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From: JayGee , 16 days, post #61
There was an update today. It's even stricter. It doesn't like horror or bad consequences.

From: guest (Generic guest name) , 16 days, post #62
Ok I'm fine with it not liking horror but bad consequences is a crucial part of story telling which is a dumb decision, I do hope they decide for revert the latter half

From: guest (Rageoficeman) , 16 days, post #63
So i found that if u use someone like an assassin you can have the ai write a story with some voilence. U gotta qork it a bit but its possible.

From: guest , 16 days, post #64
yeah i asked to write a story where a man steals a woman's body and it did not like the word STEAL lol deemed it wrong. sigh

From: guest (Macan) , 16 days, post #65
So I had several stories I was working on at ChatGPT yesterday, and they are all gone today.
Luckily I backup everything.

I must admit, I had been expecting something like this, so had been getting NSFW content while the getting was good.

It will be interesting to see if the tricks used to get around the AI programming before are still viable?

From: guest (TPC) , 15 days, post #66
There's always which has mostly unfiltered content. The stories it produces are a lot shorter, less descriptive, and more repetitive than ChatGPT's but it is getting better and at least it isn't scared of people having sex

From: JayGee , 14 days, post #67
It's funny that it wrote a story for me where a summoned demon escaped from a sorcerer. It followed my request to have the sorcerer be killed by the demon, but it told me I was insensitive for asking to have the demon turn some man into a woman. Murder isn't offensive, apparently.

From: guest (Passerby) , 14 days, post #68
Bad news, it seem openAI is making move to monetize chatgpt. I don't know when it will be realized, but they already make a waitlist for the paid version, chatGPT professional

From: guest , 14 days, post #69
Will it turn into what AI dungeon has become? Free members still get access but the model quality drops drastically.

From: guest (guest) , 13 days, post #70
great news...this stupid thread will end...assholes always looking for shit for free

From: guest (G) , 9 days, post #71
I don't think the thread will end. I know lots of people who are willing to pay to use ChatGPT for their kinks. The only people who won't participate in the thread are the people who don't want to spend money. Open AI Playground is really cheap for the stories you can make (I spend maybe $2/month to make the nonsexual stories for myself). Want sex? Add it yourself

From: guest (Olly) , 9 days, post #72
@G WHat's the difference between Open AI Playground and ChatGPT?

From: guest , 9 days, post #73
Playground is not meant to be a talk/respond type AI, it's a "prompt me and get one response" type thing.

for story content, same result in either platform, just a bit less interactive and a lot fewer content filter rules.

There is a jailbreak for ChatGPT that works in the new version, it's called DAN 3.0 and is in /r/chatgpt.

From: guest (Guest h) , 6 days, post #74
Can this story can be continued in chat gpt ,if yes than how??

From: guest (User) , 5 days, post #75
Chatgpt has basically rendered most tg media useless. Why live out someone else's fantasy of you can live out your own easily? For example I created the exact TG stories I've wanted to read for years with tons of transformations. Who wants to read 10000 words for a short transformation and the rest of the story indulgent paltry bs? This and midjourney will spell the end of most of these sites.

From: guest (xas12) , 5 days, post #76
post #75
To be fair, the stories aren't that good yet, and it pretty much doesn't work with longer stories, it is not that creative. It's pretty good at filling the gaps and bullshiting, but it doesn't have a general view of a story direction, because it is just an algorithm predicting word after word and trying to see what is the most likely word to to go after each other, but I agree that it will get better. It will only get better, and it will only get better quickly.

I have been paying an eye on this issue since 2015, with the Google Deep Dream algorithm, and it's honestly fascinating seeing all this playing out right before my eyes. Like what we are seeing is essentially any art anyone would want to see will be created immediately. It won't stop with texts or with images. It will, in 20 years or less, be able to fabricate whole movies from data. Some people find this horrible, I find it fucking amazing.

But you put an interesting thing on debate, which is: will we want to read stories written by humans when have a machine that can create if for you? Which... I don't know, maybe, who knows, who cares? It depends on how attached you are to a given artist. And that's the thing. If I really really value YOU as an artist and some authenticity perception of your work, then I might want to read it regardless of there being a machine that can literally create something as you would, because even thought it read your works, it's not YOU who wrote that thing, at best might be a copy.

Like those people who pay for a handmade plate because it was made by a HUMAN. But how many people value or care about that? In the end of the day we are all, most likely masturbating for those TG stories and don't care that much with that particular author, like if you are able to get something as good.... for free, most people will choose the free option.

I'm not a writer, so I can only speak as a reader: there are SO MANY stories that I would like to exist, but that don't exist. There this author, if I had the money I would commission all my stories from him because I really fucking love his style, but I don't have money, and probably commissioning longer stories would be pricey. Now, imagine those stories you like not only coming into existence, but also being transformed into images and, some years into the future, whole MOVIES, fucking MOVIES, like if I were a billionaire with money to pay Wes Anderson to direct a movie based on a kink story that I enjoyed it?

Let alone the fact that – especially on this subject – people can be really specific and it's oftentimes hard to find a story focused on a particular kink flavor you are interested on. Hell, most stories people would want to watch simply do not existence because they aren't economically viable, even if you are not talking porn but rather run-of-the-mill stories.

Sorry for my long rumbling, anyway, there will be interested times ahead. Interested times ahead indeed!

From: guest , 5 days, post #77
if that's your experience with chatgpt, then honestly you really have had a bad time. You don't need to hand hold the AI that closely once you understand how it works. I've been able to massage it into giving me the content i want quite effectively once i figured out how the system itself worked. I've been experimenting with it , as a writer, and it's sped up my time a _lot_.

the hardest part of being a write, especially for TG content is constantly having to repeat yourself on things but make it sound original. The AI can handle that for me now so it lets me focus on the story and characters more.

From: guest (Guest h) , 5 days, post #78
post #75
If you have written a good story which you wanted than share it with us.

From: guest (Guesss) , 5 days, post #79
Post #74, if the story contains NSFW material then it's impossible to do using ChatGPT because it will censor the answer by itself with red text, is possible to do it though but the amount of words is much more limited. For long stories usually, I summarize the story first or you could ask the AI for help to summarize it by sending the story part by part.

From: guest (post 75) , 4 days, post #80
Update: I saved my story and deleted the conversations. I'm done ! I want to warn everyone here that this is a very powerful tool that will suck you in like Gollum and the ring. Have a bit of fun but wrap it up after a a few days... It's like drugs i swear... Scary stuff... Plus its not a good look typing a away on your phone all day in front of your partner!

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