeezed the hand of “her” husband.
“Everything is perfect, my darling!” she smiled at him, with his wife’s face and voice. “Absolutely perfect!”

Later that evening
The sound of a gentle voice reading wafted down the darkened upstairs hall:
“…and when her evil stepsisters heard that Cinderella was marrying the handsome Prince they tore their hair and cursed their luck....”

Edwina Palfrey smiled to herself as she listened from the doorway of the Master Bedroom and then stepped back into the bedroom and closed the door softly behind her. In a glance she took in Jonathan and Elizabeth Walker’s bedroom: It is perfectly appointed and decorated, reflecting Elizabeth Walker’s good taste. In the middle of the far wall – set amidst the deep-pile carpeting – is a large, queen-sized bed. Next to the bed are matching night-tables with twin small lamps. Against the wall beside the bed is a large, ornate mirror.

Jonathan stopped reading, having noticed that his younger daughter, Mary Elizabeth, had already fallen asleep. The older of the two – Sandra – was still awake, but drowsing off.
“Well sweetie,” Jonathan said, closing the picture book, “I’ll let you go to sleep now. We’ll finish the story tomorrow.”
He bent over and kissed his daughter’s forehead.
“ ’kay, Daddy,” the young girl replied in a sleepy voice. Then she added: “Daddy?”
“What honey?” her father smiled, about to walk to the door.
“Why’s mommy acting funny?” Sandra asked in a sleepy voice.
Jonathan replied with a quizzical smile.
“What do you mean, sweetie?” he asked.
“She’s all touchy since you two came home…hugging us…and kissing you.”
Jonathan laughed.
“Sweetie, your mom loves us . . . that’s just her way of showing how much she loves us.”
Sandra blinked in thought. Then she shrugged, and smiled.
“Okay…’nite Daddy,” she said, settling back into her pillow.
“Goodnight honey,” said her father, turning out the light. “Sweet dreams….”
As he walked down the darkened upstairs hall, Jonathan smiled to himself thinking…not for the first time…how lucky he’d been in his life. Two adorable children…a beautiful wife who loved him…what man could ask for more.

Reaching the master bedroom, he saw how light from inside peeked through the crack under the door. He opened the door and walked in.
For a moment he was surprised. The bed…in which he expected to find his wife reading her mystery novel…was empty; the novel sitting untouched on the night table.
A sound drew his eyes to the window, where he saw his wife standing beside the curtain.
Jonathan caught his breath.
Elizabeth was wearing one of her skimpiest negligees: its sheer red silk barely covered her torso, with a laced-hem at the bodice and the skirt. His eyes were drawn to her full breasts, which hung heavily in the lacey, low-cut bodice; their weight straining the red spaghetti strands over her shoulders.
She smiled at him, raising an eyebrow.
“Do you like it, darling?” she asked coyly, running her hands slowly over the negligee.
Jonathan grinned.
“You know I do, you shameless flirt,” he replied. “It’s only been my favorite since you first wore it on our last anniversary.”

Edwina Palfrey’s smile widened. She stepped away from the window and, lifting her arms above her head, pirouetted before her husband.
Jonathan caught his breath again, at the sight of his wife’s large breasts rising and jutting as she lifted her arms, and the brief glimpse of pubic hair beneath the raised lace hem of the skirt.
“And do I look as good in it now as I did then?” Elizabeth asked, the corner of her mouth lifting in an amused smile.
Jonathan was pleasantly surprised at this flirtatious mood his wife was in tonight. Like many married couples, their sex life – while still very enjoyable – had become inevitably predictable over time. Tonight, however, Elizabeth was obviously feeling more frisky than usual.
“You look more beautiful now than ever!” Jonathan exclaimed.
His wife laughed, and walked over to him, slipping her arms around his neck.
“I’m glad you think so, darling,” she said, rising on tip toes and bringing her lips to meet his.
They kissed, and Jonathan felt his wife’s soft, full lips yielding beneath his as usual. He was surprised, however, when she slipped her tongue between his lips…and then caressing the inside of his mouth…at first slowly, then moving faster….
Both were now breathing rapid, quick breaths. Jonathan slipped his arms about his wife, and his hands slipped down to her bottom. Elizabeth squirmed against him, to allow her husband’s hands to explore the cleavage between her buttocks under her negligee.
His wife’s tongue darted in and around his mouth like a small animal, and Jonathan could feel her hardening nipples pressing against him through the negligee.
They broke apart, breathing heavily.
Elizabeth grinned lasciviously up at her husband….

