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Interesting, sexy gender-bend-y sketches from a Norwegian show
From: guest (Susan Donym) , 5 months, post #1
There's a long-running Norwegian (I think) comedy sketch series called Toren C that features two characters with some really interesting gender ambiguity going on. They're a pair of seemingly male security guards played by women, but at random times they'll take off their fake mustaches, abruptly drop their butch male personas and start acting girly. It's kind of hard to describe, but it's like losing their mustaches magically feminizes them. I don't speak the language so I can't say for sure what's actually going on, but the effect is really surreal and it can be pretty sexy. (It helps that the taller actress has a really nice body.)

Here's one sketch where the guys get a call to put out a fire, and they run to change into their firefighter gear. One of them takes off his mustache as part of suiting up, quickly stripping down to a tank top while in his feminine persona, and when he puts the mustache back on his macho manhood is restored and he seems surprised and turned on by the sight of his large bust. He starts striking sexy poses in the mirror and squishing his breasts together, acting like a straight guy might if he was suddenly turned into a hot girl and was into it, and then the other guy comes in and is clearly aroused by his friend's "new" curves. I sure wish I knew what they were saying!

Here's another, more recent sketch where the security guards are older and they seem to be talking about sexual harassment. As they discuss inappropriate touching they touch each other to demonstrate, taking their mustaches on and off, and judging by their reactions I get the impression that they grow male anatomy when their mustaches are on!

There are a lot of sketches with the security guards on the show's Youtube page, and it looks like they do this sex-change mustache thing a lot. It often seems to be an emotional release thing, like they'll take off their mustaches to cry or act "unmanly" and then slap them back on when they're done. From the few sketches that have decent translations I gather that the characters have wives and are always making sexist jokes and leering at women... when they're not being women themselves! If anybody speaks the language I hope they can give some better context.

From: guest (Hanko) , 5 months, post #2
These are excellent. Watch this one.....

From: guest (JustMe) , 5 months, post #3
It’s a Dutch show, not Norwegian 😊

From: krueger00 , 5 months, post #4
Reply to post #2: nice one, but even though I am not dutch, I think I understood enough to be slightly disappointed: they are not "gender-bendery", but are supposed to have huge lips and cameltoes. They keep saying "lip reading day".

apologies if i ruined it for somebody!

From: guest (Susan Donym) , 5 months, post #5
krueger00, the sketch Hanko posted doesn't have the gender-bender stuff, but the ones with the security guys do. Do you understand Dutch well enough to clue us in about what's happening in them?

From: krueger00 , 5 months, post #6
@Susan Donym,
I only speak German, so my understanding is limited. Context and lots of replays helped though.

For the first video, to be honest, mostly seems like horny nonsense. Thinks like "I see two big something gibberish [... yeah baby, good so, maybe move a bit? That's good, and the other [tit ... oh yeah... nonono, not so fast, please slowly". So he is speaking as if it was a stripper in front of him.
When the other guy comes back, he speaks about a fire on the 12th floor and then gets distracted. I had trouble getting the details at the end.

The second video seems a bit more clever, but too much text to try to translate. They don't grow anything, it is all about that without the mustache they are women and perceived as such and with mustache men and seen so. So the right woman doesn't mind when the left woman gropes her chest, but she's uncomfortable when the left man does.
Then the left man actually enjoys when the right woman grips between his legs, when right man grabs left woman, she slaps, etc.
Then the person on the right makes an experiment. Left puts on moustache (so man and should close eyes. Then right secretly puts on moustache and grabs between left man's legs. He enjoys it until he opens the eyes and sees that a man is grabbing him and hates it because it is "gay".
At the end, left wants coffee, the right man says that left should get him coffee too by saying #metoo. The left woman does not find it it funny, but when he puts on the moustache he thinks the joke is hilarous.

P.S: What an ugly language ;)

From: guest (Susan Donym) , 5 months, post #7
Thanks for the context! In the second sketch I was wondering if they grow penises when they have the mustaches on, because when they have the mustaches on and take turns making handjob motions on each other's groins, the one on the receiving end responds like he's actually feeling something there. So, I don't know if they're just supposed to be having a mental change there or a physical one.

They do have breasts even when they have the mustaches, so I suppose the premise of the sketches might be that they're really women who just believe that they've become men when they're wearing the mustaches. But I get the feeling that it's more like they're meant to be men who magically feminize when they remove their mustaches. I get the impression they live as macho men most of the time, it's not like they hang up their mustaches at the end of the day and go home to their husbands.

It wouldn't surprise me if the actors/writers have talked about these characters in more detail in an interview somewhere, but even if I could find it I couldn't understand it!

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