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Comment: World of Warcraft online game
World of Warcraft online game
Many transformations in this game. Some classes have the ability to change to wolf, bear or cat form. There is a trinket that allows the user to transform themselves to look like a member of the oposite faction. For halloween there were freebees given out to transform party members into lots of ...more
From: Terran , 173 months, post #1
Might wanna change this to 'miscellaneous', because although it does have a lot of animal tfs, there's also the undead in general (always loved giving that poor scarlet crusader the poisoned pumpkin hehe), and things like:

Gnomish World Enlarger - makes the world larger (bah - it works the other way, ie you get smaller)

Deviate fish and Savoury Deviate Delight - fancy food with random effects, including growth, turning into a giant ooze blob, pirates and ninjas, and more. for the cooked fish and for the raw one

Noggenfogger elixir - Turns into a skelly

How'd I know all this? I play the game myself :P

From: LilBigMan , 173 months, post #2

The game is "big" on the Minimizer's site. He turned into a really cool SW story generator, making a slew of cute "litttle" videos with the game. I hope he uploads some more soon...

From: Kel , 173 months, post #3
I happen to have played WoW during the Halloween events, where you could acquire items to turn you into pirates, farmers, ninjas, and the like. There's a TG element with these: As a druid or Shaman, using your shapeshifting or ghost wolf abilities wouldn't change your appearance to that of the beasts, but into a pirate/farmer/ninja of the opposite sex.

From: guest (Animeking194) , 173 months, post #4
I had a feeling this would happen sooner or later.
Yes WoW has many TFs,But it is also A GREAT GAME in itself.
Its well worth the $15 a month.There is a class called the Druid who draws his/hers powers from nature (Nature blasts Thorns Roots etc) And they have the ability to shape shift into 5 forms, Each is like a whole different class, making the druid VERY vesatile, they can turn into: A bear (Is like a Warrior) A cat ( Like a Rogue/theif) a thing that looks like an Angry Sealion (for sea travel), A cheetah (For travel) And a "Moonkin" Which is like a humanoid Owl beast, to say the least.
The class is availble to Tauren (Cow people) and Night Elves ( Purpleish elves), And the shapes look different depending on the race.

From: JayGee , 173 months, post #5
I'm confused. Only some of the druids can turn into the oposite sex? I've never played it, but I'd like a nice MMORPG. I prefer one with a personal space of some sort, like Ultima. And I prefer tranformations in the game. Any suggestions?

I also prefer cheap.

From: guest , 173 months, post #6
Yeah if there is one downfall to WoW its the monthly bill. Ive played it but I just cant reconcile shelling out 15 more every month for the game. Ive purchased most every other blizzard product to date but what I really want to see is StarCraft II.

From: guest (Animeking194) , 173 months, post #7
No, Druids CANNOT turn into the opposite genders, Infact you can barely EVER turn into the opposite gender. The only time that was during "Hallow's End" Which was Halloween for WoW.There were "Hallowed Wands" That put a costume on other players IF they were in your party. They included Wisp (A glowing ball of blue energy" Ninja, (You became a human in Black leather and looked well like a ninja) Pirate, ( You got the whole Pirate look down and now you can start eatin babies!) Bat, Leper Gnome (Basically a Gnome thats become green) ghost (A see through human) and RANDOM which is when you could get a sex change. It put a random costume on your target, and sometimes youd become the costume in the opposite sex. Unfortunatly, the costumes only lasted an hour and also Hallow's End is over till next year.
But "Great Winter Feast" Christmas is coming and from what I hear...If you drink eggnog during a snowball fight You'll turn into a snowman!

From: guest (shrubberybb) , 173 months, post #8
Pirate was random, it was possible to get a different gender, there were goblin, gnome male, human male, human female, and undead male pirates.

From: guest (Kris) , 112 months, post #9
If you play as a Draenei (the blue space-faring, alien Alliance race), there is a quest where you get turned into a Blood Elf to get information from a captured blood elf. I think if you use a male Draenei, you turn into a female blood elf, and vise versa. It's in Bloodmyst. Also, an Undead quest allows you to feed a tainted pumpin you get from the Fields of Grief quest to a captured human, and he turns into a shambling, mindless zombie and dies. Same with the captured Dwarven mountaineer. Both quests come from the Apothacary person in Brill.

From: DesTG , 112 months, post #10
The (only) Draenei quest is the "What We Don't Know..." and you get the Exarch's Enchantment buff to complete it. Exarch Admetius cast this spell upon you that would make you appear blood elf and adjust your language too. But the gender is always random and you can get this buff again and again while you have the quest. Just debuff and ask it again if you don't like your disguise. :)

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