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AI Powered Real Time Voice Changers
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From: Tal , 18 months, post #1
There has been several new available voice changers that are in development that people can try out now. They use AI, rather than simple "pitch adjusters" which previous voice changers used, and IMO are getting pretty decent at replicating voices. They aren't perfect yet, but I imagine in a few years as they advance they will get even better. Please note, that these need a relatively decent computer to do the real time computations needed to convert your voice.

The first, is called '' and it's currently in "freely" available in beta. There are hundreds of potential voices to choose from, with varying degrees of how they sound. I put "freely" in quotation marks, because they use a currency system that encourages people to help train their AI with their GPU's, which you then can use to "purchase" voices to try out. Using the referral link below should get you 20,000 free credits, and each voice costs about 5000 credits to download -- so 4 free voices you can try out. Full disclosure, using this link also helps me out and gets me 5000 credits for each person who signs up with the link.

Referral Link to Download

And here is a Youtuber showing what it is capable of:


The second is called "Nyvox", which is currently also in beta, and only available by the creator's Patreon with a monthly subscription. I've personally had better results with this one than Voice ai. There are limited voices to select compared to, but (for me) they sound more convincing, and there is much less time delay to produce the voice. The creator says there will be free voices eventually, with a release on steam.

Youtuber Examples:

From: guest (Wow) , 18 months, post #2
That's insaaaaane!

From: guest (RyanFromSupermega) , 18 months, post #3
You can also earn coins if you let it do training while your idle from your pc. I was gone for like a couple minuts and already earned some coins.

From: guest , 18 months, post #4
Is there a list of voices for either program anywhere? Don't want to go through the hassle of making an account just to find out I don't like any of the options.

From: Tal , 18 months, post #5 has a lot of voices, many Celebs, politicians, streamers, YouTubers, etc. in the app, you can preview the voice how it sounds — like I said, some sound better than others, and depend on your system hardware.

Nyvox has a lot fewer voices, but IMO the female ones sound more convincing than’s. Again sadly, testing Nyvox is currently only available through the Patreon’s subscription, so I’d only recommend that if you can afford it and have the computer hardware to run it

In the YouTube examples I posted, you can see the lists they have when the program is running. There is also a few other examples on YouTube of people using it if you search.

From: Tal , 18 months, post #6
Nyvox recently got an update that allows anyone to try out 2 of there custom voices for free, no patreon subscription required -- 1 female, 1 male. Also, I believe you can also try 3 community voices (Gladdos, Obama, Rick (from Rick and Morty).

Also be sure to try all 3 of the AI voice conversion models, to see which works best for you (seen at the top of the application.)

From: Tal , 15 months, post #7
Thanks for everyone using my referral link to I now have plenty of the currency for voices than I really need, so someone else is welcome to please share their own referral link to share the love.

From: guest (Yokai) , 14 months, post #8
Hey Tal! I don't use voice AI but I'm super curious about it! Do you upload sound clips somewhere?

From: guest , 14 months, post #9
Any suggestions on what PC and equipment needed to make this run? And can you live stream with this?

From: guest (Yokai) , 14 months, post #10
I've seen people who live stream with such voice changers, and about the equipment I assume you need a pretty good graphic card and enough RAM/CPU ressources.
I've seen a girl who uses an AI voice changer to sound like a man, and she live streams as a "man". her name's "LovelyLo" on Youtube and Twitch if you want to check her out.
I have yet to see a man do the same thing but with an AI girl voice.

From: guest (Gober) , 14 months, post #11
I just tried all the application, and i wonder, if there is a way to realtime change the video voice (not just to change the live stream voice)

From: guest (tee) , 14 months, post #12
Do you all think this computer could get it done?

From: Moose , 14 months, post #13
Honestly if your going to spend that much, you might as well build your own pc that way your not stuck with unnecessary stuff. Graphics card is one of the best in the game and your ram is an ight amount and the processor is decent so ya i guesssssss

From: Tal , 14 months, post #14
From my understanding, there is a minimum requirement for these programs to run, but better hardware doesn’t necessarily mean better results. Most of the realism comes from the AI mode itself, and it’s more of a pass or fail for output. I’d recommend checking out the minimum or recommended system requirements on their websites.

Again, keep in mind that this is the VERY early stages of this technology. IMO they will just get better and better as they improve them.

From: guest , 14 months, post #15
You want AI/deep learning stuff? You want a graphics card with a lot of RAM. Not focused purely on raw power/speed. 8GB is the bare minimum for current AI stuff. Look for 10/11/12+ gigs if at all possible. Buying a "larger, but slower" 20xx could easily work better than a 30xx, depending.

Doesn't matter how fast or good a card is, if the training model is simply too large to fit in the RAM.

From: guest (Katie) , 14 months, post #16
Hey all, giving this a shot if anyone wants to hit my link and help me out with credits. Tons of fun.

From: guest (Katie) , 14 months, post #17
So after playing around with both I would say, at this point, I think is the winner. More realistic. Pretty clear. The user ones are a bit weak I will admit but I am assuming progress has been made over the last few months. Link again:

Really having fun with this.

From: guest (MarMat) , 14 months, post #18
What have you found to be the best voices to try out? I've been using the Sarah Palin one.Been trying to earn coins for another voice.

From: guest (shapeshift) , 14 months, post #19 Please select my friends.I am using emma watson @MarMat

From: guest (Katie) , 14 months, post #20
I've had a lot of success with the generic female voice to be honest.

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