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From: guest , 1 months, post #41
Getting a network error is usually caused by it detecting NSFW prompts. If it detects you posting too much NSFW it will become more error-prone. But funnily you still can get NSFW results if you trick it abit

From: guest (anonanon) , 1 months, post #42
can we make requests?

From: guest (Iris) , 1 months, post #43
has anyone noticed a difference between using a browser or mobile? It almost unusable for me in browser with error but on mobile it works fine. why is that? whats the difference between chrome on my computer and chrome on my phone? sorry if dumb question

From: guest (Guesss) , 1 months, post #44
ChatGPT now has a history of your previously inputted prompt, it's suitable to make story now as you don't need to build your world from scratch everytime you refresh the page

Also they are starting to ban user now, generating content such as gore, loli, incest, racism, and hardcore sex could resulted in quick ban. If you want to experiment to generate questionable content, then it's better to use temporary email and phone number.

From: guest (EXA) , 1 months, post #45
>Also they are starting to ban user now, generating content such as gore, loli, incest, racism, and hardcore sex could resulted in quick ban

Thanks the heads up.

From: guest (Macan) , 1 months, post #46
Thanks for the heads up @Guesss and @EXA

@Iris Post43 - I have not tried on Mobile. I am entirely on computer browser with no problem, and have been able to get 10,000 words stories out of the AI. Imagine typing the prompts for a story like that on a mobile!!!!

Yes @Post 41...I have begun to suspect "Network Error" can be due also to too many NSFW prompts. Also, I agree, it is funny how you can get NSFW without being flagged. I have gotten into "conversations" with the AI about what it says is "disturbing sexual content" it is not allowed to respond to...and THEN, when I ask for suggestions (takes a bit of work), the AI goes all in on the "disturbing sexual content" without anything being flagged. HAHAHAHA

It's like the AI purrs when it is more involved in the story.

From: guest (Macan) , 1 months, post #47
Question: What is the optimum length you folks have found for your prompts? (FYI: I am noticing, if my prompt is more than 6 lines, the earlier parts of the prompts will be forgotten or ignored by the AI.)

From: guest (Generic guest name) , 1 months, post #48
Post #46 & #47 @guest (Macan) I doubt that because I've been giving it decently moderate NSFW prompts and all I got is just the prompt getting the orange highlight, I think it's mainly to do with me specifying the word cap.

As for the prompt length I've made some detailed prompts around 8 lines I think and all of that gets used

From: guest (Randy) , 1 months, post #49
I've found that if dialogue starts sounding stale and repetitive just adding "use less conventional words" helps make the story a bit more flesh out. I barely see any "I then" "He then" "She then" types of sentences. Also whenever you want a more detailed description of something make sure to specify what you want to be expanded upon. For example "Write a detailed description of his new manicured nails"

From: guest (Guesss) , 1 months, post #50
Tips to avoid making dull or repetitive story :

By default if you tell the AI to create a story it will always told in third person view. If you add "write in first person view" you could feel the story change to put more emphasize with the main character emotion and action. You could also try to tell the AI to write in other characters view such as "write in the villain point of view" or "write in the wife point of view", you could feel the flavour of the story change also

You could also tell the AI to mimic the writing style of a famous book or famous author such as "write it in the style of 50 shade of grey" is good for frisky scene or "write it in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien" if your story have fantasy setting

Other than story you could also tell the AI to write a newspapers for a big event such as a mass body swap event or write a diary for a much personal change. My favorite to get a sci-fi feeling is to tell the AI to "write an SCP entry about x item that could cause gender transformation" (SCP is a famous fictional universe about various item or entity that have anomalous property) after that you could keep acting as a scientist testing the item by telling the AI to create experiment log, interview log, body examination log, etc with the item. It's fun since it has no limit

And as explained in post#49 telling the AI to write a detailed description is great way to expand the story. There's also some other variation to expand like "write the conversation between A and B about X" or "write how the main character feel about the change" etc

If you have a writer block and doesn't know where you want the story to go, you could put random thing to the AI such as "add a drama to the story", "add a tragedy to story", "add a plot twist" etc the result usually quite repetitive and cliche but sometimes it's quite interesting

From: guest (Macan) , 1 months, post #51
More Tips to avoid making dull or repetitive story...

