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STOP spamming the board with troll report threads!!!
From: guest (Olly) , 2 months, post #1
STOP spamming the board with troll report threads! Instead, establish ONE troll report thread and post your reports there. Nobody wants to see troll report thread after troll report thread. Got it?

From: guest (Jim jam) , 2 months, post #2
I think you don't get the idea that if someone made that then the trolls would spam that board with fake reports of innocent boards/comments

From: guest (W) , 2 months, post #3
If the trolls did that, then it'd be even easier to deal with. I'm all for having 1 troll thread to keep things organized.

I literally saw a new F2F compilation thread put up like a week ago and it was deleted because there's already a thread for that. Why aren't we doing that for reports?

From: guest (A) , 2 months, post #4
Your not the mod here Olly nor is this your website so you can’t command people to do things, get off your highhorse. Got it?

From: Swiftner , 2 months, post #5
Olly, Spamming? There are two posts on the entire recent MSG Board page and if it stops trolls it's worth it. Also this is a respectful community. Please consider kindly requesting instead of demanding changes. We are guests here and the owner and mods do a lot for us and ask nothing more than acting civil in return.

From: guest (TA) , 2 months, post #6
This! 1000 times this!

I had already suggest to the mod to, at least: once a thread is dealt with it, there is no reason for it to keep it online wasting space on message board. All the threads I created to report spam, I always asked to the mod to also delete them after dealing with the spam, and to his credit he did that.

But this should be the norm. There is no rational reason for to keep the "report spam thread" on after the spam deleted, actually, if anything, this keeping those threads on could even be used by the spammer himself.

"Oh, they will delete my retard threads.. but at least I will be able to spam the message board with "report spam threads", it doesn't make any sense.

From: hskfmn , 2 months, post #7
I have gone back and deleted all the recent reports of trolling on the MSG Board. I admittedly keep forgetting to do that, so mea culpa for that. I will try to be better about it.

@Olly - There will not be a single thread established to report trolling. I'm sorry you don't like the way things are currently done around here...but there is too much potential for abuse of a single thread for that purpose. However, I promise to be better about deleting the reported alerts after they have been dealt with by myself or another mod. Personally, I like to have them remain for a time so that the original person who did the reporting can see that it's been handled. I hope this is reasonable to you. As usual, we welcome your opinions and input...however, please try to phrase them in a way that is constructive, and not making demands. Thanks in advance. :)

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our community for their involvement and attention to keeping this site as spam-free as we can make it. Thank you all! Your assistance has been invaluable! Please keep it up!

This thread has been locked.