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If you become a boy, what is the first thing you’d do?
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From: guest (Randomguest) , 20 months, post #1
If you became a boy, what is the first thing you’d do?

From: guest (921XA) , 20 months, post #2
It's a peculiar question, since I assume, by what I have witness throughout the years in this community, that most people with this fetish/kink/interest/whatever you wanna call it (especially talking about gender transformation), seem to be man or at least people who were born man, in the case of trans women. In any case, those are people who already did their "first boy thing".

Not criticizing your question, just find it a curious thing to ask.

From: guest (jessk) , 20 months, post #3
as one of the few cis afab people here, I agree with 921XA! had to do a double take with this

I am immediately having a dress up day - finally, I can wear button-up shirts that won't gape open!

From: guest (Hanko) , 20 months, post #4
This may be an attempt to draw out all women on this site!

From: guest (FllAouYuck) , 20 months, post #5
how very pedantic post #2

From: guest (921XA) , 20 months, post #6
Sorry, I didn't meant to sound pedantic. I just found a peculiar thing for one to ask, but it is obviously a fair question.

Interesting. If you don't mind, when/how did you found you had this interest? Also, is it...sort of a kink to you or is it just like an run-of-the-mill interest?

I have this theory that this thing is more popular among men, in part, due to how much of a taboo it is for a man to display signs of femininity, while women seem to be able to explore aspects associate to the male identity without this taking so much of a toll on their "reputation".

It is a silly example, but like a boy doing ballet, people will notice and, especially if that boy lives in some more traditional community, they might even make fun out of the boy... On the other hand, if a girl wear pants or do other "boy activities".. even if people complain/find weird, I think it is not perceived as much of an "embarrassment" for a girl's reputation, as it is for a boy'. Therefore of the lack of being so much of a taboo reduces the likelihood of the development of this interest on women.

Just some random two cents on this.

From: guest (K) , 20 months, post #7
As a girl into female to male stuff, I think it's a great question because this is actually a really big femdom area. If you don't consume the same type of erotica you wouldn't get it. You'd be surprised at how much role reversal love there is on Deviant Art and other places. Metamorphose isn't the best population since the site's kind of dead. It's the change in power that really gets a lot of people.

I think this is an awesome thread since the majority of people on here prefer it the other way around. There are a lot of M2F lovers that enjoy the sudden loss of strength and the increased possibility of submissiveness. Obviously, there are people who enjoy the aspect of becoming a woman and doing things women typically do, but that's exactly like the F2M interest.

Personally, I'd probably try to get laid after getting transformed into a guy. A chance to dominate another woman. Having a chance to make a child without having to birth them. But then getting trapped by another woman and forcing to settle down. It all boils down to a gain in control and then a loss of power despite being a man. I especially love female to male stories that involve their male partner transforming into a female. Those are really fun to read.

From: guest (Hanko) , 20 months, post #8
K, please reach out to me through email. I am currently writing a story along these lines and would love some tips and advice.


From: guest (Yokohama) , 20 months, post #9
K, please contact me in email or write it here on this website. I am currently trying to read those kind of fun stories but I always struggle to find new ones. Mind sharing the name of a few 😌 please.


From: guest (Susan Donym) , 20 months, post #10
>>You'd be surprised at how much role reversal love there is on Deviant Art and other places.

I'm on Deviant Art a lot and I don't see a lot of F2M stuff there, but it wouldn't surprise me if there's a huge community of girls who are into it, there or somewhere. I used to see a guy on forums who was called Weirdoid, and he was into things where pretty girls became chubby, average men. He could never find the stuff he was looking for and he'd beat himself up a lot about his kink. I always felt bad for him, and I wish I'd known the communities to direct him to. He was probably just looking in the wrong places, and he was missing out on a lot of female-created F2M stuff.

Kink communities are segregated by gender in kind of strange ways. Celebrity slashfic, for example, seems to be much more popular with women then men. A man might write a story about some guy who is transformed into another man's bride, but a woman might write a story where Harry Styles is transformed into Joe Jonas' bride. And yeah, it would make sense that a lot of it would be about power. Men would seek stories about dropping the burden of masculinity and submitting, while women would seek stories about becoming a strong, powerful male.

