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If you become a boy, what is the first thing you’d do?
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From: guest (James) , 5 months, post #21
As a male I find the idea of swapping with or otherwise becoming some random ordinary average female much more interesting than being some skinny hot supermodel with a perfect body. Perhaps I'm weird?

From: greendoubleaught , 5 months, post #22
I’m glad to see this thread. As someone who creates content (in the form of drawings on DeviantArt and interactive games on TFGames, like “Calamity John”) and always prefers my MTF with a side of FTM, I’m keen to hear what the FTM crowd likes to see. I love the shift in power dynamics that come with a two-directional swap, but I’m always concerned that the FTM content I make is based on my own guesses and not on solid feedback.

K, or anyone else, if ever you wanted to give feedback on the kind of FTM-based game you’d like to see, I’m all ears.

From: ChoaPark , 5 months, post #23
I'd probably take a glance at what I look like but mostly try and figure out who I am

From: guest (Woman now Man) , 4 days, post #24
I think either way of the gender fence, there is a lot to adapt to quickly.

First question, am I the male version of who I was once before, which creates a lot of paradoxes, or am I swapped with someone else? Is that someone else now me?

I think the first thing, take stock of identity, and surroundings? Am I safe? Am I alone? Do I know who I am? Do I know where I am? Am I in the same village, town, county, state, country, etc. as I was previously? If I am in a foreign location, do I speak and understand the language? Am I a good person? Do I have knowledge of the skills to operate this body?

Once I have taken stock of all of this, I need to get over the most embarrassing portion, use the facilities and evacuate all stored up wastes. Then, figure out what I have to do, so that I can eventually figure out of my original self is safe.

If I am the boy I was instead of girl, then things maybe easier, or not? If I wake up boy, but was married to a man, am I still married to same man, and is he now gay? Am I? Does that work for my family? Do I do the same job? I think dressing will create some confusion at first, with buttons on the wrong side. I think while it will be quicker to get dressed and all activities (shower and whatnot), it will be sad. No makeup, no dresses, no lingerie, few options for fun to express myself with wardrobe.

Big whoop, I have a penis now. But where is the excitement in that?

From: guest (Ak) , 2 days, post #25
Wait is that true? Most people (generally, for that age group / generation / etc.) got interested in this fetish because of the Scooby-Doo movie? That's actually kind of scary that one pop culture media reference can spark an entire generation's worth of fetishes...

I wonder if that's a bad thing and if in the long this fetish will disappear with the pop culture references being less and less common...or if vice-versa and some new movie come out there will be a new wave of teenagers addicted to this kind of mentality .

Also, where do people go to discuss the fetish if not here? I have yet to find a different centralized place

From: guest (Hanko) , 2 days, post #26
Guest (Ak) I welcome any and all who wish to discuss to my personal email I'm looking to create a group of friends who can feel safe sharing this very common kink. Feel free to email me and I send you a link to messenger.

Hope to see you soon

From: guest (No Name) , 2 days, post #27
While not gender per say the thing that first got me into transformation Fetish was, Teen age mutant ninja turtles (The Catwoman from Channel Six 1988). April is turned into a cat girl in this and it was my first fetish as I saw my self as April in my dream.

From: guest (NotAmused) , 1 day, post #28
To post #24 Your not being smart and your purposefully not understanding what this question is about

We don’t care about all that needles questions you asked and didn’t answer

The question asked in this forum is simple and obviously not for you

Like if I went to the “If you become a girl what is the first thing you do?” post and said a bunch of seemingly profound questions that are actually shallow then ended it with “Big whoop, I have boobs now. But where is the excitement in that?”

That would be a big F-You too everyone there

It’s insulting and disrespectful to those who are genuinely curious and giving valid responses

Please rethink your attitude and take precaution of your actions on this site

Remember this place is for celebrating all transformations so please respect that

From: guest (Woman now Man) , 22 hours, post #29
To Post #28, I was trying to point out how loaded the question is. This is not a Hollywood movie here, right? If this were real life, woman finds herself in the body of a man, there is a lot of things that are going to go through their mind.

Same I assume for a man waking up as a woman. Yes, there is the fun gender differences. Maybe I was a little rude with my final statement, but overall I was trying to take an honest stance with my opinion here.

I always have been very cautious in life, and afraid of the "be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it."

Yes, there is a lot of great things I would love to do as a man, but how long does the excitement really last, before all of the fear hits?

And how dare you, insulting and disrespectful to give my opinion on how I would feel.

You see, that is the way my mind works. I would go into total freak out mode if I was not myself anymore.

I respect everyone else's opinions, I was voicing mine. Maybe before you start getting all pissed off at me, you re-read my opinion on how I would feel, and see I am honestly scared to death if I woke up in my dream world. Because I would be so freaked out, I doubt I would immediately be to the point of enjoyment.

I fully understood the assignment, I was going for extra credit.

Thank you, and good night sir.

From: guest (NotAmused) , 33 mins, post #30
Get over yourself post #29

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