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Why doesn't that put it on wattpad?

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@Macan - great story! How would I reach you?

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Any blog or something like that where we can enjoy all of your stories?

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wow, that fantastic story! Looking forward to the next one.
Thank Macan!

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Thanks for the kind words.
As you may have noticed, I had to shorten this fragment story as it seemed too long for here.
Apologies for the missing bits and sloppy crops.

@observer Usually

@f2flover I used to do the Yahoo Groups, as I liked the interaction. They are long gone. Now I just sorta write for myself in my spare time. BtW: As you folks liked the above, I'm posting a fragment of another F2F story you may know from back in the day "Madness and the Evil Twin"
Posting here as just the easiest for me. But I respect, and don't want to seem to be spamming this great board. No real thought of a blog.

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Thank you for posting it.

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However, I assume you cut a bit off at the end to make it fit here, is there a place for the full version, perhaps a Google Doc or something of that nature?

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@macan I finished the Family Heirloom story.

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@Rageoficeman OMG, I freaking loved the 2nd part of your "Family Heirloom". Actually, only read the first 1/4 as I gotta get my day started, but it was hot! Will save it for tonight. Just loved the premise: bad grandpa stealing his MILF granddaughter's body. I have never written a "Bad Bodystealing Grandpa" story, but now I want to. (I am really hoping Bad Grandpa wins in the end :-) TY again!

@AnonymousUser Yes, you are right. Also cut from the beginning, as you can see from the butchered opening paragraph here. I write in spare moments -- have two long "Evil Neighbour Stealing MILF's Life/Identity" in process -- so don't think so much on posting. But you are right, I should think of somewhere to dump them all.

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@Macan thanks for reposting. I remember this from a while back and it still packs a punch. I know everyone has slightly different preferences for this genre but for me this is really perfect. Loved the 2 women and how they are described, plot makes sense, evil one wins in the end and the amount of taunting by Edwina is first rate. I could read stories like this all day. Thanks!

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@Delweb Thanks for the great compliment! I remember you from the Evil Twin group (I think). Love your contributions here btw. Some fine F2F content I would never know about.

@Rageoficeman I finished "Family Heirloom". Nice slow burn and very twisty. Loved that ending. Maybe I would have a preference for more naughty bits, but that's me (also maybe you had platform constraints?) Hope you have time to write some F2F text stories if the spirit moves you. Thank you for the read!

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@macan glad u enjoyed it. i just uploaded part 1 of a story i had in the works as a comic. Not sure when ill finish (comic/text) it but part 1 is there now. No actual f2f yet but building to it.

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@macan Love part 1 of this story. I would be really interested in reading the rest, along with any other F2F content you are writing.
Do you have a DeviantArt or any place we can read your works?

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@rageoficeman Just read "Academy of Elites Pt.1" TY. I enjoy your long form stories, and the twisty details. A rarity these days with everyone's time constraints. Also, can't get enough F2F.

@BodySwapViewer Glad you liked lit. Not sure if DeviantArt would allow NSFW stuff like my stories?

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Fantastic job Macan! I love stories like this! I'm looking forward to reading more.

If you're looking for a place to post your stories, you might want to check out The Changing Mirror forum. Perhaps that could be an option.

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@allthosecurves Thanks. Yes, I like The Changing Mirror, but I messed up my ID there somehow and can't sign in or recover. Maybe I'll try again.

@Theonewhofoundit Funny you say that but I've been experimenting with illustrated versions of my stories. I search for a number of sets of screens from a particular porn actress videos, figure out how they can fit into the story, and insert them appropriately. About 50 pics per story. I doubt they could ever be published due to copyright. Actually, I'm not sure how OpenTGC etc get away with it? Anyone know? Using entire galleries from movies like this works well actually...but don't wanna be sued. :-)

From: guest (Rageoficeman) , 7 days, post #19
@macan I just posted part 2 of academy of elites on my deviantart page. It will be at least a month before i finish it due to me moving next month. Need to focus on that.

From: guest (Macan) , 7 days, post #20
@Rageoficeman I just read Part 2 of "Academy of Elites". What a great F2F horror! So much dialogue...which I admire as I always find dialogue a pain to write. And the plot is twisty as F. Hahaha. An oddly sympathetic body thief. Very visual style, like screenwriting. TY for the read, I can't wait to see where this will go. Good luck with your move!

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