From: guest (jessk) , 20 months, post #11
I've been fascinated with all sorts of transformations from a young age (like, fairytale princes turning into frogs, etc) and somewhere along the way channelled that into a fascination with bodyswap stuff (would love to write something on the development of it as a literary trope someday).

While I wouldn't call any of that a kink, more just general interest, and the idea of myself turning into a guy for a day is some great wish fulfilment, I /am/ weirdly into m2f? maybe because it's relatable seeing a guy in a girl's body struggle with femininity (as a woman who REALLY struggled with this through puberty and since - i don't get to see this almost anywhere in media!) maybe because there's just something about being forced into it maybe because there gets to be an additional layer of disconnect from the fantasy for myself - who knows! I just know I'm really into it

From: guest , 20 months, post #12

it's not really the same though.

Being born a boy, that's what you've always known. By the time you're able to appreciate having a dick you've already had one for years.

The immediacy of the change matters. Having a different body with different stuff down there in an instant while also being old enough to actually use and be interested in using them, now that's something.

From: guest (a_girl) , 20 months, post #13
First thing? Masturbate.

After that, probably lifting something heavy and going to the beach topless without attracting too many stares (I suppose if my male body is ripped I still will though LOL).

Long term would be sleeping with a woman, but realistically it might have to be someone I pay...

From: guest (James) , 20 months, post #14
I think F2M is interesting, especially in combination with M2F. I like the idea of people experiencing things from the opposite angle and it makes it interesting if there is someone else to share it with or help you out in some way. I agree that M2F often focuses a lot on the perceived submissiveness or even humiliation but swapping the other way has a lot of potential as well.

As much as I like the change in gender I also like the the change in life (or lifestyle) and change in role and so on. All the other things that people deal with on a day to day basis and the challenges that would bring to someone experiencing them for the first time. I'm sure there would be as challenging for an F2M as there would be for an M2F even if they perhaps they are different challenges. I like to think about how people would handle it. Would one turn out to be easier than the other? How much of one's identity is directly associated with their body or gender?

Anyway I think it's great to hear from women who are into TG related stuff as it's nice to hear different ideas and such.

From: guest (HOI) , 20 months, post #15
I like to see M2F combined with F2M stories set in the past with rigid gender roles where women were expected to be submissive to men.

From: guest (Ghoulgeist) , 20 months, post #16
Yeah when it’s combined I find them interesting and fun to read than just a M2F story. I don’t actively search to read F2M stories unless it’s combined with a M2F. Honestly after reading this post, I kinda wanna read more combo stories.

I’m curious about one thing. Whenever I speak to other guys who have this interest they usually say it’s the Scooby Doo movie that got them into it. Is there’s a common response that women have said that that sparked their f2m interest? If so what is it?

From: guest (NoName) , 20 months, post #17
For me the first tranfomation story that lead me to all these change type of kink was Teen age mutant ninja turtles (S02E12 The Cat Woman from Channel Six). April slowely changes into a cat .

From: guest (Luv_To_Switch_Bods) , 20 months, post #18
It is really good to see real females here contributing to this thread. I would like to hear more of their opinions here regarding the body swapping and transformation genre.

From: guest (jan) , 19 months, post #19
As a biological female, I so think a lot of the M2F material is written to provide a rather... optimistic view of what life is like being female. In fact, I sometimes read this material to imagine myself in that position - what woman wouldn't want to be one of the most gorgeous women in the world, which is what most M2F transformees end up as. And they magically meet perfect suitors and always have great sex!

From: guest (Randomhero) , 19 months, post #20
I remember this anonymous app where you sent a question and random people would answer, no DMs/ chats which was disappointing because I asked many body swapping questions and got tons of responses

I asked women what would they do if they were a man and a majority said they’d do the helicopter instantly with their new dick.

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