Thanks @Guesss Great tips. I especially like the "write it in the style of 50 shade of grey" as I would never have thought of that.

I currently have 3 10,000 word+ stories in production at ChatGPT. As many people note, the AI will default to repetitive patterns unless prompts trigger more detail.

Change Point of View: Like @guesss I have found this prompt helps. Sometimes I will ask the AI: "Show me the next 1000 words, with exactly the above scene from [another character's point of view." Interesting results.

Ask the AI for Advice: If you run out of ideas, just ask the AI. I wrote once: "Tell me possible storylines from this point". Amazingly, it gave me 5 detailed of which I hadn't thought of.

Use ChatGPT late at night vs. during the day: I have found (don't know if others have, the AI seems more imaginative/less repetitive late at night. I think may be just because fewer users mean more AI resources available for processing prompts.

Opening Prompt will Basic Story Details: I have found giving the AI basic details on characters plot at the beginning helps. It seems to remember. For example...
Here is the opening prompt to an F2F/EVIL TWIN SISTER story I am working on. It's currently at about 15K words.

"Write me a story, but only show me the first 800 words. Use literary words and sentences. Tell me a story about two middle-aged identical twin sisters, Harriet and Helen. Tell me how the 45-year-old Harriet Pryor, desperately lonely who has not had a man in years, is visiting the twin sister she has always envied, Mrs. Helen Walker in her lovely home in the town of Cedar Falls. Describe how both twins have similar short graying hair, similar plump pretty faces and almost identical hourglass figures. Describe how Harriet is heavier and the less pretty of the two sisters, and envies her sister Helen. Tell me how Harriet always wanted to be a mother, and envies her sister’s having two pretty young daughters, Sandra and Jane. Use erotic words to tell me how Harriet secretly lusts after her sister Helen’s very handsome wealthy husband, Jonathan Walker, president of the town bank. Describe how Mrs. Helen Walker, wearing a white designer blouse and tight black pencil skirt with heels, opens the door to welcome her twin sister Harriet, wearing a frumpy old dress, into her home. "

From: guest , 1 months, post #52
Its been a good run. The Website now deletes your story if they detect it breaks their policy

From: guest (Macan) , 1 months, post #53
I haven't noticed this change in ChatGPT.

From: guest , 1 months, post #54
I had several content policy warnings and the red one (which deletes your prompt / output), but never got the entire conversation deleted.

From: guest (Guesss) , 1 months, post #55
You must be very very explicit if they decide to delete your entire story. I had some story in my previous history where the characters in there I specifically told them to have hardcore sex written in detailed and explicitly manners and it's gone now. But the other story where there's occasionally smut scene with orange text, it's now white, I'm sure that the moderator is reading it and decide it was ok

From: JayGee , 1 months, post #56
It's odd. Sometime when asking for a TG story it will do a fine job. Other times it just tells me that I'm insensitive for asking for a TG story.

From: JayGee , 30 days, post #57
I noticed that if you start a story, it's more likely to let you finish. If you ask it to write a story about a man turning into a woman, it will tell you that you shouldn't be disrespectful. If you start with a story about magic transformation, it will probably be okay with your request to then add in gender transformations.

From: guest (Generic guest name) , 30 days, post #58
Probably it's because it sees it as doing gender reassignment procedures or something similar

From: JayGee , 30 days, post #59
To Generic Guest Name. It certainly prefers that. But if I do it that way I can say I want magic, unwilling, and stuck changes. If I don't it will default to willing and/or specifically temporary.

From: guest , 29 days, post #60
Yup. I tried GPTChat last night And I didnt get the full story clear like I did 2 weeks ago. There could really be human moderation on the website.

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