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Advice for newbie in the TG community
From: guest (Lost Guardian) , 17 days, post #1
I came across body swap movie 'Freaky' recently and got fascinated by the genre of "body swapping". I have started searching about body swap alot more since then. Now I am consuming and vying for body swap content more than any other interests I have in my life. Is this obsession weird? I mean it's not just that I am just consuming the content through media, I have also started developing some other thoughts in mind that were never there before. I have started looking at female anatomy very differently than I used to before. It wasn't like I was a misogynist before but for some time now I have started respecting women more than before. More than even men I would say. It feels like I understand their point of views more than before. I mean I get angry when my dad or brother calls out women wearing "inappropriate" clothes. I have also started looking at women's clothes very differently since recently. I also once tried and was close to wearing them. But I am still the same person from the outside. I'm still attracted to women and I still do things I used to before. But when I am alone or when I am talking to just myself, these other thoughts take precedence over everything else in my life and it feels like they are right. Is it weird to have these thoughts? Why is this happening to me all of sudden when I didn't even know this existed a few months back? What can I do now? Accept it or ignore it till I get rid of it? Please give me some advice. It feels like I am having an identity crisis. I don't know what I am right now. Please help me.

From: guest (K) , 17 days, post #2
It's probably always been a fetish you've been interested in but you never explored. I felt the same way at 5 years old when I watched Ginyu switch bodies with Bulma. I still go through life like I normally do. I never came out as transgender or another sexuality either. You're appreciating things that you didn't before - I don't think it's weird.

From: guest (Susan Donym) , 17 days, post #3
It's not weird, but it sounds like you're experiencing transgender feelings. It sounds like more than a fetish, you're feeling something deeper. Typically people with these feelings experience them from an early age, but everybody is different. These feelings may pass for you or they may be with you forever. You can be transfeminine and attracted to women, that's not rare. A forum like this isn't really the best place to explore something like this, so I suggest you look into trans support groups in your area or (ideally) speak to a good therapist to help you figure things out.

From: guest (Lost Guardian) , 16 days, post #4
  1. 2 Thank you for your reply. Glad to know that it is not weird. And now that I think about it I do feel I had these types of thoughts deep inside but they never took precedence because I didn't really come across something related to this before. But do you think it might really be a fetish? I mean the thoughts are not only related to sexual desire. I feel they are more than that.

From: guest (Lost Guardian) , 16 days, post #5
Post #3 Thank you for your reply Susan. I kinda agree with you on that what I am feeling is not just a fetish I think. I was actually asking the same questions like why these thoughts are coming to my mind all of a sudden? Why did it take them all this time? But then again I also ask why these thoughts are not coming to my mind in my regular day to day activities? Why do they only come when I am alone? This forum is actually the first time I expressed these thoughts anywhere. Mainly because I had a lot of thoughts and a lot of time on my hand yesterday. Also because I don't know if I am ready to talk about this outside anonymous place. And I don't know any other place other than this. This is why I decided to ask here for some advice. Because I have no knowledge whatsoever about what's happening to me right now.

From: guest (Blargen) , 16 days, post #6
I questioned this a lot and talked to a therapist about it. He noted that it had formed during my childhood and that the focus of the interest wasn’t necessarily even on sex or representative of sexual identity. He also said that a lot of the time interests like these can represent subconscious interests, and that my fetish in transformation and shapeshifting could also reflect my interest in identity and becoming a different person. It might help for you to do some self exploration or talk about this with another person who you’re comfortable with, and remember that your attraction/interest/fetish for transformation isn’t necessarily positive or negative, we all have individual quirks. I identify as bisexual myself but I’ve seen straight people, queer people, trans people and cis people have an interest in transformation, a lot of the times with genders they weren’t even attracted to.

From: guest (Lost Guardian) , 15 days, post #7
Post #6 Thank you for your reply Blargen. I don't know if I am comfortable with talking about this with someone just yet. I also don't have anyone who I'll be open with and not regret it. This is the first place I have even said anything related to this topic because like I said there has no effect on my life whatsoever of this but it has definitely affected my thoughts and my worldviews. I guess I'll wait till I find a place and time and person who I can open up to.

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